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AEW All Out live results: Jon Moxley vs. CM Punk

The Trios title tournament finals and a Casino Ladder Match will also take place.

AEW All Out, historically their best selling pay-per-view of the year, returns to the Chicago area, headlined by a rematch between AEW World Champion Jon Moxley and CM Punk.

The inaugural AEW Trios Champions will be crowned as The Elite's Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks will face Hangman Page & Dark Order.

An interim AEW Women's Champion will be crowned as former champions Britt Baker and Hikaru Shida join Jamie Hayter and Toni Storm in a four-way. 

TBS Champion Jade Cargill defends against Athena, and AEW Tag Team Champions Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland defend against The Acclaimed.

There will also be an eight-man Casino Ladder match featuring a mystery joker enrant.

In a quadrant of grudge matches, Bryan Danielson battles Chris Jericho; Christian Cage takes on Jungle Boy; Darby Allin, Sting & Miro go up against the House of Black; and Ricky Starks goes one-on-one with Powerhouse Hobbs.

In another trios match, FTR & TNT Champion Wardlow take on Jay Lethal & the debuting Motor City Machine Guns.

The pre-show will feature four matches that include Eddie Kingston, an AEW All-Atlantic title match, and more.


Zero Hour report --

Excalibur and Tony Schiavone were on commentary for the Zero Hour pre-show. 

Sammy Guevara and Tay Melo were backstage, and Guevara thought Chicago just wanted to see them kiss. They were interrupted by some loud honking, which ended up being Ortiz and Ruby Soho on a golf cart. Ortiz practically ran Guevara over and he and Ruby brought their opponents to the ring to start the match.

AAA World Mixed Tag Team Championships: Sammy Guevara & Tay Melo (c) defeated Ortiz & Ruby Soho [7:22]

With the match underway, Guevara was able to dispatch Ortiz, but Ruby continued to attack him. Guevara countered a hurricanrana attempt and Tay kicked her out for a hard landing. Ruby returned fire with a backdrop suplex, allowing her to reach Ortiz for the tag.

Ortiz strung together some offense, but then Guevara and Tay worked together to allow Tay hit an assisted destroyer on Ortiz. Guevara, busted open, followed it up with a senton bomb for two.

Anna Jay ran out and tried to interfere, but Ruby sent her into the steel steps. Ortiz and Ruby countered their opponents' respective finishers into a slam for two. Ruby climbed the ropes but was met up top by Tay, who superplexed her to the floor onto Guevara and Ortiz. 

Back in the ring, Jay grabbed Ruby's foot on a rope run, allowing Tay to hit a buckle bomb and the Tay-KO for the win. 


A video package hyped Bryan Danielson vs. Chris Jericho.


Action Bronson, who performs HOOK's theme, was shown at ringside.

FTW Championship: HOOK (c) defeated Angelo Parker (w/ Matt Menard) [4:19]

HOOK outwrestled Parker after an aggressive lock-up. After a HOOK slam, Menard distracted the official, which allowed Parker to hit a closed-fist punch and a suplex for two. Parker beat down HOOK and jawed at him. HOOK stopped another Menard distraction and made a comeback with judo throws and an exploder. 

Parker went for HOOK's eyes again, but HOOK came back with another exploder. He locked on Redrum and Parker tapped immediately.

– After the match, Menard attacked HOOK and stomped him down in the corner. Action Bronson emerged from ringside to dispatch both members of 2point0. The heels were sent packing up the ramp as HOOK and Bronson celebrated.


A video package hyped Jon Moxley vs. CM Punk for the AEW World Championship.


Taz joined commentary.

AEW All-Atlantic Championship: PAC (c) defeated Kip Sabian [9:57]

This match was strange. Both men hit some cool offense but the crowd didn't really seem to know what to make of Kip Sabian.

Sabian outwrestled PAC early on, but taunting allowed PAC to get back into it. After a fast-paced exchange, a springboard enzuigiri allowed Sabian to take control. He followed it with an Arabian press to the outside. PAC returned fire with a brainbuster on the floor.

There was a long control segment for PAC. Sabian eventually came back with a strike combination and a German suplex, but PAC fired back with one of his own. He wanted the Black Arrow, but Sabian rolled out of the way and hit a tornado DDT followed by a slingshot suplex for two. Something like a Northern Lights bomb followed for two. 

Sabian talked to the box at ringside. PAC dropped him with a strong forearm and laid in stomps. The Black Arrow followed for the win.

