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AEW Dark results: Dante Martin vs. Jack Evans

Eleven matches took place on this week's episode of Dark.

It’s Tuesday and you know what that means: an eleven-match AEW Dark taped in The All Elite Zone at Universal Studios. As usual, Taz and Excalibur were on the call.

Lee Johnson defeated Darian Bengston

Bengston and Johnson were pretty much equal in terms of speed and things were pretty much a tie between both wrestlers. Bengston tried to go for a moonsault but failed to hit his target. Johnson then connected with theFisherman’s Buster for the win. Johnson was able to pick up his first win of 2022 in AEW and his record is now 1-1.

Sonny Kiss defeated Ashton Starr

Sonny started the match with a very impressive hurracarrana and Starr, not wanting to be outclassed, pulled off a great tilt a whirl backbreaker. Sonny Kiss with a Gamengiri was able to pick the win. His record is 2-1 in 2022 following this match.

The Acclaimed defeated B. Jack & Donovan Izzolena

This match was the AEW debut of Jack and Izzolena. Squash match, Max Caster with a Mic Drop to Izzolena and Bowens covered to improve their overall tag team record to 34-8.

Marina Shafir defeated Danielle Kamela

This match was the AEW debut of Kamela. Kamela worked Shafir’s left arm and shoulder for a good portion of the match. Shafir followed it up with a brutal bow and arrow to Kamela’s lower back. Shafir with a modified gogoplata won this match by submission and improved her 2022 record to 3-0, remaining undefeated.

Dante Martin defeated Jack Evans (w/ Jora Johl & Angelico)

This match had a very hot start. Martin tried to go for his usual high-flying stuff, but Evan’s experience helped him anticipate and counter any move from Martin. Evans used some llaveo (grappling) on this match to try to ground Martin, all while Johl and Angelico helped him from ringside. Evans worked most of the match on Martin’s chest with kicks and chops. Evans during the match pulled off a Suicidal Rider kick, a staple from The Great Sasuke. Dante Martin connected with an outside tornillo and the nosedive, and he was able to win this match and improve his overall record to 42-20.

Abadon defeated Sahara Seven

Sahara Seven dropped the biggest scream someone has never done during a match with Abadon, and it was pretty funny. This was basically a squash match. Abadon was able to win this match with a leg hook stomp and Abadon’s record is now 28-3.

Diamante defeated Vipress

Short match, Diamante with Code Red won this match, and her overall record is 35-19.

Kiera Hogan defeated Kelsey Raegan

This was the AEW debut of Kelsey Raegan. Hogan with several dropkicks during the match was able to keep Raegan at bay. A superkick by Hogan was able to end the match and improve her record to 5-1.

Daniel Garcia (w/ 2point0) defeated Josh Woods

Two technical wrestlers going at it. Woods worked Garcia’s left arm, all while using his size to take control of the match. Garica slowly took Woods down and took control of the match with his grappling. Garcia got a near fall with a stacked Saito suplex. Garcia tried to go for a Scorpion Deathlock, but Woods was able to counter into a small package. Garcia with a Gotch-style piledriver was able to win the match and his record is now 18-15.

Shawn Dean defeated Will Austin

Dean before this match talked about the upcoming Who We Are album and his track. Dean tried to go for a suicide dive but Austin connected with a kick and was able to stop Dean. However, Dean came back with a combination of a frog splash and The Deal was able to score the win. His record is now 3-0 in 2022.

Orange Cassidy & Wheeler Yuta defeated Aaron Solo & Nick Comoroto (w/ QT Marshall)

Wheeler Yuta made the mistake of trying to overpower Nick Comoroto and paid big time for that mistake. Comoroto took Cassidy’s sunglasses off him with a kick, Cassidy was able to get them back and put them back on. Marshall intervened in favor of Solo and Comoroto during this match and was later sent to the back by referee Bryce Remsburg. This match had all the comedy bits we are used to in Orange Cassidy’s matches. An Orange Punch and a German Suplex from Yuta on Solo was all Cassidy and Yuta needed to win.

Final Thoughts:

Taz and Excalibur were fun to listen to as usual, especially anything regarding Taz and his hatred of Bryce Remsburg. The Wingmen had a fun backstage promo segment talking about fashion and spring. Dante Martin vs. Jack Evans the highlight of the show, but I would also recommend watching Garcia vs. Woods and the main event.