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AEW Dynamite live results: Jon Moxley vs. Penta El Zero Miedo World title match

FTR vs. Swerve In Our Glory is also set for tonight's show.

The AEW World Championship is on the line on tonight's Dynamite. 

Jon Moxley will defend the World title against Penta El Zero Miedo in a bout announced this past weekend. 

Also set for the show, FTR's Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler will put their number one contendership on the line against Swerve In Our Glory's Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee. 

In another tag team bout, JAS's Chris Jericho and Daniel Garcia will face Blackpool Combat Club's Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta. 

BCC's Bryan Danielson will be in singles action against JAS's Sammy Guevara. 

In the women's division, Riho will face Jamie Hayter. Riho made a surprise return last week, saving Toni Storm from an attack by Hayter and Rebel.

A promo from MJF has also been announced for the show. MJF is set to challenge for the World title at Full Gear on Saturday, November 19. 


AEW Dynamite opened with Excalibur welcoming us alongside Tony Schiavone & Taz, running down the card for tonight’s show.

Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta defeated ROH World Champion Chris Jericho & ROH Pure Champion Daniel Garcia (w/ Matt Menard, Angelo Parker & Jake Hager)

Lord William Regal joined commentary and compared Excalibur to a crème brulee to keep up the tradition of making Taz feel uncomfortable. The crowd was loudly behind Yuta, who, along with Castagnoli, delivered double anvil elbows to Jericho & Garcia, who were saved by Menard & Parker, who pulled their buddies outside. Back inside, Garcia remained isolated until he kicked free from a giant swing to make the tag to Jericho.

Castagnoli was tripped by Hager right in front of referee Aubrey, who did nothing about it, as Jericho hit a springboard dropkick that sent Castagnoli to the floor. Hager briefly continued his assault on Castagnoli before Jericho took control the entire break, isolating the former ROH Champion. Garcia tried a sleeper, but Castagnoli countered into a suplex and countered a charging Jericho with a pop up uppercut.

Yuta made the hot tag and ran wild sending Garcia to the floor and flattening Jericho with a huge splash and Angle Slam for a near fall. Castagnoli & Yuta used great teamwork until Jericho countered a Castanoli springboard uppercut into a Code Breaker. Yuta wiped out Garcia, Parker & Menard on the floor, as Jericho tried to use Floyd the bat, but was powerbombed by Castagnoli. Jericho was hit with a giant swing while Garcia was in a fireman’s carry position on Castagnoli in an amazing spot. Castagnoli ran wild on everyone outside with uppercuts and finally put away Jericho with a top rope uppercut to pin the ROH Champion clean in a very fun opener.

-Backstage Renee Paquette is with Bryan Danielson who said he is frustrated he lost to Chris Jericho, Daniel Garcia turned on him and Wheeler Yuta talked back to him last week. He realizes people hate Sammy Guevara and he’s going to take all his frustrations out on him tonight. Wheeler Yuta interrupted and said he’s not a kid, he’s a grown ass man, as they started shoving, with Claudio playing peacemaker. Claudio said after Danielson beats Guevara, they will sit down and hash things out like gentlemen.

-There was a video package of highlights of The Elite in AEW with them vanishing after each shot. So it’s only a matter of time before they return to action.


-Tony Schiavone is backstage with the entire Jericho Appreciation Society, who was screaming about their loss. Jericho said he issues an open challenge to any former ROH World Champion next week. Guevara said he’ll beat Bryan Danielson because he’s that damn good. The audio was shaky here, but Jericho blamed Claudio for bringing the bat into the ring, resulting in their loss.

Swerve in Our Glory (Swerve Strickland & Keith Lee) defeated AAA, IWGP & ROH Tag Team Champions FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) to become #1 Contender’s for the AEW Tag Team Championship

Gunn Club is ringside dressed as FTR, mocking them like they’ve been doing in recent weeks, while The Acclaimed and Daddy Ass are seated up at the ramp. Swerve got taken down early by FTR, so he scrambled to tag Lee, who used his size to avoid a Big Rig. An amazing double leapfrog, drop down, double cross body by Lee on both FTR took us into commercial.

I feel bad for Wheeler, who took Keith Lee corner chops, but the viewers at home couldn’t hear the echo they usually have since they were in picture in picture. Wheeler tried a sunset flip, but Lee powered him up into a double overhand chop that crumbled him. Wheeler dodged a Lee splash and backdropped Swerve to make the hot tag to Harwood, who dished out a crazy amount of payback chops on Swerve & Lee.

Lee was sent to the floor, as Swerve & Harwood traded near falls. Swerve slipped off the ropes, but quickly recovered; hit a cross body and Harwood rolled through for a two count. Swerve was ping ponged with a powerbomb into a bridging German suplex by Wheeler for a near fall. Wheeler shot off a series of uppercuts until Swerve vaulted off Harwood, tagged Lee, as they hit a double team on Wheeler and took out Harwood outside. Electric Chair into a powerbomb by Lee & Swerve, but Wheeler kicked out at two.