– After the match, PAC was about to be interviewed by Schiavone, but Orange Cassidy's music played and he walked out. PAC cut Orange off before he said anything, saying "You are not a wrestler, you are a joke." 

Meanwhile, in the ring, Sabian was screaming at the cardboard box. 


Eddie Kingston defeated Tomohiro Ishii [13:43]

Exactly the match you'd expect from these two. It was great!

This was a rematch from their NJPW encounter back in May, which Ishii won. They immediately started trading chops, and continued to do so for a couple minutes. Ishii hit a series of chops, then Kingston fired up and smashed Ishii with one for a double down. 

Ishii laid in his chop-forearm combination in the corner before eventually hitting the first suplex of the match. Kingston popped up and hit a suplex, a DDT, and a sliding D for two. He laid in even more hard chops, but Ishii shrugged them off and fired out of the corner with a shoulder block.

Kingston popped up off a soccer kick and they laid into each other with slaps, which the crowd loved. Kingston went for something off a rope run that didn't work at all, so he sold his shoulder as if he was injured. They traded backdrop suplexes before Ishii hit a strong standing lariat. Simultaneous lariats led to the double down.

Once both men got back up, Kingston hit the Baba-esque falling lariat and a Tiger Driver for a near fall. Ishii popped up out of a half-and-half suplex but ran into a lariat for another two count. Ishii blocked the Uraken and hit an enzuigiri followed by a lariat for two. Ishii hit a sliding lariat for two more. 

Kingston fought out of Ishii's brainbuster and hit the Uraken for a great near fall. They traded more slaps, Kingston hit another Uraken, Ishii fired back with a headbutt, and Kingston hit a Northern Lights bomb for the win. 


AEW All Out report --

Commentary stayed with the team of Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, and Taz for the start of the show.

The unidentified Joker won the Casino Ladder Match [14:15]

The action was great and hard-hitting up until the finish, which was completely baffling. Someone unidentified (potentially MJF) getting a shot at the title you've promoted as the top championship in the business? Someone who's part of Stokely Hathaway's group, which has been presented as jobbers and jokes? I don't get it. We'll see. (Note after the main event angle: I'm glad we got the reveal before the show ended.)

The winner earns an AEW World Championship shot.

Wheeler YUTA and Rey Fénix were the first two entrants. Fénix immediately set up a ladder bridge, but YUTA sent him crashing into it before landing a tope suicida. Rush was next in as Fénix prevented YUTA from climbing the ladder. He sent YUTA into a ladder with an overhead belly-to-belly before taking out Fénix with a tope con giro. 

Andrade El Idolo joined his partner Rush as the next man in the match. Rush was about to climb the ladder, but then he backed off, and he and Andrade set up a ladder bridge. before sending Fénix into it. They both started to climb, but YUTA pulled Rush down and met Andrade at the top. Andrade took out YUTA with a sick sunset powerbomb off the ladder onto a bridge.

Claudio was in next, and he pushed Andrade up and off the ladder to the floor. Dante Martin made his entrance, and he fought off both Fénix and Claudio. While he wrestled, YUTA set up a ladder in the ring, but Dante sprung to the ladder and dispatched YUTA. Claudio went for the pop-up uppercut, but Dante landed on the ladder on the exchange before they both spilled to the outside.

Penta was next in and he immediately crushed Dante with a destroyer on the ramp and Rush with a sling blade on the floor. He continued to run wild on everyone, taking out YUTA with a superkick and Claudio with a backstabber. Fénix cut off Rush with the rope-run kick before Penta hit Andrade with a destroyer on a ladder bridge. Fénix then hit a frog splash off the top turnbuckle, sending Rush through a table.

Claudio and YUTA climbed the ladder in the ring, but Dante sprung onto Claudio's back. A group of masked men then ran into the ring and completely cleared the ring. One of them climbed the ladder in the center of the ring and grabbed the poker chip, and he unmasked as Stokely Hathaway. Everyone else unmasked as Lee Moriarty, Ethan Page, and the rest of Stokely's crew. 

A Rolling Stones song played, and someone in a devil mask walked out, taking the poker chip from Stokely. He was the Joker, and he won the match. He was about to unmask, but then he didn't. What an odd ending.


Don Callis joined commentary.

