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AEW Dark Elevation results: Danhausen vs. QT Marshall

This Halloween-themed episode also featured Jade Cargill, Orange Cassidy and more.

This Halloween special edition of AEW Dark: Elevation was filmed before Dynamite last week in Norfolk, Virginia, at the Chartway Arena. 

Tony Schiavone, Paul Wight, and "Daddy Magic" Matt Menard were at the commentary table joined by myself, Jon Rogers. I'm kidding, I was in the arena but not on commentary. Tony Khan didn't give me the call this time. 

Madison Rayne defeated Diamante

Diamante got the early advantage using heel tactics and then dumping Rayne to the outside. She controlled most of this match, but when she went for a backslide pinning combination, she slid a little too much and Rayne actually got the pin. It was pretty confusing. They also started this match at about 6:45 PM when the start time was supposed to be 7.

Frankie Kazarian defeated Rhett Titus

Like the first match, this started hot with no lockup or anything. Kazarian got the upper hand early with some chops and shoulder tackles. The commentary team talked about what they would dress up as for Halloween and Menard told Schiavone he should wear a mask more often.

They really put over Titus during the match, who I suspect to be a big part of the eventual Ring of Honor TV reboot. Kazarian hit a springboard cutter for the win.

- Lexy Nair was in the back with QT Marshall who is in the special main event against Danhausen. Nair was dressed in a witch costume which really confused Marshall. He essentially cut a promo on all of Halloween and everyone that celebrates it. Danhausen came in and talked about how he threw Marshall over the top rope recently and said he also has to prepare for the main event...and then just walked into a locker.

Kiera Hogan defeated Skye Blue

Menard was super excited about this one. It was back and forth to start, but Hogan got started with a huge running knee that connected in the corner. They traded pinning combinations after Blue showed some great strength. It didn't last long as Hogan popped up and hit a variation on the exploder for the win. They called it the sidewinder and Blue sold it perfectly.

Dante Martin defeated Brandon Cutler

This was great. Cutler has been awesome ever since he returned post-suspension. In one spot, Martin started on the ropes and leaped high into the sky over Cutler, but when he came down, he managed to trip Cutler who fell right on his face. When Martin went to the top to capitalize, Cutler tripped and fell onto the ropes. Martin fell and Cutler got back into the match and started dancing. It didn't last for long as Martin attacked on the outside and then rolled up Cutler for the win.

Athena defeated Janai Kai

Athena was facing off against Kai who is a somewhat big star on the indies that I really like. This was Athena's first match since her two matches in Toronto which included the much-discussed Jody Threat match.

Kai showed off her great striking and footwork to start. She had Athena down for a two count about two minutes in. Athena turned it around though and put Kai in the tree of woe. She slammed Kai on the apron and then back in the ring, she hit the cutter off the top rope for the win.

Orange Cassidy and Best Friends defeated Anthony Young, Patton & Victor Andrews

Patton started with Trent Beretta in the ring. Patton couldn't really get much going so he tagged in Andrews. Best Friends started dominating from there. They were doing the usual shtick with the hugs and the pockets and the kicks. Patton and Young stopped a big hug though, but they got double suplexed right which was followed by the big hug. Cassidy & Best Friends used a triple-team power bomb to Young for the quick win.

Cassidy defends the AEW All-Atlantic title against Rey Fenix and Luchasaurus on Wednesday.

Eddie Kingston & Ortiz defeated Breaux Keller & Myles Hawkins

The crowd was electric for Kingston & Ortiz. In the midst of all the domination by Kingston & Ortiz, Keller & Hawkins were still able to show off some great skills. The stretch plum was locked in on Hawkins quickly and the match was already over. Kingston attacked the team after the match and Ortiz tried to get him to stop. Kingston assumed that it was what the crowd wanted so he kept going.

TBS Champion Jade Cargill defeated Trish Adora in a non-title match

The crowd also lost it for Cargill still without her stolen title belt. The commentators pointed out how risky it is for somebody to be in the ring with Cargill and they were right. Adora couldn't do anything in this match against the champion. Cargill took Adora's head off with a high kick and then hit her finisher for a quick win. 

After the match, Rose, Vickie Guerrero, and Marina Shafir came out banging trash can lids and shouting stuff. Cargill chased them backstage and that was that. Cargill defends the title against Shafir this Wednesday.

QT Marshall defeated Danhausen

Marshall was doing nothing in the first few minutes of this match. Just a lot of holds. Danhausen fought out and teased a curse but turned it around into some chops. But of course, Marshall had to stop and make sure that things went as slowly as possible. The crowd was great with chants and even singing about how much QT sucks. 

The match was the same thing over and over again with Danhausen getting some offense followed by Marshall countering and slowing it down. His first big offensive move was a suplex. Danhausen turned things around again and Marshall threw him to the outside. But as he went outside, Lee Johnson ran out and got in Danhausen's face. Marshall was confused by Johnson's interference and got a cutter from Danhausen, then tossing him back in the ring.

As Danhausen celebrated, Johnson threw him into the ring post as the ref was tending to Marshall inside. Johnson then threw him inside the ring and Marshall hit a diamond cutter for the pin and win.