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Daniels and Kazarian to split as a team with next AEW loss


Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels have agreed if they lose one more match, they will split as a team.

The two discussed the current status of their career on tonight’s episode of AEW Dark. Kazarian talked about their run as a team so far, noting that they have lost more than they have won. He said despite everything in 2020, he could rely on Christopher Daniels until now, pointing out their loss to The Acclaimed on last week’s AEW Dynamite.

Kazarian talked about how he met his wife thanks to this business and put over Christopher Daniels as one of his best friends, and apologized for speaking out. Daniels told him not to apologize, he was the one that needed to apologize as he was the one who lost his passion. He let injury and adversity beat him. He said that perhaps this was a sign that he should walk away.

Kazarian stopped him, saying he knows Daniels as a fighter, and asked him to fight one more time. That was when Kazarian issued the ultimatum. Daniels started to walk away, but then told Kazarian he’d do it. They ended the interview by calling out TH2, who were in the crowd. 

Daniels and Kazarian have been teaming regularly since 2011, when they were together in Impact Wrestling under the Fortune stable before eventually teaming together on their own under the team name Bad Influence. After leaving Impact in 2014, they appeared in Ring of Honor and continued to team together under the name The Addiction. When they joined forces with Scorpion Sky, they started working as a trio under the name SoCal Uncensored.