AEW World Trios Championships: The Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson, & Nick Jackson) (w/ Brandon Cutler & Michael Nakazawa) defeated Hangman Page & The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds & John Silver) [17:02]

This was, for my money, the best match of the stellar trios tourney and a match that even exceeded my already sky-high expectations. One of the best American trios matches in a long time.

Nick and Page wrestled to a stalemate at the start. Matt spat at Reynolds, which pissed him off. Eventually, we finally got our Omega/Page standoff, but before they could really get started, Silver tagged himself in and the Dark Order targeted Omega's arm. Page hit a fallaway slam on Omega but ran into a superkick on a springboard clothesline attempt. The Bucks ran wild and took out the Dark Order. 

The Elite cut the ring in half, isolating Page in their corner. Omega hit the Kotaro Crusher for two. Eventually, Page fought back and hit a Death Valley driver, allowing him to reach Silver for a tag. Silver ran wild on everyone including Cutler and Nakazawa before running into a soccer kick from Nick. Silver recovered and he and Reynoldss hit a tope suicida into a vertical suplex. The spin doctor followed for a near fall. 

Matt fought off the Dark Order with a double Northern Lights suplex. Omega tagged in and hit a diving crossbody on Silver followed by snap dragon suplexes on Reynolds and Page. Silver cut Omega off and hit a kick combination, but Omega recovered to hit a third snap dragon. 

Dark Order hit their quick combination concluded with a German into a jackknife pin for a good near fall. The Bucks stopped the Dark Order's run, allowing Omega to hit the Terminator dive on all three opponents. Reynolds fought out of a powerbomb and Page took landed an Orihara moonsault, leading to the Dark Order hitting the pendulum bomb for another near fall -- broken up by a senton bomb from Nick.

The Bucks and Silver and Reynolds all took each other out with a four way superkick. Page and Omega faced off in the ring and pulled their respective partners to the corner, tagging themselves in. They traded forearms and then running strikes before Omega hit the Jay Driller for a near fall. 

Omega climbed the ropes, but Page met him up top and landed a moonsault powerslam. Page hit the Buckshot Lariat to the back of the head, then went for it to the front. Matt distracted Page, Omega collapsed on Page's attempt, and Nick leveled Page with a Buckshot of his own. The Bucks hit the BTE trigger, but Reynolds broke it up at the very last second for a super hot near fall.

Page collapsed, avoiding a V-Trigger from Omega. Silver rolled up Omega for another great near fall. He went for the Brodie Lee discus forearm, Omega caught him and put him in the electric chair, but Silver rolled him up for yet another awesome near fall. Silver set Omega up for the Buckshot, but Omega rolled out of the way and Page smashed Silver, allowing Omega to cover to win as the Elite are the inaugural champions.


There was a sit-down interview between Jade Cargill, the Baddies, and Athena moderated by Mark Henry. Athena said she'd win the TBS Championship for every woman in the back, but Jade wasn't having it. 

Jade had awesome She-Hulk body paint and attire.

TBS Championship: Jade Cargill (c) defeated Athena [4:40]

I thought this was the best Jade match yet. It wasn't perfect by any means but it was very fast-paced and featured tons of high-impact offense, just like a classic Goldberg match.

Athena took the fight to Athena right away with a meteora. She hit the O-Face, but the Baddies pulled her out of the ring. The distraction allowed Jade to hit a Samoan Drop and a spear for two. Jade smashed Athena with a forearm and just tossed her across the ring, but Athena countered Jaded into a pinning predicament for two. 

Jade countered another O-Face attempt into Jaded, but Athena reversed it and hit a thrust kick and a stunner for two. Jade reversed a spring board into a bicycle kick and hit Jaded for the win.


Earlier today, Alex Marvez intercepted CM Punk and Ace Steel walking into the arena. He asked Punk if he was 100%, and Punk said he wasn't, but Moxley isn't just fighting Punk -- he's fighting Chicago. 


Wardlow & FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) defeated Jay Lethal & The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) (w/ Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh) [17:59]

This was a strong trios match, albeit perhaps not quite as excellent as it seemed on paper. The post-match was so sweet.

Early on, Wardlow teased a powerbomb on Lethal, leading to MCMG running in and allowing Lethal to escape. FTR and MCMG faced off, with Dax fighting off both Guns and landing a short-armed clothesline on Sabin. Dax chased Sonjay all over the ring, allowing Sabin to hit Dax with a cutter. 

