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Kenny Omega ‘8 out of 10’ quip during AEW meeting got mixed reaction

Omega spoke to the AEW roster at a talent meeting last month.

Although it is not clear if he was being serious, Kenny Omega told the AEW roster at a backstage meeting last month that he would not have hired 80% of them. 

AEW held a mandatory talent meeting before the August 25 edition of AEW Dynamite to address rumors of unrest backstage, alleged contract tampering from WWE, and concerns about information being leaked to the media. 

Our own Dave Meltzer addressed Omega's comments during the meeting in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter

"Also surfacing was a story that at the company meeting called several weeks back that the part of the speech by Omega that was described as a pep talk and tough love but that some were irked by a line he said that eight out of ten of the people there he wouldn’t have hired," Meltzer wrote. 

One version of the story states that Omega was clearly joking when he made the comment. Omega was looking at Will Ospreay when he said it and then admitted he wasn't being serious. Others were not happy with what he said, however. 

"Several told us it was something totally misinterpreted and taken out of context but others didn’t like it. He also did say that the overall energy and locker room at the start of the company was more positive, perhaps in trying to recreate that time and place with the current roster," Meltzer continued. 

Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, CM Punk, and Ace Steel remain under suspension as AEW's third-party investigation into the altercation backstage at All Out continues. Pat Buck, Brandon Cutler, Christopher Daniels, and Michael Nakazawa all had their suspensions lifted earlier this week.