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AEW Dynamite live results: Jon Moxley vs. Yuji Nagata


Tonight's AEW Dynamite will feature three title matches, plus an AEW World title eliminator bout.

Jon Moxley will defend the IWGP United States Championship against NJPW's Yuji Nagata. The two were on opposite sides of a tag match on last week's NJPW Strong, where Moxley pinned Nagata's partner Ren Narita. Moxley has held the IWGP US title since January 4, 2020.

The Young Bucks will defend the AEW World Tag Team titles against Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian of SCU. If Daniels and Kazarian lose, they will disband as a team.

Darby Allin will defend the TNT Championship against Miro. Allin will have Sting in his corner.

Top-ranked Orange Cassidy will face second-ranked PAC in an AEW World title eliminator match. This will be a rematch from the Revolution PPV in February 2020, a match won by PAC.

Cody Rhodes making an announcement regarding the Double or Nothing PPV on May 30 has been advertised.

Britt Baker, who will challenge for Hikaru Shida's AEW Women's World Championship at Double or Nothing, will take part in a sit-down interview with Jim Ross.

A coronation segment featuring The Pinnacle will be held following their victory in last week's Blood and Guts match, Thunder Rosa will be in action, and a Jade Cargill interview has also been advertised. Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Show Report --

Jon Moxley and Yuji Nagata were shown warming up backstage.

Moxley came out to "Wild Thing" by The Troggs.

IWGP United States Heavyweight Championship: Jon Moxley (c) (w/ Eddie Kingston) defeated Yuji Nagata (w/ Ren Narita)

This was, of course, Nagata's AEW debut. He hadn't appeared on TNT in 23 years.

They immediately exchanged forearms in the center of the ring. Nagata was forced into the corner but landed a knee lift and a boot, sending Moxley to the floor. Rocky Romero was shown in the crowd. Out on the floor, Moxley landed a diving knee and sent Nagata into the barricade.

Back in the ring, Moxley hit a soccer kick and an elbow drop for two. Former IWGP US Champion Lance Archer was shown in the crowd accompanied by Jake Roberts. Moxley hit mid kicks for another two count. He went to the top rope, but Nagata caught Moxley's dive and laid in kicks to the midsection. He caught Moxley with an exploder suplex for a near fall.

Nagata used his misdirection drop kick to take Moxley off his feet. He laid in mid kicks of his own, but Moxley fired up as they exchanged more forearms. Moxley hit a German suplex and a running lariat for two. Nagata powered out of a piledriver attempt and perched Moxley on the top rope, hitting an avalanche exploder and a mid kick for a close two.

Moxley turned it around by applying a rear naked choke, but Nagata escaped into the Shirome armbar. We saw the whites of Nagata's eyes, but Moxley was able to reach the ropes. They traded strikes, Nagata hit an enziguiri, but Moxley came back with a sliding lariat and went for the Bulldog Choke. Moxley was cut open under his eye.

Repeated knee strikes and the Paradigm Shift were enough for Moxley to pin Nagata and retain the title.

– After the match, both Moxley and Nagata bowed and showed respect to each other.


Ortiz, Jake Hager, and Sammy Guevara were interviewed about Blood & Guts. Ortiz admitted the Pinnacle won, but MJF showed his true colors. He said Santana was "arrested and detained" for his use of a fork. Hager wants another match. Guevara said tonight's "Pinnacle Coronation" would become a "funeral." 


Cody Rhodes' Double or Nothing Announcement

This was baffling. "USA vs. the World" stuff just does not work in 2021.

Cody discussed some of the classic patriotic conventions about being "proud to be an American," prompting a "U-S-A!" chant. He talked about Anthony Ogogo talking down on the United States, bringing up that Ogogo makes his money in America and is afforded the same rights as others. He said "You didn't come here to live the 'England' Dream."

He broght up that Bruno Sammartino was an Italian-American immigrant as well as that Shad Khan is an immigrant. He got emotional as he talked about how 60 years ago, America was segregated, but soon, his wife Brandi will give birth to a beautiful baby with both white and black identities.

Cody announced that Anthony Ogogo will be wrestling at Double or Nothing, but it won't be the American Nightmare who faces him. It will be Ogogo vs. "The American Dream" Cody Rhodes.


A video promo played where SCU talked about how they don't like the Young Bucks' attitude recently. All that's left is for them to beat the Bucks up. They brought up their "break up when we lose" ultimatum, saying it's put them at the top of their game. They're willing to go far to get what they want.

