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Matt Hardy challenges Jericho to 'The Elite Deletion' on AEW Dynamite


“Broken” Matt Hardy has invited Chris Jericho to The Elite Deletion.

On tonight’s episode of Dynamite, Matt Hardy was shown at the Hardy Compound. He ran down the Inner Circle, addressing each of them individually. When he asked Vanguard 1 for the shirt it stole last week from Chris Jericho, Vanguard 1 showed the shirt on fire nearby.

Hardy then invited Chris Jericho to the Hardy Compound for what he called “The Elite Deletion”. It wasn’t mentioned when this match would take place. Jericho, who was on commentary during the show, didn’t address Hardy’s offer.

The two have been feuding for the last several weeks. Jericho and Hardy met face to face several weeks ago, with Jericho offering Hardy a spot in the Inner Circle. Hardy refused.

Last week, Chris Jericho was addressing Matt Hardy at his home when Vanguard 1 arrived. Jericho offered the drone a spot in the Inner Circle, giving him a small Inner Circle t-shirt. Vanguard 1 took the shirt and flew away.