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AEW Dark Elevation results: Best Friends, Danhausen & Rocky Romero vs. The Factory

Brian Cage, Lucha Brothers and ROH Six-Man Champions Dalton Castle & The Boys were also in action.

This week's packed edition of AEW Dark: Elevation was filmed before last week's edition of Dynamite in Philadelphia. Ian Riccaboni and Paul Wight were on the call to start the night.

Skye Blue defeated Trish Adora

The two started with a Code of Honor-esque handshake, but Adora used it as an armdrag. They went back and forth with Blue locking in a side headlock, but Adora fought back with shoulder tackles and a really nasty submission that is hard to even explain. Blue fought out and went for the Skyefall, but a German suplex got Adora out of it. She bridged for the pin, but Blue kicked out and then connected on the Skyefall for the win.

Brian Cage (w/ Prince Nana) defeated Tracy Williams

This is the first AEW singles appearance for Cage since October 2021 and his first for any Khan company since July's ROH Death Before Dishonor. His strength easily got him the upper hand here, although Williams kept using his technical prowess to wiggle his way out of some moves. 

It was more of the same for most of the match until Cage moved out of the way of Williams in the corner and lifted him up from the outside for a suplex from the middle rope. Cage used Williams to do some curls, but Williams kept fighting back. 

He hit a cool DDT that drove Cage's head into the top turnbuckle and locked in the STF. Cage powered up though and hit the Drill Claw for the win. This match was awesome as Cage looked like a real monster.

Later, a video played with Cage answering people who have been asking where he's been. He said he's been putting together an undefeated streak and he will return on the third anniversary edition of Dynamite this Wednesday against Wardlow in the TNT title open challenge.

Lance Archer defeated Cheeseburger

Crowd favorite Cheeseburger didn't even get his own entrance here. He tried to escape quickly, but he jumped on with a sleeper and Archer just kept doing his entrance in a pretty cool visual. It got even cooler when Archer hit Cheeseburger with a suplex, but released him and it slingshotted Cheeseburger across the ring. Archer went for the Blackout and Cheeseburger fought out, but Archer quickly went for it again and hit it for the win.

Abadon defeated Abby Jane

This match couldn't have been more different. Abadon is this scary, nasty, and intense fighter while Jane is a happy and smiley girl with hair clips. 

This went exactly how you thought it would. Abadon got everything and it wasn't even close. After a backward mule kick and a senton, Abadon hit her Black Dahlia for the pin. She hasn't lost a match since her no DQ match with then-AEW Women's Champion Britt Baker in October of LAST YEAR.

ROH Six-Man Champions Dalton Castle & The Boys defeated Primal Fear (Adrien Soriano, Gabriel Hodder & Matthew Omen) to retain

Primal Fear got their own entrance. It felt like AEW made this a big deal which is good because they are going to need a lot more six-man teams if they want two different divisions in ROH and AEW.

Castle and Soriano started the match and after a big chop by Soriano, Castle got the Boys to fan him off. Riccaboni mentioned his beach wrestling championship as he started using his amateur prowess. The Boys helped Castle with a triple-team move, Brent came in the match and Primal Fear got the upper hand again with their own triple-team boot to the head. Brent turned this into a hot tag for Castle who took out all three Primal Fear member. 

Castle and The Boys then did the great move where Castle individually throws out each Boy into a tope suicida. Castle hit the Bangarang on Omen to give his team the win and successful title defense.

Kip Sabian & Penelope Ford defeated Gia Scott & LSG

This is the first time Scott and LSG have tagged together. As you could probably guess, that wasn't going to bode very well against Sabian and Ford. 

Sabian led at the start, getting LSG into his own corner where they double-teamed LSG. Ford tagged in and hit a move but they tried to play it off like the referee didn't see it and Sabian just kept going, but it just ended up confusing everyone. Ford did make her way in eventually, hitting the Superbad cutter and locking in the Muta lock for the win.

Lucha Brothers (w/ Alex Abrahantes) defeated Dante Martin & Tony Deppen

This was another match where a world-class tag team was taking on a pair that had never tagged together before. 

Some side headlocks started the match with Fenix and Martin. They kept going back and forth until they just stopped and shook hands. It was great. Deppen and Penta tagged in. Penta made sure to tell him he has no chance and when he went to take his glove off, Deppen ran over and caught it and then threw it at him in a funny spot. Penta dominated Deppen and double-teamed both men. Fenix held Deppen in position while Penta hit a dropkick to the hind parts of Deppen for a near fall.

Martin eventually got the hot tag and took out both men. Martin and Deppen got about as close as you can to beating the Lucha Brothers, but Fenix fought out and tagged in Penta followed by the assisted piledriver onto Deppen for the win. I know they really tried to make sure Martin looked good, but he should never be losing on Dark.

Best Friends, Danhausen & Rocky Romero defeated The Factory (Aaron Solo, Cole Karter, Nick Comoroto & QT Marshall) 

The Best Friends side sure made up a very, very interesting tag team. The crowd was really hot for this one, or, I should say, they were really hot for Danhausen. The Factory was quick to take over. Marshall got in the ring just for Danhausen to bite his finger.

Karter, the newest member of The Factory, made his way into the match just for him to also get beat on by Romero and Danhausen. They got back on the offensive thanks to Comoroto hitting a massive clothesline behind the referee's back. Marshall did the same thing with a right hand. 

They really dominated Romero and cut off the ring. After a hip toss, Romero tagged in Chuck Taylor. Best Friends got to work quickly, taking out Solo and Comoroto, but of course, Marshall fought dirty and found his way back in. It didn't last long as Trent Beretta and Romero did their signature Roppongi Vice moves followed by a Best Friends hug.

Everybody was then diving all over everywhere. Solo came back in the match and got cursed by Danhausen leading to the Strong Zero and the win. The Best Friends team ended the show with a nice pose.

This night of action felt awesome -- full of matches that meant something and a lot of ROH talent that was used the right way.