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Marko Stunt says AEW using his name on Dynamite was 'kind of lame'

Stunt was not aware his name was going to be used on AEW programming.

Marko Stunt felt it was "kind of lame" when his name was mentioned on AEW programming recently. 

On the June 22 edition of Dynamite, Luchasaurus came out to confront Christian, who had turned on Jungle Boy the week prior. Christian told Luchasaurus to "remember what happened to Marko" and said they need to talk. The following week, Christian was in Luchasaurus' corner as he defeated Serpentico. 

During an interview with NBC Sports Boston, Stunt was asked how he felt about his name being used in the context that it was on the show. 

"I was not aware that it was going to be said or anything," Stunt responded.

"For them to do it in that context, I thought it's kind of lame. I mean, it makes sense though in a way. I was a part of that group before him and what he's basically saying is he came in and got me fired. So, in a story sense, love it, in a real-life sense, hey, it is what it is, I guess."

Stunt was then asked if he felt as though Christian really did come in and steal his spot in Jurassic Express. 

"I don't think that he necessarily took my spot because we are two completely different roles, for sure. I was more of a hype guy and he was more of a leader role, like, here I've been here, done this, let me show you how to get to the top type of role. I think that was cool, I think that was a cool concept but I did not think that he fit with the group at all. I didn't think he added any sort of dynamic, really."

Stunt continued to say that he knew from the beginning that the company was going to set up Jungle Boy for a big push.

"They're setting up Jack to do great things, they're setting him up to have this great push right now and great things and I've known that he was going to do that from the start. He's one of my best friends that I made there," he said.  

"Christian wanted to work with Jungle Boy and that was his way in. It just so happened to push me out of the way and gradually wean me out," Stunt continued. 

Christian Cage and Luchasaurus are scheduled to appear on Wednesday's edition of AEW Dynamite.