Wheeler avoided the powerbomb into Swerve Stomp, as Harwood ultimately planted Swerve with a bounce back powerbomb of his own. Wheeler was dropped with a stiff headbutt, as Lee collapsed onto him for a close two. Lee was cut off in the corner by Harwood, who hit a massive superplex, but Wheeler didn’t hit all of the top rope splash, so Lee kicked out of the Power-Plex. Swerve stopped a Big Rig attempt, Wheeler cut off a an assisted powerbomb and FTR hit Big Rig on Lee, but Swerve pulled Harwood out at two.

Swerve sent Wheeler into the Gunn Club ringside, as Harwood rolled up Lee, who kicked out, but as Harwood went into the ropes, Swerve hit a low blow with the ref turned to Lee. The Gunn Club were holding back Wheeler, as Lee put away Harwood with the Ground Zero to win it. Post match, Gunn Club beat down FTR and The Acclaimed made the save. This turned into a really good match, but the finish made the ref look like an idiot, which is something I thought AEW was trying not to do so often.

-Renee Paquette is backstage with Saraya and got out at about two sentences until Britt Baker interrupted and Renee had to put a stop to the scuffle, as Baker just stormed off as quickly as she stormed in.


-Renee Paquette is at the entrance ramp and introduced MJF to a loud ovation. MJF said the devil has arrived and when asked by Renee how he feels if Jon Moxley defends his title tonight against Pentagon. MJF mocks Moxley’s walk and talk, calls him mid and tells Renee to shut her mouth when she said he can’t say stuff like that. MJF said he got a little ahead of himself saying he’d wrestle the entire title match clean, he’s still MJF. He made a promise that he won’t use his Dynamite Diamond ring at Full Gear. He’s fighting everyone who said he wasn’t good enough at Full Gear and will shove it down all their throats when he becomes AEW World Champion. MJF was going to say his tagline until Stokely Hathaway interrupted, but the microphone was slapped out of his hand by MJF. He said if Moxley gets passed Pentagon tonight, The Firm isn’t to lay a hand on him ahead of Full Gear, if they do, Stokely is fired. MJF hit his catchphrase and the crowd chanted along with him.

-Video package is shown promoting Matt Taven vs. Wardlow for the TNT title this Friday on Rampage.

Bryan Danielson defeated Sammy Guevara w/Tay Melo

Lord Regal joins commentary again, as Guevara started quickly with strikes in the corner and double jump cutter for an early two count. Guevara flipped out of a German suplex, did a few leap frogs, but tried one too many and Danielson sank in a Romero Special. Danielson let it go and opted to just pour down strikes. Guevara tried forearms, but Danielson leaned into all of them to absorb each one. While Danielson was wrenching at the wrist of Guevara, Excalibur informed us that Hangman Page is doing better following last week’s injury and will be back as quickly as possible.

Danielson sent Guevara outside, hit a baseball slide, but as he went for a running knee off the apron, Guevara hit a jump knee and huge springboard moonsault off the top to the floor. Guevara kept Danielson grounded during the entire commercial, with Tay Melo even getting in a shot for good measure. Guevara foolishly went for Yes Kicks and just woke up Danielson, who slapped the taste out of Guevara. Danielson did his moonsault out of the corner and charging clothesline.

Danielson backdropped Guevara to the floor and took him out with a dive through the ropes. Shotgun dropkick back inside, but Guevara countered a home run kick into a standing Spanish Fly for two. Guevara took too long on the top, got crotched, but flipped out of a back superplex on his feet. Guevara tried a standing shooting star, but landed right into the LeBell Lock. Danielson went up top, but Guevara popped up for a Spanish Fly for two. Guevara went for GTH, but Danielson countered into a Poison Rana and Busaiku Knee. Danielson poured down stomps onto the face, sank in a triangle choke with elbows delivered as Guevara went out. I enjoyed this match quite a bit, as Guevara had his hope spots, but Blackpool Combat Club go to 2-0 on the night so far.

-Renee Paquette is backstage with Rey Fenix & Alex Abrahantes. They said tonight, Pentagon will be double champion, as Abrahantes said Fenix should become the next All-Atlantic champion. Christian & Luchasaurus interrupt and said his right hand of destruction deserves a shot. Orange Cassidy saunters in and said next week, let’s do this. So I guess he accepted both man's challenge.


Jamie Hayter w/Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. & Rebel defeated Riho

Dueling chants from the crowd, as it was the strength of Hayter vs. the speed of Riho early, as Riho low bridged Hayter and hit a top rope cross body outside, the same thing that happened last week during Riho’s return. Hayter quickly recovered and drove Riho into the side of the ring and guard rail. Hayter hit a series of spinning snap suplexes in the ring and was just manhandling her into picture in picture.

Hayter took the ref, while Baker got in her shots and trash talked Riho on the floor. Back inside, Riho cartwheeled into a dropkick, did a cazadora into a double stomp, which Taz said looked like it hurt like the dickens. Rebel ate a forearm off the apron, but Hayter blocked a Tiger Feint Kick, tried a suplex into the ring, which Riho countered into a Northern Lights for two. Hayter rolled through a top rope cross body into a brainbuster for a very close near fall.

