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AEW Dark results: Wheeler Yuta vs. Josh Woods ROH Pure title rematch

The NJPW LA Dojo also took on The Factory Tuesday.

Matches for this week's AEW Dark were taped at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

Max Caster defeated Tyler Uriah

Caster took down Uriah with a deep armdrag after running the ropes for a few moments. After that, Caster slowly worked down Uriah with a series of strikes and takedowns. After Uriah failed to fight back, Caster finished him off with an impressive jumping double stomp.

Marina Shafir defeated Layna Lennox

Lennox fought out of Shafir's tough offense early on and was even able to nail a float-over neckbreaker. Lennox had Shafir reeling until Shafir drove her head first into the middle turnbuckle.

Shafir finished Lennox shortly after with a pump handle slam, followed by a leg clutch submission that forced Lennox to submit.

Bear Country defeated The WorkHorsemen

This match was a lot of fun.

Bear Bronson and Anthony Henry started off with Henry delivering his signature kicks to the midsection as Bronson was asking for more. Bronson retaliated with a couple of strikes to Henry's dome.

Bear Boulder and JD Drake came in after and began to tee off on each other. This didn't last for long as Henry and Drake began to exchange tags in an effort to isolate Bronson. Drake delivered some impressive moves during this sequence including a senton.

The match began to come to a close when Henry and Drake were stacked in the corner, allowing Bear Country to deliver running cannonballs to their opponents. Shortly after, Boulder lifted Bronson on his shoulders and delivered the Bear Bomb on Henry to score the win.

Emi Sakura defeated Devlyn Macabre

Sakura trapped Macabre in the corner and delivered kicks to her face. Aside from a few moments where Macabre had a glimpse of offense, Sakura dominated until she began her chop spot in the corner while the crowd clapped along.

Shortly after, Sakura finished Macabre with a tiger driver for the victory.

Trent Beretta defeated Ryan Nemeth

Nemeth was on the attack early on, taking the fight to the outside and slamming Beretta's face into the stage. Nemeth was pretty hyped about the good start and began showboating, but that would cost him as Beretta jumped up and nailed him with a running boot to the face for the quick victory.

After the bout, Peter Avalon hit the ring and tried to take out Trent, but it wasn't successful as Rocky Romero came down and chased Nemeth and Avalon off.

Skye Blue defeated Amber Nova

Nova put her shirt in Blue's face as the bell rang, allowing her to take advantage. Nova was very cocky after the fact which cost her as Blue regained position with a superkick and a flatliner which gave her the victory.

Tony Schiavone interviewed Blue after the match who expressed gratitude about growing in her role with the company during the past few months.

L.A Dojo (Alex Coughlin, Clark Connors, Karl Fredericks, Yuya Uemura & Kevin Knight) defeated The Factory (QT Marshall, Aaron Solo, Nick Comoroto, Brick Aldridge & Blake Li) 

This was a lot of fun despite being messy at certain points.

Clarks and Li were supposed to start off, but all ten men involved got in the ring and began brawling. After the dust settled, Li and Knight were the legal men. Li gained an advantage and began working down Knight as he also recruited his Factory teammates to tag in and out to soften Knight up.

When Knight inevitably made the hot tag, Fredericks came in and cleared out The Factory's side of the apron. Comoroto was the first guy back in, allowing him to nail Fredericks with a great combination of strikes. Coughlin came in and fared better against Comoroto as the two had a 30 second back and forth full of various strikes.

Coughlin delivered a delay suplex to Comoroto which got a great reaction from the crowd. The match broke down again at this point with guys coming in and out consistently. When Fredericks attempted a dive to the outside on nearly all of The Factory, he clipped the top rope and landed on the apron in a scary manner. Coughlin lifted up Aldridge shortly after and Knight came out of nowhere with a shotgun dropkick while Aldridge was in the air. Shortly after, Knight pinned him for the win.

ROH Pure Champion Wheeler Yuta defeated Josh Woods to retain the title

This was pretty fantastic and the best match on the show by far. Woods is the former Pure Champion that Yuta beat to win the title at April's Supercard of Honor.

Yuta and Woods shook hands before the bout.

Both guys struggled to gain the upper hand in the opening stages. Woods trapped Yuta in a headlock and forced him to use his first rope break. After the fact, Woods began to heavily target the hamstring of Yuta after kicking it while it was trapped in the ropes.

Yuta got so frustrated that he ended up using a closed fist strike for which he was given a warning by referee Paul Turner. Yuta then unleashed a series of palm strikes followed by an jumping kick to the head. After that, both guys rolled to the outside. Yuta got on the stage and jumped onto Woods. Right before the 20 count, both rolled back in the ring to save the match.

Both Woods and Yuta were out of it at this point. Woods tried to lock in his signature ankle lock, but Yuta used his second rope break. Woods motioned to lock the submission right back in, but Yuta used his third rope break. Woods applied the hold for a third time, prompting Yuta to crawl out of the ring with the submission applied.

The final stages of the match saw both guys exchange stack-up pins with Yuta coming out on top after locking his legs on top of Woods' legs.

After the match, Yuta cut a promo citing that his work has just begun as ROH Pure Champion.

Swerve Strickland & Keith Lee defeated Chaos Project

Strickland and Luther started with the latter reluctant to do any real offense, so Serpentico came in. Serpentico went face-to-face with Lee and after attempting to chop him, he tagged out to Luther.

Lee bulldozed Luther with a shoulderblock. Luther wasn't having any of it as he quickly tagged back out to Serpentico. Shortly after, Lee lifted up Serpentico on his shoulders, allowing Strickland to dive onto him with a double foot stomp for the victory.