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AEW Dark results: Dante Martin vs. QT Marshall

Tuesday's seven-match lineup also included Hikaru Shida, Best Friends, and Willow Nightingale.

This week's AEW Dark debuted early due to AEW Dynamite airing live Tuesday, taped last week in Toronto, Canada, prior to Rampage.

Hikaru Shida defeated Vanessa Kraven

Kraven outpowered Shida from the get go, backing her into the corner and delivering a few blows to the body. The match poured to the outside where Shida attempted her signature running knee strike with the chair assist, but Kraven caught her in mid-air and dropped her on the apron.

As the match made it back in the ring, Shida began to fight back by using her striking abilities. She then delivered a running knee strike to Kraven for the win ahead of her challenge of interim AEW Women's Champion Toni Storm Tuesday.

Dark Order (Evil Uno, John Silver, Alex Reynolds & 10) defeated Tyler Tirva, Shayne Hawke, Zak Patterson & Jordano

Reynolds was on the attack early on, delivering a flurry of strikes to Patterson before tagging out to Silver. Hawke was in next along with 10, but he was flattened instantly. Tirva was next up and got stomped on by Evil Uno for his trouble. Uno followed that up with a suplex on Hawke as the Dark Order was in full control.

Hawke remained the focus for Dark Order as Silver caved in his chest with a few kicks. Jordano came in and threw Silver around for a minute before Uno came back in and delivered a boot. Uno then went to the top rope and hit a senton on Jordano, but he failed to make the pin.

Hawke took advantage and came back in, but Silver and Reynolds were waiting in the wings, hitting him with their array of double team maneuvers. Evil Uno followed up with a rotating face slam for the victory.

Eddie Kingston & Ortiz defeated Mo Jabari & Jake O'Reilly

Ortiz wasted no time early, hitting Jabari with a gutwrench suplex before clawing his back. Kingston came in shortly after and blasted Jabari with a few of his signature chops that echoed throughout the arena.

O'Reilly entered and Kingston began chopping him instantly. Kingston then positioned him over his knee, allowing Ortiz to come off the top rope with a leg drop. Moments later, Ortiz hit O'Reilly with a fisherman's suplex which got his team the win.

Best Friends (AEW All-Atlantic Champion Orange Cassidy, Chuck Taylor & Trent Beretta) defeated Kobe Durst, Steven Mainz & Jessie V

Beretta took down Durst with a side headlock to start. After nailing Durst with a elbow, Taylor came in and had a small sequence with Mainz, which resulted in Beretta getting back in the match and nailing Jessie V with a half and half suplex.

Cassidy entered and delivered three Orange Punches immediately with Mainz being the recipient of the final one. Moments later, Cassidy pinned Mainz for the win. They challenge Death Triangle for the AEW Trios titles Tuesday night.

 Ari Daivari (w/ Sonny Kiss) defeated Brandon Cutler

Daivari nailed Cutler with a flurry of kicks as the bell rang. Cutler fought back and hit a rolling splash for a two count. Cutler, who was playing up to the crowd, got sent to the outside by Daivari, which allowed Kiss to cave his head in with a roundhouse kick. Daivari continued to beat down Cutler until Cutler made his comeback, which included a dab elbow drop for a near fall.

In the final moments, Cutler went to the top rope. When Kiss tried to knock him down, Cutler sprayed Kiss in the face with the cold spray. While the referee was distracted, Daivari smashed Cutler in the head with the can before nailing him with a stiff arm clothesline for the win.

Daivari cut a promo after the match and claimed that he was going to take the FTW Championship from Hook personally. The champion then came out, walked around the ring, and then walked backstage. They square off for the title Friday on Rampage.

Willow Nightingale defeated Seleziya Sparx

Nightingale hit a diving crossbody moments after the bell rang for a near fall. Sparx tried to fight back with a few stiff strikes, but Nightingale planted her with a spinebuster, much to the pleasure of the crowd. Moments later, she hit a doctor bomb for the win.

Dante Martin defeated QT Marshall

Marshall picked up Martin and slammed him down with ease as the bout began. Marshall eventually rolled to the outside, grabbed a mic, and told the crowd that they'll never get to see him wrestle again.

Marshall rolled back in the ring and applied a headlock, but Martin fought out of it with his acrobatics. Martin continued the good fight and nailed Marshall with a rotating slam to the mat for a near fall. Marshall then took back control and tried to position Martin for a avalanche Diamond Cutter, but Martin reversed it into a reverse hurricanrana that sent Marshall rolling to the outside.

Martin followed up with a springboard dive to the outside. When Marshall rolled back in the ring, Martin attempted another springboard move, but Marshall was ready for an attempted diamond cutter. This ultimately failed, causing Marshall to hit the canvas. Moments later, Martin trapped Marshall in a backslide pin for the victory.