FTR regained control and hit an assisted senton. Wardlow tagged in and took out both Guns with a double suplex. Dax locked on a Sharpshooter, but a distraction from Sonjay allowed Lethal's team to take control and cradle Dax for two. They isolated Dax on their side of the ring with frequent tags and double teams.

Dax eventually reached Cash for the tag, and he ran wild on Shelley with a lariat and a bulldog. He countered Sliced Bread into a Gory bomb for two. Shelley fired back with a dropkick to Cash's knee, which became the target of his team. Lethal locked on the Figure Four, but Cash fought out and reached Wardlow for the hot tag.

Wardlow tossed around all three opponents before hitting the F-10 on Lethal for a near fall. The Guns took out FTR with superkicks and a distraction from Sonjay allowed Satnam to whack Wardlow in the head for a near fall. Sabin landed a suicide dive on both of FTR as Lethal tied Wardlow up in the tree of woe.

After a triple team, Lethal landed a top rope elbow drop for two. FTR got back involved but were cut off with a double Lethal Injection. Wardlow crushed Lethal with a headbutt and a lariat before pulling the straps down. He set Lethal up and started with the Powerbomb Symphony. Four powerbombs later, Wardlow got the pin.

– After the match, Lethal and co. teased getting back in the ring, but Samoa Joe's music played and he ran out. He took out Satnam with belt shots and they cornered Sonjay in the ring. Dax's daughter snapped Sonjay's pencil, Dax leveled him, and Dax's daughter put her foot on Sonjay's chest as the official counted three. What a great moment. 


Powerhouse Hobbs defeated Ricky Starks [5:12]

This was a dominant win for Hobbs, practically an extended squash. If I didn't know better, I'd think Starks was on his way out.

Starks went right at Hobbs but was leveled as the big man targeted Starks' midsection. It was all Hobbs in the early goings until Starks avoided a corner attack and laid in strikes. Starks hit a tornado DDT for two. He ran the ropes looking for the spear but Hobbs smashed him with a spinebuster for the quick win. 


Jim Ross joined commentary -- but he didn't replace Taz, who stayed.

AEW World Tag Team Championships: Swerve in our Glory (Swerve Strickland & Keith Lee) (c) defeated The Acclaimed (Max Caster & Anthony Bowens) (w/ Billy Gunn) [21:00]

This was the best Acclaimed match of all time by a country mile. They are maybe the most over act in the company. Swerve in our Glory did a great job working as heels and the crowd desperately wanted a title change. This exceeded even my highest expectations of what this would be.

The Acclaimed were so popular. After a quick Swerve and Bowens exchange, Lee and Caster tagged in. Caster laid in a strike combination and took Lee down with a hurricanrana. He and Bowens sent Lee and Swerve to the floor before "scissoring" in the ring. 

Swerve cut Caster off and mocked The Acclaimed as he and Lee wrestled a bit heelish. Lee landed his hard overhand chops. Caster eventually escaped and reached Bowens for the hot tag. Bowens hit a neckbreaker on Swerve followed by a crossbody for two. He followed it with a Famouser, but couldn't cover as he hurt his knee.

Bowens tried to recover with Billy, but Swerve kept up the relentless attack and mocked them. Swerve targeted Bowens' injured knee as Swerve in our Glory isolated Bowens. Bowens eventually fought back with a blockbuster on Lee and reached Caster for the hot tag. 

Caster fought off both of Swerve in our Glory with dives. A crossbody on Lee got two. Caster tried to put Lee up on his shoulders. Lee fought out, but he inadvertently Pounced Swerve out of the ring and Bowens nailed a shining wizard for two. 

Bowens and Lee were alone in the ring. Bowens tried to string some offense together, but his knee gave out. Lee climbed the ropes, but Caster popped up and met him at the top. The Acclaimed took Lee down with a superplex, but Swerve cut Bowens off with a diving stomp and a single leg crab. Caster broke it up with a diving dropkick. 

Swerve went for a springboard, but Bowens pulled him down and allowed Caster to hit a Mic Drop to the floor. Lee and Billy faced off, allowing Caster to hit an awesome Attitude Adjustment on Lee. Caster hit the Mic Drop on Swerve but Lee broke it up at the last second for an awesome near fall.

Caster and Swerve fought on the apron, where Swerve hit a Death Valley driver. Swerve hit a backbreaker on Bowens, who valiantly tried to fight off both of Swerve in our Glory. Lee had it under control, but Swerve inadvertently kicked Lee and Bowens rolled him up for yet another great near fall. 

