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AEW Dark results: Rush vs. Blake Christian, Dante Martin vs. AR Fox

Tuesday's 13-match lineup also included The Trustbusters, Julia Hart, John Silver and more.

This week's AEW Dark action was taped earlier this month at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

John Silver defeated Serpentico (w/ Luther)

Silver nailed Serpentico with a takedown before following it up with a perfect dropkick. Silver proceeded to begin tossing "Snakeman" around the ring, going pillar to post. This prompted Luther to get involved verbally with Silver, allowing Serpentico a moment to catch his breath and nail Silver with a superkick.

The match went on and Serpentico didn't maintain control for long, as Silver would begin to gain momentum after nailing a few of his signature kicks. Moments later, Silver defeated Serpentico after hitting him with a doctor bomb.

Silver now prepares for Friday's Trios title tourney semifinal match alongside Alex Reynolds & 10 against Best Friends.

Diamante defeated Charlette Renegade (w/ Robyn Renegade)

Diamante nailed Renegade with a few arm drags as the bout began. She remained in control in the moments following, hitting a dropkick to the neck. 

The match shifted when Robyn snuck in a cheap shot on Diamante, which allowed Charlette to get in some of her signature offense. When Robyn tried to cheap shot Diamante again, she accidentally struck Charlette. Diamante took advantage by hitting a code red for the victory.

Angelo Parker (w/ Matt Menard) defeated Gus De La Vega

Parker hit an elevated DDT on Vega for a very quick victory. He is expected to challenge FTW Champion Hook next, possibly as early as this week or weekend.

Later, Parker and Menard cut a promo backstage about Hook, essentially calling him a pretty boy while threatening to steal his hair gel from his locker room bag. This was absolutely phenomenal.

Kiera Hogan defeated Mylo

Mylo applied a headlock to Hogan early and kept it cinched in for a few seconds before Hogan fought out of it and slammed her to the mat. In the moments following, Hogan nailed Mylo with a few kicks and chops in the corner. 

Hogan would go on to end things with a great roundhouse kick for the pin.

The Trustbusters (Ari Daivari, Parker Boudreaux & Slim J) (w/ Sonny Kiss) defeated Logan Cruz, Tyshaun Perez & Hermano

Slim J destroyed Perez early on, nailing him with a series of stiff clotheslines. Cruz came in next, as did Boudreaux. Boudreaux pulled in Perez and Hermano and hit all three of them with a corner splash. Moments later, Boudreaux hit Perez with a back body drop for the win.

Julia Hart defeated Vicky Dreamboat

Hart nailed Dreamboat with a nasty back elbow as the match began. Moments later, Dreamboat was thrown headfirst into the turnbuckle. After some more offense, Hart submitted Dreamboat with her now-signature Hartless submission.

Kayla Rossi (w/ Diamond Sheik) defeated Vipress

Rossi wrecked Vipress with a powerful lariat to kick things off. Moments later, Rossi hit a fallaway slam/moonsault combination for the victory.

Varsity Blonds defeated Rosario Grillo & Dean Alexander

Brian Pillman Jr. and Grillo started out. Grillo tried to escape out of Pillman's arm hold, which worked for a moment, but Pillman quickly regained control. After working down Grillo some more, Griff Garrison entered and hit a great leg drop. Moments later, the Blonds hit their spinebuster/dropkick combo for the victory.

Dante Martin defeated AR Fox

This was the best match of the night to this point and it's not even close.

Martin and Fox countered each other's fast-paced offense as the match began, which ended in both men coming to a stalemate. Fox positioned himself on the apron before slingshotting himself into the ring and hitting a twisting brainbuster on Martin.

Martin fought back with his own suplex as the crowd was as attentive as they have been all night. Martin would follow the suplex up with an kick to the head and a crossbody for a near fall. Fox fought back and hit a jaw-dropping springboard spanish fly, followed by a 450 splash for another near fall.

Martin was able to outsmart Fox's next move and pop himself up for a Nosedive which scored him the victory.

Brock Anderson (w/ Arn Anderson) defeated Tyson Maddux

Anderson worked down Maddux early on, targeting his arm. Anderson decided to make quick work of Maddux shortly after, hitting him with a spinebuster for the win.

The WorkHorsemen defeated Oliver Sawyer & Manny Lo

Lo was on the receiving end of multiple chops from JD Drake before Henry came in and delivered a kick that made the entire arena gasp. Sawyer came in moments later and ate a moonsault from Drake, which gave the WorkHorsemen the victory.

After the match, Drake and Anthony Henry cut a great promo and addressed Drake leaving The Wingmen.

Leila Grey defeated Renee Michelle

Michelle started off with aggression, but it backfired as Grey was able to wear her down more easily. Grey responded with a good suplex, but Michelle kicked out. Michelle then hit a top rope dropkick, which Grey kicked out of at the last second. Moments later, Grey hit Michelle with a facebuster for the win.

Rush defeated Blake Christian

Christian took it to Rush early on, hitting a pair of hurricanrana before failing to hit a out of the ring dropkick after Rush moved out of the way. Rush would take control of the match, throwing Christian into the barricade on multiple occasions. 

He then tossed Christian back in the ring and began to work him down. Christian was eventually able to sneak in a tiger feint kick, followed by a shotgun dropkick that sent Rush back to the outside of the ring.

When the match made it back in the ring, Christian attempted a 450 Splash, but Rush got up at the last second and clocked "All Heart" with a nasty-looking headbutt. He followed that up with his signature running dropkick finisher for the win.