Don Callis joined commentary for the match. The Bucks were accompanied by the Good Brothers.

AEW World Tag Team Championship: Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) (c) defeated SCU (Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian)

If SCU loses, they must never team again.

The match was heated from the start as Kazarian and Nick exchanged slaps. Nick tried to bait Kazarian into an attack, but Kazarian didn't fall for it as he and Daniels worked together to dispatch the Bucks with double teams. A leg drop from Kazarian got two. SCU was firmly in control, beating down Nick, until Matt illegally backdropped Daniels to the floor, allowing the Bucks to take out Kazarian.

Matt powerbombed Daniels into the apron and Nick landed a flipping senton into the break. During commercial, SCU regained control, and once back, Daniels and Kazarian worked together on a powerbomb neckbreaker combination for two. SCU hit Celebrity Rehab on Nick, but a distraction from Matt allowed Nick to come back with rising knees and a bulldog on Kazarian. A slingshot X-Factor allowed the Bucks to take advantage.

Out on the floor, Nick superkicked Daniels into the ring post, and Daniels had been busted open badly. He was gushing blood everywhere. As Nick taunted him, Kazarian slingshotted Nick back in the ring with a cutter for two. The Bucks realized Daniels was hurt, hitting a buckle bomb, but Kazarian fought out of More Bang For Your Buck and applied a double pin on both Bucks after a Northern Lights suplex for a cloe two.

Kazarian rolled up Matt for a visual pinfall, but Doc Gallows had the official distracted. Kazarian hit a Styles Clash on Matt, but Nick dove into the ring to break up the pin. He tried to maintain control, but Matt took him out with a superkick and a knee strike until Daniels broke up the pinfall. Daniels hit the Angel's Wings and tagged himself in, but Matt immediately cut him off with a spear.

Daniels avoided a superkick, but Matt powered out of the Angel's Wings. Matt mocked the "I'm sorry, I love you" HBK/Flair moment and crushed Daniels with a superkick, but Daniels kicked out of the pin attempt. Daniels hit a uranage and attempted the BME, but stumbled. On the second attempt, he hit the BME, but Nick broke up the pin.

The Good Brothers were dispatched by Daniels, but with the official distracted, Matt sprayed cold spray and smacked Daniels with the can for a great near fall. Nick tagged in and hit the BTE Trigger. Kazarian tried to break up the pin, but was too late.


The camera cut backstage, where Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston were destroying The Elite's dressing room.


Christian Cage was interviewed about Taz. Christian said Taz was a bad man at one point in time, but now, Taz won't step up to the ring. Next week, Christian has an open challenge to any Team Taz member. He also announced he's in the Casino Battle Royale, but was interrupted by Sydal, who wants to win. Sydal said that instead of Team Taz, it was him who signed the open challenge for next week.


AEW World Championship Eliminator: Orange Cassidy (w/ Best Friends) vs. PAC (w/ Lucha Bros.) went to a no contest

The winner of this match will face Kenny Omega in the main event at Double or Nothing. Cassidy is ranked #1, PAC is #2.

Cassidy put his shades on PAC, who subsequently smashed them. Cassidy was about to do his hands-in-pocket gimmick, but PAC wasn't having it. Cassidy immediately turned it into the Beach Break for a close near fall before landing his hands-in-pockets tope suicida and putting on a backup pair of sunglasses.

During the commercial break, PAC took control with an attack on the floor. Once back, PAC sent Cassidy into the barricade.  Back in the ring, PAC climbed the top rope and hit two shotgun dropkicks. He hid a third to Cassidy's back for two. PAC went back to the top, but Cassidy did his slow roll away, so PAC stomped him down.

Cassidy cockily rolled out of the way of the Black Arrow and gave PAC the thumbs up. He then countered an attack, sending PAC into the turnbuckle and applying a victory roll for two. A thrust kick from PAC stopped Cassidy in his tracks, which PAC followed up with a Liger Bomb for two. PAC pushed Cassidy to the floor into a second commercial break. 

During the break, Cassidy was checked on by ringside officials. Don Callis came out and taunted PAC, allowing Kenny Omega to hit him with the belt. Neither man could make it up for the 10 count.

– Callis immediately pointed out that there was no winner in the match, so Omega has the night off. Omega said the two men in the ring were losers. Schiavone interrupted them, but before he could speak, Omega put on Cassidy's sunglasses from last week. Schiavone has been told that it will be a three-way for the world championship at Double or Nothing, with Omega defending against both PAC and Cassidy.


