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AEW Dark Elevation results: ROH Women's Champion Mercedes Martinez vs. Hyan

Anthony Ogogo, Ethan Page and Lee Moriarty were also part of the action.

It’s Monday and you know what that means: a six-match AEW Dark: Elevation taped last Wednesday at the Fertitta Center in Houston, Texas.

Mark Henry and Paul Wight were on the call tonight.

Ethan Page (w/ Dan Lambert) defeated JD Griffey

This was pretty much a squash. Page won after using the Ego’s Edge to improve his overall record to 25-8.

Ring of Honor Women's Champion Mercedes Martinez defeated Hyan to retain the title

Hyan got a great reaction because of her hometown advantage which motivated her throughout the match. Martinez's strategy was to ground her with headlocks. Hyan used several high armdrags to get the champ in trouble at times, even getting a near fall with a falcon arrow. 

In the end, Martinez (6-3) used a lariat to the back of the head and the Brass City Sleeper submission for her second successful title defense.

The Butcher & The Blade (w/ The Bunny) defeated The Varsity Blonds

Griff Garrison tried to challenge The Butcher's strength which was a mistake. However, his speed was able to overwhelm Butcher and later on Blade with a roll-up that was a near fall. Once Butcher & Blade took over the match, they isolated Brian Pillman Jr. but a Garrison comeback turned the tables in favor of the Blonds. 

The end was not in their favor as Pillman accidentally superkicked Garrison which led to B&B hitting Drag The Lake to pick up the win.

Lee Moriarty defeated Alex Reynolds

This match was all about Moriarty and Reynolds trying to one up each other with speed, giving Moriarty the advantage. His technical wrestling overwhelmed Reynolds at times in addition to his more aggressive style. Reynolds missed a standing moonsault and a combination of several Moriarty Muay Thai knee strikes and a crossface gave him the win. 

Emi Sakura & Nyla Rose (w/ Vickie Guerrero) defeated Skye Blue & Yuka Sakazaki

Every time Sakazaki and Sakura shared the ring, it was so awesome. Honestly, a TV match between these two would be awesome. Rose and Sakura isolated Sakazaki, throwing the "Magical Girl" around. One of the best spots was Sakura tying Blue and Sakazaki in a pretzel. Sakazaki had a near fall on Rose with the top rope magical splash. Blue went for a top rope Tijeras that Rose countered into a Beast Bomb to get the win.

Anthony Ogogo defeated Mysterious Q

This was the AEW debut of Mysterious Q. Ogogo was in control, but Q was able to showcase a bit of offense and overwhelm Ogogo. In the end, Ogogo used the Gov’na’s Hammer to improve his overall record to 13-1.