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MJF teases UFC 282 appearance after online confrontation with Paddy Pimblett


MJF has teased appearing at UFC 282 on December 10 to confront Paddy Pimblett after the two exchanged words on social media.

"I wouldn't be shocked if the AEW world champion shows up on Dec. 10 in Vegas," MJF told Marc Raimondi of ESPN.

"I'm sick and tired of people talking about pro wrestling as if it's some f---ing stunt show,” he continued. "The fact of the matter is Paddy 'The Prima Donna' Pimblett would not last two seconds in a professional wrestling ring with me. Maybe not even one. Pro wrestling is a dangerous, dangerous sport, and there is no one more dangerous than MJF. I can assure you when we come to London in 2023, if Paddy shows his face, he's going to find out that a Scouser is no match for a Long Islander. Because I'm better than him and he knows it.”

The exchange between the two went down on Tuesday, with Pimblett telling MJF “if you wanna have a real fight let’s sort it out with the @ufc if not pipe down! Oh tell ur boss to sign me up when yous come to Fulham’s ground I be ready son.”

MJF later called Pimblett a “dollar store [Conor McGregor] talking, Will from [Stranger Things] looking ass” that “wouldn’t last two seconds in my world."

Pimblett is scheduled to fight Jared Gordon at UFC 282 in Las Vegas. MJF won the AEW World Championship at Full Gear this past Saturday, defeating Jon Moxley.