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FTR say removal from AEW: Fight Forever video game is a ‘non-issue’

Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood spoke with GiveMe Sport recently.

FTR aren't upset and don't blame anyone for their removal from the AEW: Fight Forever video game. 

It was reported yesterday that Dash Harwood and Cash Wheeler have been removed from the upcoming game. FTR spoke with GiveMe Sport recently and clarified that they have been told why they were removed and are not upset about it. 

"For us, the only real issue was we were kind of blindsided by it. We found out not how you would expect," Wheeler said. "When you find out something like that, something major, you've been taken out of a video game, your mind automatically assumes the worst. So, for us it was like, is this something we need to worry about? Should we read between the lines here? Were we not told for a reason? And now that we are aware, and now that we are out, what is that reason? Is it something we should worry about? We got an answer, it made a lot of sense, a very logical answer. We said, 'oh, okay cool' as long as we don't have to worry about it, non-issue and that's what it was." 

Wheeler didn't reveal the reason they had been removed from the game but also expressed that they have known about this for several months. 

"I don't know why it just now became a headline but we've known about it for a while. We got answers on it awhile ago and for us, it's not even an issue or thought about." 

Harwood then clarified that they are not upset and do not blame anyone for their removal from the game. 

"We heard about this, I want to say maybe March. It was before the Briscoes match," he said.

"We text Tony [Khan], talk to him, we text legal, or excuse me legal texted us and we talked with them for a bit. We got our answer and it was a non-issue. Like Cash said, we just wanted to make sure we weren't doing something wrong." 

Wheeler continued to tell fans not to be upset about their removal but also teased there might be a chance to still use them in the game. 

"If it helps kind of settle things, thank you for caring about us but please don't be upset for us. It's not an issue and there'll be a chance to use us anyway, so thank you," he said.