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Report: Brian Cage signs with All Elite Wrestling


Brian Cage appears to be the latest addition to the All Elite Wrestling roster. reported tonight that Cage has signed a multi-year deal with AEW. Their report started that no start date was given to them, but they were advised it would be "soon."

Melissa Santos, Cage's wife, denied SoCalUncensored's report, writing on Twitter "Really?? How can you confirm something that isn't true???? I'm his wife and I can CONFIRM, he hasn't signed on any dotted line. @socaluncensored"

Cage faced Rob Van Dam at Impact's Hard to Kill pay-per-view tonight, but the match ended in a no contest after an angle where Cage couldn't continue after RVD kicked a steel chair into his face with the Van Terminator. RVD then had a match where he defeated Daga.

Cage was an entrant in the Over Budget Battle Royale at All In. He was also contacted about being in the Casino Battle Royale at Double or Nothing, but the appearance didn't end up happening. Dave Meltzer reported in June:

The situation with Brian Cage at the Double or Nothing show is that they contacted him to be in the Casino Battle Royale. The idea was they would given him some spots to look good before eliminating him. Cage hadn’t cleared it with Impact, who he has an exclusive contract with and is their world champion. They called Don Callis shortly before the match and his take was that he didn’t think his world champion should be in a pre-show Battle Royal, just based on the idea of an old school positioning of your world champion. Based on the mentality of protecting your world champion and having him positioned as a star, he wasn’t wrong. So Cage was pulled from the match. Impact wasn’t against him appearing per se, in the sense that if they made the deal ahead of time they probably could have worked creative out and worked out something that made sense to both sides like AAA did by giving the Young Bucks their tag titles.

During his time with Impact, Cage held their World Championship and X-Division Championship one time each.