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MJF names stipulations for Jericho rematch on AEW Dynamite


MJF has named the stipulations in order for Chris Jericho to get another match against him.

During tonight’s AEW Dynamite, Jericho and MJF discussed the terms of the deal. MJF said he wanted to take something Jericho did, make Moxley wrestle the entire Inner Circle, and make it better. MJF cited a Greek mythology story called "Labors of Hercules", saying that Jericho will have five labors, with the first four being members of the Pinnacle. Jericho would have to defeat all four men back-to-back in order to reach the fifth labor, MJF. Jericho accepted the stipulation.

After everything was signed, MJF said the deal would be off if Jericho didn’t shake his hand. Jericho shook his hand, but didn’t let go, instead hitting the Judas Effect, laying out MJF to close out the segment.

Jericho and MJF have feuded ever since MJF turned on The Inner Circle and formed his own group, The Pinnacle. Prior to that, MJF defeated Jericho to join Inner Circle at AEW Full Gear back in November. Once the Pinnacle was formed, The Inner Circle then faced the Pinnacle in a Blood and Guts match back on the May 5th edition of Dynamite. MJF got the win for his team after he threatened to throw Jericho off the cage and to the floor. The Inner Circle surrendered, but MJF threw Jericho off the cage anyway.