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Moxley-Kingston I Quit World title match set for AEW Full Gear


The AEW World title match for Full Gear has been set.

Jon Moxley will defend the title against Eddie Kingston in an I Quit match. This follows what happened in the closing moments of last week’s Dynamite, when Kingston and the rest of his group (The Butcher & The Blade, Lucha Brothers) attacked Moxley.

In a promo tonight, Moxley said there was no one happier than him when Kingston signed with AEW. He used to know him, but now he seems whiny and miserable. Moxley is not going to apologize for his success. He said he never tapped in their first match on September 23 and said he would end this at Full Gear when Kingston verbalizes that he quits.

Eddie Kingston in response said he had to become bitter. He hates who he has become, but he had to become this because his ends justify his means. He said he has never quit in his life and that Moxley is going to have to reach into a deep, dark place, a place that Kingston lives in.

Full Gear will take place on Saturday, November 7.