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Erick Rowan appears on AEW Dynamite Brodie Lee tribute show


Erick Rowan appeared tonight on AEW Dynamite's Brodie Lee tribute show.

He appeared towards the end of a six-man tag team match which pitted Alex Reynolds & John Silver of The Dark Order and Hangman Page against MJF, Santana, and Ortiz of the Inner Circle. Wardlow, who was at ringside, attacked Reynolds as he was making the save for his partner Silver. It was at that moment that Rowan came in and attacked Wardlow, sending him to the back. Rowan was identified both by his WWE name and the name he has been using outside of WWE, Erick RedBeard.

Reynolds, Silver, and Page made a comeback, but MJF put Ortiz’s foot on the ropes as he was being pinned. MJF then pulled the mask off of -1 (Brodie Huber) at ringside. -1 responded by hitting MJF with a kendo stick. Silver then pinned Ortiz with a discus forearm.

After the match, Rowan returned to the ring and helped an emotional Reynolds and Silver back to their feet. He held a sign that said “Goodbye for now, my brother. See you down the road" as they embraced. 

Rowan and Lee, under the name Luke Harper, teamed regularly in NXT and later on the main WWE roster as part of the Wyatt Family. They also had a separate run as a team away from Bray Wyatt, repackaged under the team name The Bludgeon Brothers.