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Eric Bischoff appears as mystery moderator on AEW Dynamite


Eric Bischoff appeared on AEW Dynamite tonight as the moderator for the Chris Jericho/Orange Cassidy debate.

Bischoff came out and asked questions to both Cassidy and Jericho. In the end, he chose Cassidy as the winner, noting that the answer to an unrelated question regarding climate change helped him decide.

Announcers noted that this was the first time Bischoff appeared on TNT since the summer of 2000. That was the period when Bischoff and Vince Russo were in charge of WCW programming. He also appeared via phone call on the second to last episode of Nitro in 2001.

Bischoff most recently was a part of WWE creative, serving  in a creative role as an executive director of SmackDown. Last October, it was announced he had been replaced by Bruce Prichard, who has since taken over as executive director for both Raw and SmackDown.

Cassidy and Jericho will face off in a singles match next week on Dynamite.