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FTR pitched to face each other in AEW Owen Hart Cup qualifier

FTR says they have no plans to ever break up their team despite facing each other in an Owen Hart Foundation tournament qualifier.

FTR says they pitched the idea of facing each other in an Owen Hart Foundation tournament qualifying match but are not interested in ever breaking up their team. 

Appearing on the 300th episode of the Wrestling Perspectives podcast, Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood spoke about having to "fight for" being able to face each other in the tournament qualifier. 

"That was our idea, totally," Harwood said. "We had to fight for it but that was completely our idea. We've always wanted to have a match but we didn't want to just have a match just to have a match, there had to be a reason. This is the perfect reason to do it. The Hart family means a lot to both of us personally and professionally and so being able to show respect to Owen Hart and his whole family, what better way to do it than allowing the two biggest Hart family fans in the world [to] compete?"

"There was no way for Owen to get the tribute he deserved and now we have a platform for that," Wheeler added. 

He continued to say that despite wanting to face each other, they have no interest in ever splitting apart their team. 

"For years we'd be like, 'How can we make it make sense? How can we have a singles match against each other, just a straight up back and forth wrestling match in our vision?'" Wheeler said. "There was no way to really make it make sense anytime before because we don't ever want to tease a break up, do a break up, no interest in that. I'll retire before we ever even entertain that idea , just I'll say that right here right now, print it, tattoo it, I don't care, we're never going to do a break up angle." 

"When we heard about the Owen, we were like, 'We gotta go to Tony with the idea of the singles match' and he did like it but he was like, 'Ok, I gotta see if I can make it make sense' and we just stayed on him about it."