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Colt Cabana's AEW return a 'dressing room morale booster'

Cabana had not wrestled on Dynamite in almost a year.

Colt Cabana's appearance on Dynamite is being considered a "morale booster" for the AEW locker room. 

It was his first match on Dynamite since losing to Bryan Danielson on the November 24, 2021, episode, although he continued to appear on Dark and Dark: Elevation until March. 

The decision for Cabana to be Chris Jericho's mystery opponent was addressed by our own Dave Meltzer in Friday's edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter

"Cabana appearing led to even more talk because people saw it as a shot at Punk or a vindication of the story that Cabana stopped being used in AEW due to Punk. Whatever it was, it was Tony Khan’s idea," Meltzer wrote. 

"We were told that this was more for the locker room than anything else, that having Cabana on the show and given a positive spotlight after months of being ostracized for reasons that had nothing to do with him was a dressing room morale booster since he had many friends there." 

Cabana was originally hired as an agent and had been producing matches for Dark and Dark: Elevation while also performing on-screen as a member of The Dark Order. He left for Australia to perform as The Brooklyn Brawler in the "Young Rock" series and when he returned, AEW stopped using him. It was around this same time that the company hired Ace Steel. 

Cabana's contract was set to expire this summer but he was given a new deal to work ROH for the same money he had been earning before. 

"As best we can tell, Cabana was only in for that one match but is still under contract to ROH, but is no longer ostracized and could be used again in some form," Meltzer continued.