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AEW Dark Elevation results: Paul Wight, Dark Order, Thunder Rosa


It’s Monday and you know what that means: a three-match AEW Dark: Elevation that was taped last Wednesday at Queens, New York's Arthur Ashe Stadium prior to Dynamite: Grand Slam.

This week, Mark Henry took over Paul Wight’s duties as an Elevation commentator as Wight was set for in-ring action.

Thunder Rosa defeated Kayla Sparks

This was Sparks’ AEW debut. The crowd was really hot for this match, cheering a lot for Thunder Rosa. Rosa (28-2) dominated and won with the Fire Thunder Driver.

Dark Order (John Silver, 10, Alan "5" Angels, Alex Reynolds) defeated Dean Alexander, Kevin Tibbs, TJ Crawford & Eric James

This was the AEW debut for James, Tibbs and Crawford. Silver, 10, 5 and Reynolds got a great reaction for their entrance and one of the biggest reactions of the show when they hit four shoulderblocks to their opponents. Dark Order won by submission with a full nelson from 10.

Paul Wight defeated CPA, RSP & VSK

This was CPA’s AEW debut. At the beginning of the match, the Gunn Club came out. This was basically like an older brother bullying his younger brothers. It was fun to watch with Tall Paul chopping the living hell out of his opponents. Wight won this match with a double chokeslam to remain undefeated.

Final Thoughts:

This was a short show with the Dark Order match as the best of the night. Wight's match was also very fun to watch.

After the three matches, there were taped promos from Britt Baker, MJF, Bryan Danielson and Men of the Year talking about last week’s Dynamite and Rampage. This were all very well done and hinted about future things ahead for these wrestlers. Scorpio Sky, in particular, was really good.

There was also some web exclusive content with Eddie Kingston, Homicide, Brian Pillman Jr., Ortiz, Anthony Bowens and others talking about being excited to wrestle in a 20,000-seat stadium.