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AEW Dark results: Penta El Zero Miedo vs. Wheeler Yuta


This week's seven-match AEW Dark from Washington, DC, was headlined by a clash between Wheeler Yuta from Best Friends and Penta El Zero Miedo of Lucha Bros.

The Bunny (w/ The Blade) defeated Erica Leigh

The Bunny slung Leigh by her hair around the ring a few times before focusing on some knee-based offense. Leigh tried to reverse a few of Bunny's moves, but ultimately fell to The Rabbit Hole which got her the three count.

2point0 & Daniel Garcia defeated Pat Brink, Rayo and Kekoa

Garcia and 2point0 jumped their opposition before the bell, which gave them a running start. Once the bell rang, it was unclear who the legal man was but it didn't matter as Garcia tapped out Rayo with a sharpshooter very quickly.

2point0 then cut a promo running down the Inner Circle, citing that their days are numbered. 

Lance Archer defeated Joe Keys

Keys dodged an Archer clothesline when he hit the ring, but immediately ate one shortly after. Archer took the bout to ringside and choked Keys on the barricade before tossing him back in the ring. Keys went to the second turnbuckle in an attempt to create some offense, but was on the receiving end of a Blackout that got Archer another win.

Leyla Hirsch defeated Janai Kai

Hirsch nailed Kai with a running knee before submitting her with the Legit Lock.

Gunn Club and The Acclaimed defeated Dark Order (Evil Uno, Alex Reynolds, Alan “5” Angels and 10)

Uno and Bowens began the match before tags began to increase with Dark Order maintaining control. Eventually, Max Caster took an opportunity and pulled Alex Reynolds off the apron, sending him crashing face first to the floor. 

Reynolds became a point of isolation for the heels, but that didn't last for long when 10 got the hot tag. He came in and cleaned house, sending both members of The Acclaimed over the top rope with a double clothesline. 

He tagged out to Angels, who hit a frog splash on Colten Gunn that resulted in a near fall. Austin Gunn came in and broke up the pin before helping Colten up. The pair hit a assisted floatover neckbreaker on Angels which gave him the win.

Penta El Zero Miedo defeated Wheeler Yuta (w/ Chuck Taylor & Kris Statlander) 

Yuta forced Penta to the mat early, applying a various amount of holds before Penta made it back to his feet. Penta applied a leglock of his own before Yuta escaped, leaving them at a stalemate.

Yuta began to mount some offense, sending Penta to the outside. When Yuta attempted a dive, Penta blocked it with a kick to the head. Penta got in the ring with the momentum and attempted a dive of his own, but Yuta blocked it at the last second with a forearm strike.

As the match went on, there was no dominance from either competitor as they traded multiple maneuvers back and forth. Penta attempted to put away Yuta with a rotating driver, but Yuta surprisingly powered out at two. Penta motioned to drill Yuta with a hanging DDT on the arena floor before hitting his signature package piledriver in the middle of the ring to successfully put away Yuta.

Jungle Boy (w/ Luchasaurus) defeated Nick Comoroto (w/ QT Marshall & Aaron Solo)

Comoroto was in the driver's seat early on, working down one half of the AEW Tag Team Champions with slow-paced offense. The other members of The Factory made attempts to get involved, but Luchasaurus took care of them easily. Jungle Boy regained control of the bout after diving onto Comoroto at ringside.

Comoroto tried to fight back against a energized Jungle Boy once they made it back in the ring, but his efforts went unnoticed. Jungle Boy hit a teardrop brainbuster on Comoroto shortly after for a two count. 

The crowd was fully behind Jungle Boy at this point as he transitioned the failed pinfall into a snare trap which made Comoroto submit.