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AEW Dark results: Wheeler Yuta vs. Tony Nese ROH Pure title match

Tuesday's nine-match lineup also included Athena, Matt Sydal, and Dante Martin.

This week's AEW Dark matches were taped at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, and featured the AEW debut of Caleb Konley in addition to the return of Jake Something.

Willow Nightingale defeated Ashley D'Amboise

Nightingale's energy radiated through the building for the opening bout. D'Amboise was overwhelmed with her offense at first, taking a few strikes before being struck with a running cannonball in the corner. Moments later, Nightingale planted her with a doctor bomb for the win.

The Factory (Aaron Solo & Nick Comoroto) (w/ QT Marshall) defeated Knull & Matt Vandagriff

Solo and Vandagriff started off, but Solo didn't last long before he tagged out to Comoroto who toyed with his opponent before tagging back out to Solo. This bout wasn't taken seriously by The Factory until Knull tagged in. 

Knull delivered a body splash in the corner to Comoroto and even had him reeling for a few moments. Knull's size matched Comoroto and that was working for him until Comoroto put him down with a very impressive Alabama Slam for the win.

Matt Sydal defeated Jake Something

Something went right after Sydal, but Sydal evaded him with a signature combination of agility and speed. The former Impact wrestler continued to string any type of offense together, but failed as Sydal dodged everything that was thrown at him.

After nailing a few kicks and even taking Something off his feet, Sydal trapped Something in a roll-up after a hurricanrana for the surprise win.

Athena defeated Amber Nova

Nova tried to come off the middle rope with a crossbody shortly after the bell rang, but Athena caught her and dropped her to the mat. Nova got back up and nailed two consecutive northern lights suplexes, but they only got a one count.

Athena took the bout to the mat seconds later and locked in combination of a hammerlock and a leg lock which made Nova submit almost instantly.

Dante Martin defeated Lucky Ali

This was insanely fast paced from the get-go. Martin and Ali exchanged multiple counters and maneuvers, which included Ali dodging a few pop-up kicks from Martin. Ali got more offense than expected, even hitting a springboard clothesline when the match was at its peak.

Things began to turn in Martin's favor when he delivered a crossbody from the high rent district. He followed that up with the Nosedive for the pin and win.

Julia Hart defeated Valentina Rossi

Hart shoved Rossi to the bout after grabbing a handful of hair. Hart definitely showed more aggression than usual here as she delivered a great running back elbow in the corner. Moments later, Hart tapped Rossi with a armbar stretch for the win.

Fuego Del Sol defeated Marcus Kross

Kross almost scored a surprise win within the first minute after hitting a running crossbody for a near fall. Del Sol regained control after delivering a running knee while Kross was stuck in between the ropes. Del Sol made quick work of Kross after this, delivering a tornado DDT, transitioning to a Hangman's Clutch for the submission victory.

After the bout, QT Marshall came out and offered Del Sol a spot in The Factory. Sol declined, saying that he's headed to the promise land of AEW without Marshall and company.

Dark Order (Evil Uno & 10) defeated The Wingmen (Ryan Nemeth & JD Drake)

Nemeth and 10 started off. 10 delivered a standing suplex to Nemeth, much to the satisfaction of the crowd. Uno came in shortly after, but Nemeth was able to work his way around Uno and tag in Drake.

Drake and Nemeth continuously tagged in and out to work down Uno, specifically just trying to wear him out. 10 eventually got the hot tag and took out Drake with a diving shoulderblock before taking out Nemeth with his signature spinebuster.

Drake disposed 10 out of the ring before he could make a cover, which allowed Nemeth to take out Uno with a neckbreaker. Drake followed that up with a moonsault for a near fall. After that pin attempt, Drake and Uno spilled to the outside while 10 hit a discus lariat on Nemeth in the ring for the win.

After the bout, the remaining members of The Wingmen came out and began beating up Uno and 10. This prompted Silver and Reynolds to hit the ring for the save.

Ariya Daivari defeated Caleb Konley

Daivari and Konley went at it early, dodging each other's moves in rapid succession. Konley delivered a leaping double stomp to Konley to get the advantage for only moments as Daivari sent Konley crashing into the turnbuckle moments later.

Konley would deliver valiant attempts at getting back in the match, but nothing really lasted as Daivari eventually hit his signature frog splash to win the bout.

Wheeler Yuta defeated Tony Nese (w/ "Smart" Mark Sterling) to retain the ROH Pure Championship

This was far and away the best match on the show, and, frankly, the only match that had any substance to it.

This bout was contested under Pure rules.

Yuta dodged a Nese running attack and delivered a powerslam to start the match. When Nese began to make his way back to his feet, Yuta delivered an open palm strike but Sterling claimed it was a closed fist. This led to an opening for Nese to strike Yuta with a closed fist himself, but referee Mike Posey was distracted and didn't see it. 

Nese took advantage and began to work down the midsection of Yuta with a bodyscissors. Yuta used two of his three rope breaks during this time, which put him in prompt danger. As Nese was celebrating this feat, Yuta popped back up and began delivering a flurry of strikes before climbing the top rope and diving onto Nese with an elbow.

Yuta looked to capitalize on his string of offense, but Sterling caught his feet and made him drop to the mat. This lead to Nese attempting a pin, but Yuta's feet were caught in the ropes, meaning his last rope break was used. Yuta then used a closed fist on Nese out of pure frustration, causing Posey to issue him a warning.

Nese locked Yuta in a Boston Crab next, but Yuta used the ropes to flip the hold upside down. Yuta followed that up with a straightjacket crossface which made Nese submit.

After the bout, Daniel Garcia, Matt Menard and Angelo Parker hit the ring and beat up Yuta. Garcia posed over Yuta with the ROH Pure Title to end the show, citing he was going to take Yuta's belt and his honor after Blood & Guts.