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AEW Dark results: Dante Martin & Matt Sydal vs. The WorkHorsemen

Tuesday's show also included lots of Trustbusters, Skye Blue, and Tony Nese & Josh Woods.

The ten matches on this week's AEW Dark were taped at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, in August.

Marina Shafir defeated Sio Nieves

Shafir was on the receiving end of a headlock from Nieves early on, but "The Problem" was able to reverse it quickly. Shafir then planted Nieves with a back body drop before locking her in her signature arm/leg combination submission for the quick tapout.

Ari Daivari (w/ The Trustbusters) defeated AR Fox

Daivari controlled the bout early on, but Fox began to dig into his high flying toolbox in his second AEW outing. This led to Fox doing a moonsault off the middle of the ring post onto Daivari. This would turn out to be bad for Fox as Parker Boudreaux attacked him when Daivari was distracting the ref.

The match eventually made it back in the ring where Daivari worked down Fox with a headlock. This allowed the crowd to get behind Fox, who had a comeback sequence where he did a cool kip-up kick to the head. Fox then tried to go to the top rope, but Daivari chopped him down.

Slim J tried to get in the ring which distracted both Fox and the referee. This led to Daivari hitting a low blow on Fox, followed by a short arm clothesline and the pin.

Tony Nese & Josh Woods defeated Rohit Raju & Invictus Khash

Nese and Khash started out and Khash instantly matched the intensity of Nese, but "The Premier Athlete" was unphased and retorted by doing jumping jacks.

Moments later, Nese took out Raju on the outside. This led to Woods and Nese hitting their assisted neckbreaker slam on Khash for the win.

Abadon defeated Freya States

The match spilled to the outside early. States was able to take advantage of a running Abadon, catching her in a face plant into the steel steps. States looked to be in full control until Abadon snapped back into form and hit her signature Black Delilah move for yet another win.

Slim J (w/ The Trustbusters) defeated Blake Christian

Slim J controlled Christian with a wristlock early on until Christian was able to bounce out of it. Christian followed the impressive maneuver up with a wristlock of his own -- one that Slim J eventually got out of.

Slim J kept bending the rules, hitting Christian in the groin when the referee was distracted. This also led to multiple members of The Trustbusters getting involved with the match.

Christian wasn’t down for the count as he eventually regained his composure and hit a frog splash to J’s back. This was followed up by an attempt at a top rope maneuver, but Kiss got involved again. Christian then missed a dive which led to J hitting a flatliner. Slim J followed that up with a neck crank which made Christian submit.

The Wingmen (Ryan Nemeth & Cezar Bononi) defeated Eli Isom & Chris Farrow

Bononi and Farrow started out and Bononi chucked Farrow across the ring, but not before he made a blind tag to Isom. Isom came in and got some offense in, but it wouldn’t matter as Bononi continued his dominance and hit Farrow with a brutal transition neckbreaker. Shortly after, Nemeth hit his own neckbreaker for the successful three count.

Parker Boudreaux defeated Terry Kid

Boudreaux charged Kid in the corner seconds after the bell rang. Kid was then thrown around the ring a few times before eating a chokeslam. Moments later, Boudreaux hit a running splash for the win.

Skye Blue defeated Robyn Renegade (w/ Charlette Renegade)

Earlier in the night, the Renegade Twins were interviewed backstage and denied accusations of cheating.

Blue was assaulted by Renegade during her entrance which coincided with the bell ringing. Renegade maintained control for a few moments as she delivered chops before following up with a backstabber.

Blue kept trying to make attempts to get back in the match, finally succeeding after hitting a running high knee. This was followed by Skyefall which scored her the win.

Iron Savages (w/ JT Davidson) defeated Vary Morales & Levy Valenzuela

Earlier backstage, Lexy Nair interviewed the Savages and Davidson. Their manager put the entire tag team locker room on notice, saying that the Savages are coming to wreck everyone.

Bear Bronson wasted no time, taking down Morales with ease early on. This led to Bronson tagging out to Bear Boulder, who threw Morales across the entire ring.

Valenzuela came in and delivered a flurry of forearm strikes to Boulder, but Bronson came in and changed the odds yet again. Valenzuela was taken out by a double facebuster, which meant that Morales was solely on the receiving end of the Savages’ running double cannonball which ultimately spelled defeat for Morales.

Dante Martin & Matt Sydal defeated The WorkHorsemen

This came out of last week's Dark when Sydal defeated Drake. Drake and Anthony Henry then attacked Sydal before Martin ran out for the save and then challenged the two to a match.

This match was chaos from the beginning with both teams spilling to the outside. Martin avoided JD Drake’s signature rebound clothesline and turned it into a tornado dive onto both of the WorkHorsemen.

The match eventually resumed in the ring with Sydal being the target of Drake and Henry. Both men took turns wearing down Sydal with Henry more focusing on submissions. When Sydal got an opportunity for a tag, Henry was right there at ringside to pull Martin off the apron and spike him with a piledriver on the floor.

When The WorkHorsemen attempted to do a double team move, Sydal escaped their grip and made the hot tag to Martin. Martin exploded off of the ropes and immediately took out both Drake and Henry with a crossbody. 

Martin’s momentum didn’t last for too long as The WorkHorsemen began to work in stereo again. Henry hit his signature running knee strike in the corner but when Drake when up for the moonsault, Sydal sprung out of nowhere and took out both men. Sydal then planted Drake with a roundhouse kick before Martin a Nosedive for the victory to end this week's show.