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AEW Dark results: Kenny Omega vs. Joey Janela unsanctioned match


The Big News --

- Kenny Omega picked up the win over Joey Janela in the unsanctioned lights out main event.


- The episode started with a pre-show interview where Kenny Omega approached The Young Bucks about why he doesn't have a match on Dynamite. Matt Jackson recommended an enhancement match, so Omega demanded a lights out match with Joey Janela instead. Matt told him to take care of himself.


Kip Sabian defeated Sonny Kiss and Peter Avalon (w/ Leva Bates) in a triple threat match

This was the only pre-show bout, while the other two took place after Dynamite ended. Avalon came out and got cheap heat by dissing the Red Sox and Bruins for their recent losses. The crowd loved Sonny Kiss. Sabian looked at Kiss as if he's never seen anyone like him before.

This was a fun, athletic three-way that did a great job of getting the fans going for the rest of the show. Avalon, who had been flung out of the ring earlier, finally got in and hit a back kick to Kiss and a dropkick to Sabian. Avalon laid in the chops to the pectoral region of Kiss. Sabian hurt his finger as he hit Avalon with a cannonball senton splash.

Kiss hit a double STO and got a near fall on Avalon. Avalon got a near fall on Kiss when Bates hit him with a book, but Sabian pinned Avalon after Deathly Hollows.


The Hybrid Two (Jack Evans & Angelico) & The Dark Order (Evil Uno & Stu Grayson) defeated CIMA & SoCal Uncensored (Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian & Scorpio Sky)

Evans grabbed an SCU sign out of the crowd, brought it into the ring, and then flung it into the crowd. Not seen was that a fan grabbed it out of the air with one hand, which, if you watch, is why the fans cheered a few seconds after he did it.

It was hard getting the crowd into it, as this was hour three of the show. Daniels worked well with Grayson and it quickly broke down into an eight-way, but like in all good matches, the eight-way free for all broke down into a tag team match.

The heels got the heat on Daniels. Daniels laid out Evans with a sit-out powerbomb and made the hot tag to Kazarian. He ran wild on the heels, which included jumping over the top rope with a hurricanrana to Grayson, who gave a spear to Evil Uno. Sky hit a pair of dives onto the foes.

Everyone hit everyone with a big move, including Daniels hitting Evil Uno with Angel's Wings. The finish saw Uno distract the referee, with The Hybrid Two hitting a double low kick to Sky and Evans pinning him with a backslide.

This is SCU's first loss.


- We had a segment where Cody Rhodes interviewed referee Aubrey Edwards.

Edwards said she's only been doing this for two years. She first thought this could be her career when she did the Mae Young Classic. WWE eventually told her she wasn't needed, which made her feel undesirable. She realized what she could be doing different and the sky is the limit. She said if she had to stop refereeing tomorrow, she'd have left a happy person.


- Next up was highlights of the Private Party-Young Bucks Tag Team title tournament match and then the post-main event angle from Dynamite.


Kenny Omega defeated Joey Janela in an unsanctioned lights out match

Even though Omega won this bout, it does not go towards his win/loss record since it's an unsanctioned match, so he technically still has only one singles win in AEW.

To the shock of the fans -- despite the unsanctioned stipulation -- this match was an epic catch-as-catch-can bout as both men pulled out technical skills unseen on American television since the ECW Guerrero-Malenko classics in 1995.

Of course, I am completely full of it.

Janela quickly threw a chair at Omega's face ala Sabu and filled the ring with chairs. Omega did a dive out of the ring and smashed his legs on the guardrail. Both the referee and the doctor at ringside checked on him. With a ladder already pulled out as well, Omega pulled out a table and hit Janela with a missile dropkick to the back. Omega hit a dragon suplex on the ring apron, which is the hardest part of the ring. He teased a One Winged Angel off the ring steps, but Janela fell behind and hit a snap German suplex off the steps.

Janela propped a table upside down between the steps and the ring and a ladder propped up in the corner of the ring. Omega got thrown multiple times into the ladder, including taking a German suplex into it.

Janela countered a V-Trigger with a clothesline. Janela hit a superplex that did not look very pretty. Omega blocked a side Russian leg sweep off the apron, which caused Janela to fall flat on the ground, which would have happened even if he hit it.

Jim Ross randomly mentioned that after production moves in, usually tickets become available even for a sold out show, which, true story, is how I bought my ticket for this Dynamite episode.

Janela set Omega up on a table and he climbed to the top of the ladder. Unfortunately, he went for everything and got nothing, as Omega moved out of the way and Janela went crashing through a table with a frog splash. Omega hit a Lo-Down for a two count.

Omega finally hit a V-Trigger, turned Janela ass over teakettle with a clothesline, and used the Death Rider for a two count. The crowd didn't pick up on Omega using Jon Moxley's move, but JR and Excalibur did. Janela side stepped an Omega charge and sent the Best Bout Machine crashing through the table set up outside earlier.

Janela set up four chairs back-to-back in the ring and that was his bitter end, as Omega slammed him off the top rope on top of those chairs, then nailed the V-Trigger and a One Winged Angel on a chair for the win.

So, Omega is back to his winning ways and that will do it for this week. As for the YouTube audience, it grew throughout the show, starting at 11,227 viewers and reached a peak of 31,572 for the climax of the main event.

Thank you all for reading and I'll see you again next week!