Riho floated over a back suplex into a cross body and popped off a hurricanrana off the second. Baker tripped up Riho with the referee turned, which was enough for Hayter to block a sunset flip, but Riho flew up into a Code Red for two in a really cool moment. Riho missed a top rope double stomp and ran right into a backbreaker from Hayter. Riho spun out of a ripcord into a Dragon Suplex for another close two. Riho again rolled through a ripcord into a roll up, but Hayter popped up, flattened Riho and the third attempt at the ripcord lariat connected to give Riho the win. This was another fun match, but I don’t think the ref distraction again was necessary in yet another match.

Post match, Toni Storm came to the stage, held up her Interim AEW Women’s title and stared down Jamie Hayter, as Britt Baker couldn’t help but look on interested as well.

- Backstage, Renee Paquette, making her fifth appearance tonight, is with Eddie Kingston, asking him about his behavior as of late. Kingston talked through his Colgate smile saying everything is great, but wants to talk about Moxley. Kingston said Pentagon might be his boy, but he thinks Moxley takes this tonight. He shoots another fake smile and then glares at the camera.

Jon Moxley defeated Penta El Zero Miedo w/Alex Abrahantes to retain the AEW World Championship

Excalibur mentioned Penta’s amazing Triplemania mask vs. mask match with Villano IV and said everything Penta put on the line for that showdown. Both men teed off on each other with chops and forearms early until both spun out of the other’s finisher attempts. Penta put a stop to a charging Moxley to do his pose, which Moxley answered by flipping him off. Moxley was sent outside, where Penta hit a somersault dive.

Penta controlled most of the picture in picture, repeatedly slamming Moxley’s head into the steps, while breaking the count. Penta took off his glove to chop Moxley against the post, but Moxley moved and Penta smacked the steel to allow Moxley to take over. That lasted all 5 seconds, as Penta hit a backstabber in the ring for two. Moxley hit a release overhead suplex into the corner off a charging Penta for the double down.

Moxley went for the mask, but both traded boots, resulting in a Penta sling blade. Moxley avoided Fear Factory into a desperation cutter and piledriver for two. Moxley poured down anvil elbows, as Penta escaped a bulldog choke and snapped Moxley’s arm back violently for a near fall. Both men fought to the side of the apron, Penta nearly hit a Destroyer on the steps, which Moxley countered into a DDT. Back in the ring, a King Kong lariat from Moxley got another two.

Penta fought out of the corner, superkicked the leg out from Moxley and hit a double stomp off the top into the Fear Factory for a super close near fall. Penta opted for the pose, as he tried a springboard, but fell into a Paradigm Shift, then Death Rider for the victory in a very good main event.

Post match, The Firm hit the ring, as W. Morrissey, The Gunn’s, Ethan Page & Lee Moriarty laid out Moxley, while Stokely Hathaway walked to the ring. Security ran out and were beaten down by The Firm too, as Alex Marvez is shown backstage at the Blackpool Combat Club locker room, where they are locked inside. Moxley made a brief comeback, but the numbers were too much. MJF hit the ring, told Stokely he was fired and The Firm laid him out as well. Page hit an Ego’s Edge, while Morrissey hit a choke slam through the ring attendant table. The Firm stand tall over both competitors in the Full Gear main event to end the show. I'm very intrigued if this is all in the plan of MJF to make people believe he's actually fired The Firm, I mean, the man calls himself The Devil, so you can't help but be skeptical.

Final Thoughts

This was a very enjoyable episode of Dynamite, with the wrestling action itself being really good tonight. The opener pretty much set the stage for Claudio getting a rematch with Jericho, while I assume Yuta is in line potentially for Garcia again as well. The seeds continued to be planted for Jamie Hayter and Toni Storm, while Swerve in Our Glory get their rubber match with The Acclaimed. I thought Guevara & Danielson and Moxley vs. Penta were excellent and the best on the show, which should surprise no one. My biggest complaint is the amount of times referee’s are distracted or just are oblivious to outside interference. They made a big deal about Paul Turner cracking down a few weeks ago and it seems like it just went out the window.

Friday's updated AEW Rampage lineup:

  • Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta vs. Matt Menard & Angelo Parker
  • Madison Rayne vs. Tay Melo
  • Wardlow defends the TNT Title against Matt Taven

Next week's Dynamite:

  • Darby Allin vs. Jay Lethal, as a video was shown of Darby saying Sting hasn’t been around for a while because Darby said he had to do things on his own. Darby said Lethal had a friend that knew his weakness, so he told Lethal to bring him. Lethal & Dutt said to be careful what he asked for because he just might get it.
  • The Daddy Ass Birthday Bash
  • Orange Cassidy defends the All-Atlantic Title against Luchasaurus and Rey Fenix
  • Renee Paquette has a sit down interview with Saraya & Dr. Britt Baker
  • Chris Jericho defends the ROH World Title against a former ROH World Champion in an open challenge