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AEW Dark results: Rey Fenix vs. AR Fox, Toni Storm vs. Diamante

Orange Cassidy & Best Friends were also in action this week.

This week's AEW Dark matches were taped last Friday at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Connecticut.

Danhausen defeated Jon Cruz

Danhausen clotheslined Cruz and trapped him in the corner with boots as the match began. Cruz fought back valiantly and got major heat from the crowd for doing so.

Danhausen eventually regained his composure and sent Cruz flying with a floatover german suplex. Moments later, Danhausen hit Cruz with a modified DDT for a quick victory.

The Embassy (Brian Cage & The Gates Of Agony) defeated Fuego Del Sol and Waves & Curls

Kaun and Del Sol started out, but Toa Liona came in shortly after and planted Trayvon Jordan with a belly-to-belly suplex. Liona then tagged out to Cage, who came in and got nailed with a kick to the head from Jaylen Brandyn.

Team Del Sol got some momentum here as Fuego Del Sol came in and attempted a tornado DDT on Cage. It was reversed, allowing Jordan to come back into the match. Moments later, Liona and Kaun helped Cage hit an assisted Liger Bomb on Jordan for the win.

Nyla Rose (w/ Vickie Guerrero) defeated Leva Bates

Rose struck Bates with a knee to the gut as the bell rang. Bates recovered, but got distracted by Guerrero's screaming at ringside. This allowed Rose to spear Bates out of nowhere, followed by a Beast Bomb for a quick win.

Dante Martin defeated Encore

Martin locked Encore in a stand and switch as soon as the bell rang. Encore tried to apply an armbar, but it was quickly flipped inside out. Martin followed up that impressive feat with a kick to the midsection. Martin continued to ramp up the energy as he hit a flying crossbody for a near fall. The match ended shortly after with Martin hitting a half and half uranage for the victory.

Interim AEW Women's Champion Toni Storm defeated Diamante in a non-title match

Storm applied a headlock as the bout kicked off. As the match began to progress, Storm had full control after hitting Diamante with a few strikes and a bulldog. The turn came when Diamante dropkicked Storm out of the ring, allowing her to take control.

Once the match made it back in the ring, Diamante applied a headlock to Storm and tried to wear her down. This would backfire as Storm made her comeback, hitting Diamante with a few variations of suplexes.

As the bout wound down, Storm hit Diamante with a few hip attacks before making her submit with a cloverleaf leglock.

Orange Cassidy & Best Friends (Trent Beretta & Chuck Taylor) defeated The Trustbusters (Ari Daivari & Sonny Kiss) & Tony Deppen

Cassidy outclassed Daivari early on, wrestling circles around him until Deppen tagged himself in. He stomped on the midsection of Cassidy, which prompted Beretta to come in off the tag.

Beretta nailed Deppen with a kick to the head before tagging out to Taylor, who helped Beretta hit a delayed suplex for a near fall. After some commotion between both teams, Cassidy made his way back in the match and started facing off against Kiss. Kiss had Cassidy on the ropes for a moment before the match broke down again.

In the closing stretch, Deppen and Cassidy went at it. Beretta and Taylor helped soften him up before helping Cassidy hit a double chokeslam power bomb combo for the win.

Kip Sabian defeated Dean Alexander

Sabian and Alexander went straight into a fast-paced sequence as the bell rang, but Sabian got the upper hand after cracking Alexander with a kick to the head. This was followed up by a cannonball in the corner. Moments later, Sabian hit his signature brainbuster off the ropes for the victory.

Marina Shafir defeated Kennedi Copeland

Shafir nailed Copeland with a kick to the face as the bell rang. Moments later, Shafir defeated Copeland after submitting her with a guillotine. She will challenge TBS Champion Jade Cargill for the title Wednesday.

Rey Fenix defeated AR Fox

This was insanely paced from the very beginning. Fenix and Fox exchanged a few running maneuvers, but neither man came out on top. Fenix seemingly took control after wringing Fox’s neck with a neckbreaker, but Fox eventually got back into the thick of things by hitting a high dive on the outside of the ring.

Fox followed up with more offense, hitting a twisting brainbuster for a near fall. Both men positioned themselves on the top rope where Fox hit a springboard spanish fly on Fenix. Fox followed up with a 450 splash for another near fall.

As the match wound down, Fenix hit a rotating muscle buster on Fox to secure the win.