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AEW Dark results: Daniel Garcia vs. Brock Anderson ROH Pure Title match

Tuesday's show also saw Athena and the Dark Order in action.

This week's AEW Dark matches were filmed in Atlantic City, New Jersey and were headlined by a Ring of Honor Pure title match.

Skye Blue defeated Paris Van Dale

Blue flipped out of Van Dale's control as the bout began. Blue then delivered a high rise knee strike while Van Dale was on the ropes, followed by a dropkick. Moments later, Blue hit Van Dale with a superkick and a flatliner for the quick win.

Iron Savages (w/ JT Davidson) defeated Brando Lee & Lucas Chase

Bronson bulldozed Chase seconds after the bell rang. After being trapped in the corner, Bear Bronson tagged out to Bear Boulder, who failed to gain control of Chase. This allowed Chase to tag out to Lee, who came in and then got thrown into Chase for his trouble. 

The next sequence saw Lee and Chase trapped in opposing corners while both Boulder and Bronson took turns squashing them where they stood. After that, Chase and Lee were on the receiving end of the Savages' signature assisted cannonball as both were pinned shortly after.

Kiera Hogan defeated Kennedi Copeland

Copeland got too cocky for her own good as she tried to gain momentum on a surprised Hogan. Hogan instead dropped her with a leg drop to the canvas for a near fall. Moments later, Hogan delivered a roundhouse kick for the quick victory.

Frankie Kazarian defeated Zack Clayton

Kazarian and Clayton locked up until Kazarian got the edge after taking Clayton down with a drop toehold. Kazarian had full control of the bout until Clayton clocked him with a dropkick. Clayton then trapped the former SCU member in the corner and beat him down. Clayton followed up with an uppercut, but Kazarian countered the second attempt.

Moments later, Kazarian trapped Clayton in a chicken wing and made him submit. He moves on to face Impact World Champion Josh Alexander at Friday's Impact Over Drive.

- Brock Anderson and Arn Anderson cut a promo backstage building up the ROH Pure Title main event match against Daniel Garcia.

The Factory (QT Marshall, Cole Karter & Lee Johnson) defeated Man Scout, Teddy Goodz & Channing Thomas

Marshall and Thomas started out. Marshall began receiving chants about him sucking, so he tagged out to Johnson who tagged out to Karter almost immediately. Karter stood on Thomas' back while he was trapped in the middle rope.

The tags between The Factory continued to be fluid until Goodz got the hot tag and took out the entire Factory minus Marshall. This wouldn't work out for Goodz as he was on the receiving end of an assisted diamond cutter moments later, leading to the pin.

Athena defeated LMK

Athena was just as ruthless in this match as she has been in previous matches. After started out with a back elbow, Athena delivered a hip attack in the corner. She then tried to cover LMK after a senton, although it only resulted in a near fall.

As the match went on, LMK got some offense in, but it wouldn't be enough as Athena would unleash an all-out stiff assault in the closing moments. Athena finished off LMK after a sideways lariat that sent her crumbling to the mat.

Dark Order (Evil Uno, John Silver & Alex Reynolds) defeated Arjun Singh, Mike Magnum & Brett Gosselin

With a clear size advantage, Singh backed Silver into a corner early, but Silver responded by simply shoving him down. The Dark Order had full control of the match until Evil Uno came in as the opposing team isolated him the corner. 

Magnum was receiving end of a forearm from Uno, allowing Reynolds to come in. Reynolds took Gosselin down with a spinning back elbow and when he made it back to his feet, Reynolds decked him with a clothesline. Silver made a blind tag and powerbombed Gosselin into Reynolds' knees, which took him out of the match.

The Dark Order trio hit a combined pendulum bomb on Gosselin to score the pinfall win.

- Athena cornered Lexy Nair backstage and shouted at her when she tried to ask a question.

ROH Pure Champion Daniel Garcia defeated Brock Anderson to retain

This was a solid title match between two guys who have styles that mesh well together. Bonus points for actually giving it time. This is what Dark should be and not just random squash matches that build to nothing.

Garcia applied a wristlock before the "you're a wrestler" chants broke out. Anderson took Garcia to the mat with a headlock, but he escaped with a gator roll. 

When Garcia made it back in the ring, Anderson got more physical and began to stomp on targeted ligaments. Garcia would respond by targeting Anderson's knee with a few different variations of a dragon screw. Garcia became more and more relentless as the match went on and eventually resorted to a bit of trash talking.

Anderson used a closed fist after Garcia got into his head which Garcia would use to apply a guillotine. Anderson fought out and planted Garcia with a standing suplex. He tried a DDT, but Garcia countered it into a pump handle driver. 

In the closing stages, Anderson hit a fake out DDT for a good near fall. Garcia would go on to spike Anderson with a piledriver for the win and his second title defense in two nights.