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AEW Dark results: JD Drake vs. Matt Sydal

The 11-match lineup also featured Dark Order, The Trustbusters, and Tony Nese & Josh Woods.

This week's AEW Dark was taped at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Dark Order (John Silver & Alex Reynolds) defeated Zuka & Alexander Moss

After Reynolds took down Zuka early with a shoulder tackle, Silver came in a delivered a flapjack followed by him delivering his signature kicks to Zuka's chest. 

Zuka eventually got the upper hand for a moment, allowing him to get the tag to Moss. Reynolds also came in and delivered a rolling elbow to Moss, followed by a double stomp to the back. Moments later, Silver and Reynolds hit their signature stunner/german suplex combo for the victory.

Emi Sakura defeated Avery Breaux

Breaux came out of the gate hot, hitting Sakura with a back elbow. The ball wasn't entirely in her court as the match went on, but Breaux was able to hit a sick cannonball in the corner for a near fall.

Sakura eventually regained the momentum and nailed Breaux with a butterfly suplex. Moments later, Sakura hit a moonsault for the win.

The Trustbusters (Ari Daivari, Slim J & Parker Boudreaux) defeated Marcus Kross, GMK & Mike Magnum

Slim J and Kross started out. After J beat him down, Daivari tagged in and got a near fall. Every member of the opposing team got a few seconds in the match, but GMK was on the receiving end of a Daivari and J-led assisted neckbreaker.

In the final stages, Boudreaux hit a back body slam on Magnum. This was followed by a frog splash and pin from Daivari.

Anthony Ogogo defeated Luke Kurtis

Ogogo attacked Kurtis before the bell, nailing him with a release german suplex. Moments later, Ogogo knocked out Kurtis with his signature pop up right hand.

After the match, he cut a promo about being relegated to wrestling "indie sh*tbags" on Dark for the past fourteen months.

Zack Clayton defeated Vary Morales

Clayton tossed Morales to the mat, but his focus quickly shifted to a fan at ringside who was heckling him. This allowed Morales to hit him from behind, but Clayton ended the match seconds later with a flying neckbreaker. 

Clayton cut a promo afterward and put himself over, while also running down fans.

Marina Shafir defeated La Rosa Negra

Negra matched well with Shafir in the beginning stages, but Shafir gained more of an advantage due to her abundance of aggression. Shafir submitted Negra with a leg/arm-based submission at around the 90-second mark.

Madison Rayne defeated Viva Van

Rayne locked Van in a headlock early, but Van rallied back. At one point, Van trapped Rayne in the corner and delivered a series of forearms. Van's control didn't last long as Rayne delivered a rotating neckbreaker for the victory.

After the bout, Rayne cut a promo about being happy to be in AEW.

KiLynn King defeated Sahara Se7en

Se7en jumped King in the corner as the bell rang. King wasn't affected, delivering a series of brutal chops followed by a short-armed clothesline. Moments later, King hit a pump-handle driver for the win.

Tony Nese & Josh Woods (w/ Mark Sterling) defeated Baliyan Akki & Ryan Matthews

Woods twisted Akki up like a pretzel as the bout began. After toying with him a bit, Nese came in but struggled to keep a hold on Akki. Akki made a hot tag to Matthews who nailed Nese with a few strikes, followed by a float-over pinning attempt. Nese recovered quickly and called Woods in the ring, who helped him hit their assisted neckbreaker finisher for the quick victory.

They face Samoa Joe & TNT Champion Wardlow on AEW Rampage Grand Slam.

Sonny Kiss (w/ The Trustbusters) defeated Joe Ocasio

Ocasio nailed Kiss with a back elbow to start the match. He would follow that up with a running splash for a near fall. Ocasio would fall victim to an eye gouge that gave Kiss an opening to hit a corkscrew kick for the win.

Matt Sydal defeated JD Drake

Sydal and Drake locked up early, but Sydal got the advantage after he kicked out Drake's legs from underneath him. Sydal followed up with a standing corkscrew moonsault for a near fall.

Drake was reeling on the outside when Sydal hit him with a running dropkick. Drake recovered rather quickly and tossed Sydal into the ring ropes before clotheslining him on the rebound. Drake rolled in the ring after this while Sydal attempted to recover on the floor.

As both men recovered in the ring, Drake had full control of the match until he attempted to hit a Vader Bomb. A miss allowed Sydal to capitalize as he hit a series of kicks that slowed Drake down more. Moments later, Sydal hit the lightning spiral for the victory.

After the match, Anthony Henry attacked Sydal and the show ended with The WorkHorsemen standing tall.