Swerve in our Glory recovered to hit the doomsday double stomp for the win.

– After the match, Lee and Billy "scissored," but the crowd didn't like it.


AEW Women's World Championship: Toni Storm defeated Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D, Jamie Hayter, & Hikaru Shida [14:50]

This was a decent four-way match. The crowd was not into it at all for the majority of its runtime as they had to follow that wild tag title match, but they did get into the Baker and Hayter near falls at the end.

It was Shida and Hayter alone in the ring early on, but Baker got involved and then the four women traded cradles. There was lots of in-and-out offense with no one woman maintaining control for any extended period of time. Hayter hit a double suplex and then a double lariat on both Shida and Storm.

Storm and Shida had a back-and-forth exchange in the ring, laying into each other with shoulder blocks and forearms. Rebel got involved, leading to Shida and Storm taking her out with simultaneous headbutts. Baker and Hayter attacked Shida on the ramp, leading to the trainers coming out to check on her. Shida was brought to the back.

Back in the ring, Hayter and Baker choked out Storm. They took turns dominating Storm in the ring until Shida finally returned and started a comeback by dispatching Baker and hitting an outside-in suplex over the ropes on Hayter for two. They lost the crowd a bit until Baker and Hayter locked on a double pin for two.

Hayter and Shida were left standing in the ring, with Shida hitting a step-up enzuigiri and a falcon arrow for two. There was a parade of big moves with the women interrupting each other's pinning predicaments, concluded with Baker hitting the curb stomp for a good near fall. 

Storm sent Baker to the floor, then Hayter dispatched Storm and hit the ripcord lariat. She had it won, but Baker pulled the official out of the ring. Hayter was incensed. Storm hit her with the Storm Zero, but Baker pulled her away and covered for a great near fall. Storm sent Baker packing with a DDT and hit the same on Hayter for the win.


Before the match, Jungle Boy's mom gave Christian a slap at ringside.

Jungle Boy was billed as "Jungle Boy" Jack Perry. During Jungle Boy's entrance, Luchasaurus turned on him and chokeslammed him on the steel grates on the ramp. He then planted him through a table with a high cross. 

Christian Cage defeated "Jungle Boy" Jack Perry [0:33]

The bell rang, and Christian hit a spear, but Jungle Boy kicked out. Christian then hit the Killswitch for the win.


Death Triangle vs. Best Friends was announced for this week. The two teams were backstage, and PAC continued to dismiss and mock Orange Cassidy.


William Regal joined commentary.

Chris Jericho defeated Bryan Danielson [22:59]

This was not as good as its billing. The crowd wasn't invested, the work was often a struggle (not in a hardworking way but in a "this is difficult" way), and the finish was deflating. A low blow finish on PPV? I get the Garcia angle that Jericho won the "wrong way," but I prefer PPVs to have great matches that conclude stories in a natural way. This was the 2nd straight match with a TV angle disguised as a PPV finish.

During their lockup, Daniel Garcia was shown backstage looking on. Danielson was able to attack with some quick stomps, forcing Jericho to roll to the floor and regroup. He continued to outwrestle Jericho, gaining mount control, but backing off. Danielson fought out of a submission and laid in ground and pound before Jericho negated an armbar attempt. 

They traded chops until Jericho hit a double underhook backbreaker. Danielson briefly fought back, but Jericho cut him off and hit his springboard dropkick. Danielson countered a plancha with a knee before following it up with a diving knee strike. 

Back in the ring, Danielson laid in Yes kicks, but Jericho countered into the Walls. After a long fight, Danielson escaped and landed a tope suicida. Danielson climbed the ropes, Jericho avoided a diving headbutt, but Danielson avoided the Lionsault and went for the LeBell Lock. They jockeyed for position until Jericho hit a tombstone piledriver and a Lionsault for two.

Danielson fired back and kicked Jericho's head in. He applied the LeBell lock, but Jericho somehow fought out of it and got the Walls. Danielson transitioned into a triangle, forcing Jericho to reach the ropes. Danielson ran the ropes, but Jericho turned it into something of a Codebreaker for two. 

Jericho applied the Liontamer, but Danielson reached the ropes. Danielson mostly flipped out of a German suplex and hit the Busaiku knee for a near fall. Danielson locked on Cattle Mutilation, but Jericho reached the ropes. He laid in repeated kicks until Jericho rolled him up for two. Danielson laid in hammer-and-anvil elbows, but then Jericho low blowed Danielson with the official's view obscured. He covered for the win.

