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AEW Dark Elevation results: Ortiz vs. Serpentico

Kip Sabian & Penelope Ford were also in tag team action.

This week’s AEW Dark: Elevation was taped last Wednesday night prior to Dynamite Grand Slam at the world-renowned Arthur Ashe Stadium. “Daddy Magic” Matt Menard once again joined Ian Riccaboni on the call.

Kip Sabian & Penelope Ford defeated Shawn Dean & Skye Blue

The lively crowd made this showcase for Sabian and Ford a ton of fun to watch. Sabian, in particular, got a frankly shocking pop for how little he’s been featured on AEW television over the past year. He played maestro with the crowd early and kept control on "The Captain."

Sabian and Ford kept the referee distracted as Ford hit a back handspring elbow on Dean in the corner followed by a Sabian cannonball. Menard was very funny in this match, and I hope he sticks around as a commentator. Dean countered Sabian's finisher with a small package, followed by a DDT and the tag. 

Blue came in like a house of fire, hitting a neckbreaker and a rising knee on Ford. Sabian tried to interfere, but Blue hit a Canadian destroyer on him to a massive pop. That allowed Ford to hit a cutter for a nearfall. 

The men tagged back in and Sabian hit a headbutt, but Dean caught him off the ropes with a sky high for a near fall. Dean went to the top for the Last Salute, but ate Sabian's knees. The Anarchist neckbreaker scored the win for the professional boxer Sabian. Get it? Because of the box, you get it, you get it.

Ortiz defeated Serpentico (w/ Luther)

This was a quick and easy win for Ortiz in his hometown who got the huge pop coming out. He was in firm control in the early stages until he fell to the outside where Luther dropped him with a suplex. Ortiz fought right back, landing a powerslam for a two count. 

Serpentico hit a rana out of the corner and landed a senton bomb for a near fall. Ortiz cut off Serpentico’s next move and hit a stalling Perfect Plex for the hometown win.