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Eddie Kingston vs. CM Punk announced for AEW Full Gear


Eddie Kingston and CM Punk will face off at Full Gear following a confrontation on tonight’s Rampage.

On tonight’s show, Punk came out and asked for an apology after Kingston interrupted Punk’s interview time on last week’s show. Kingston came out and did not apologize, eventually calling out CM Punk and issuing a challenge for Full Gear. Punk initially balked at the idea, but the two ended up getting into a pull-apart brawl. It was then announced that Tony Khan had made the match for November 13.

During the segment, Kingston said that he looked up to people like Samoa Joe, Punk, Homicide, and others when he first started but Punk always looked down on him. Punk said that Kingston could never live up to high standards. Kingston issued the challenge, but Punk rejected Full Gear, saying he was thinking more like AEW Elevation or Dark. Kingston told Punk that once he beat Punk, he could go away for another seven years. That led to a pull-apart brawl that referees eventually had to come in and break up.

The feud started last week after Kingston lost an AEW World Title Eliminator tournament match to Bryan Danielson on Rampage. An upset Kingston ran into CM Punk backstage, who was being interviewed by Tony Schiavone. He exchanged words with Punk then left, with Punk unable to complete his interview.