– After the match, Jericho celebrated with the Jericho Appreciation Society.


Darby Allin, Sting, & Miro defeated House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King, & Buddy Matthews) [13:25]

This was a fun match with lots of cool spots, Darby bumping all over the place, and Sting being Sting.

Miro and Black started off. Buddy quickly tagged in but was back body dropped by Miro, who wouldn't tag Darby in, instead planting Buddy again. Darby finally got in and he and Buddy had a rapid exchange, but Malakai tagged in and took Darby out with a high kick. House of Black completely dominated Darby, ragdolling him around the ring and the ringside area. 

Darby eventually reached Sting for the hot tag. The big man ran wild on everyone, hitting repeated Stinger Splashes. He fought off Buddy and King to lock on the Scorpion Deathlock. Sting shrugged off repeated strikes until Malakai applied a knee bar. Miro tried to drag them to the ropes, but Buddy cut him off with a kick. 

Buddy avoided a tackle from Miro and sent him into the steel steps. Darby took him out with a tope suicida. Inside the ring, Black set up for the spin kick, but Sting hit him with the mist and Darby locked on the Last Supper cradle for the win.


Daniel Garcia was backstage with Schiavone and asked about being absent during Jericho's celebration. Jericho walked up and asked where he was. Garcia didn't give him a satisfactory answer, so Jericho said they wouldn't be at ringside for his ROH Pure Championship match this week.

AEW Dynamite (7/7) lineup --

  • ROH Pure Championship: Wheeler YUTA (c) vs. Daniel Garcia
  • Death Triangle vs. Best Friends


AEW World Championship: CM Punk (c) defeated Jon Moxley [20:03]

This was a classic AEW pay-per-view main event with a ridiculously hot crowd and some stellar near falls. The post-match angle was exactly what the fans wanted.

They jockeyed for position right away before Punk hit the high kick -- this time, his foot didn't go out. A quick exchange later and Punk hit the GTS for an awesome early near fall. Punk was so popular, as expected in Chicago. 

Punk landed a tope suicida and they brawled into the stands. Back towards the ring, Punk sent Moxley into the steel steps, but Moxley returned fire and busted Punk open. Punk was bleeding all over the place, a true crimson mask. Moxley continued to lay in chops and forearms until Punk came back with his rising knee. Moxley stopped the bulldog follow-up and attacked Punk's surgically repaired leg. 

Moxley locked on a modified deathlock, and Punk was only able to escape by raking at Moxley's eyes. That wasn't enough to gain control as Moxley continued to target Punk's leg. Moxley hit a piledriver for two. Punk regained control by sending Moxley into the ring post and applied the Anaconda Vise. Moxley escaped and kicked Punk's head in.

Punk climbed the ropes and went for a diving elbow, but Moxley locked on a rear naked choke before transitioning into the Bulldog choke. Punk escaped and hit another high kick, but Moxley quickly fired back with a rebound lariat for the double down.

They traded finisher attempts before Punk laid in punches and hit a neckbreaker. Moxley blocked the GTS and hit the Death Rider for a great near fall. Moxley locked on the Bulldog. Punk tried to power out and eventually rolled through before hitting the GTS -- but he couldn't follow up as Moxley collapsed. 

Punk hit a second GTS and regained the championship.

– After the match, the lights went out. A voicemail played from Tony Khan talking to MJF about paying him a lot of money to show up at All Out. The camera cut to the Joker from earlier in the show, with MJF saying "I am the devil himself," unmasking, and putting on the Burberry scarf.

MJF's music played, and he walked out to the ramp to wild "MJF" chants. Punk posed in the ring with the AEW World Championship as MJF made a belt signal and flipped off the crowd. MJF sulked off as the show went off the air.


Final Thoughts --

AEW All Out 2022 was a wildly entertaining show from start to finish. It wasn't perfect -- the FTR and Jericho/Danielson matches didn't quite live up to expectations and there were points throughout the show where the crowd just wasn't that invested -- but the highs (the trios title match, the tag title match, and the main event) were as high as it gets. 

To me, this was more like a really hot double edition of a special Dynamite (like Winter is Coming or Grand Slam) than a true banger-after-banger PPV, but when you have three classic matches and the return of one of the company's top stars all on one show, it can't be considered anything but a massive success. 

This is my last F4W review for the time being. Thank you all for reading~!