The Young Bucks and the Good Brothers were despondent about their dressing room which had been destroyed by Moxley and Kingston earlier in the show. The Bucks wanted to show they're fighting champions and defend against the #1-ranked Varsity Blonds next week. Matt then invited Moxley and Kingston to a "superkick party" at Double or Nothing, essentially challenging them to a title match.


Hangman Page, flanked by the Dark Order, was interviewed about his loss to Brian Cage. The Dark Order consoled him, but Page said it took three men to beat him down. It wasn't Cage that took him out, but Taz. Page recommended that Cage meet Page in the ring one-on-one, challenging him for Double or Nothing.


The Pinnacle Coronation

The announcers recapped Blood & Guts.

The Pinnacle was joined by some women for the celebration. MJF said he took Chris Jericho's spot -- he's the new Demo God and the greatest of all time. He demanded the audience bow to the Pinnacle. He talked about being ranked #1 on cable last week, breaking a record in Canada as well, thanks to Shawn Spears.

MJF talked about how the Inner Circle was down two men: one because he stabbed MJF, and another because he fell off the cage. He asked the crowd if they'd like to see a rematch, but MJF said "no." 

Tully said the Pinnacle took everything the Inner Circle could dish out last week, mocking the Inner Circle's reasons and method in quitting the match. He revealed that he had bought expensive watches for the group, and every time they look at their wrist, they can say "That was a present from Tully Blanchard, and that's what being part of the Pinnacle is all about." 

They were interrupted by a loud horn, which was Ortiz, Hager, and Guevara arriving in a vehicle pulling something behind it. MJF told them to drive off, because the Inner Circle is dead. Jericho popped out of the back of the vehicle with a cast on his arm and asked for a rematch. MJF said "no," so Guevara sprayed them all with a high-powered hose containing Jericho's "Bubbly," which is what the vehicle was pulling in the trailer. 

MJF lost it and screamed at the crowd to shut up. He took the Inner Circle up on the same match they lost last year: Stadium Stampede. If the Inner Circle loses, they have to break up forever.


Britt Baker sat down with Jim Ross earlier today about challenging Hikaru Shida for the AEW Women's Championship at Double or Nothing. She recalled Shida breaking her nose and busting her open, and now, Baker's the baddest bitch on the block. It's poetic that the monster she created is going to destroy her.

JR asked if Baker was taking it too far to break up a photo shoot, and if she cared. Baker was tired of being painted as the villain. She said Shida kept the division alive over the last year, but Baker's the face of the division, the role model, the heart and soul, and the pulse. When you have a pulse, you don't need a machine keeping everything alive. At Double or Nothing, the division will keep itself alive when Baker becomes champion.


Thunder Rosa defeated Jazmin Allure

Rosa immediately laid in chops and beat Allure down in the corner. Allure reversed a whip and landed an uppercut, but Rosa exploded out with a shotgun dropkick. Rosa hit running sentons, a shoulder breaker, and the Fire Thunder Driver for the squash victory. The announcers talked about her potentially challenging NWA Women's Champion Serena Deeb down the line.


Next week's Dynamite lineup:

  • NWA Women's World Championship: Serena Deeb (c) vs. Red Velvet
  • AEW World Tag Team Championships: Young Bucks (c) vs. Varsity Blonds
  • Christian Cage vs. Matt Sydal
  • Anthony Ogogo (w/ The Factory) vs. Austin Gunn

For Double or Nothing:

  • Hangman Page vs. Brian Cage (w/ Taz)
  • Cody Rhodes (w/ Arn Anderson) vs. Anthony Ogogo (w/ The Factory)
  • AEW Women's Championship: Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D.
  • AEW World Championship: Kenny Omega (c) vs. PAC vs. Orange Cassidy


Jade Cargill was interviewed by Tony Schiavone. He recapped Mark Sterling offering his managerial services to Cargill. Schiavone asked who would handle Cargill's business, but Cargill's her own boss. She's listening to offers, but she's "that bitch."


Before the match, a video package recapped Allin being thrown down stairs last week. He said he didn't have time to worry about it and dropped everything to return to Seattle, his hometown. It reminds him of who he is and how far he's come. 

Allin turned his attention to Miro, asking "what have you done since coming here?" Allin knows exactly who he is, but Miro is generic, and he won't take Allin's championship. No matter what happens, Miro will have to admit Allin's one of the toughest men he's stepped in the ring with.

TNT Championship: Miro defeated Darby Allin (c) to win the title

This was great.

Miro attacked Allin before the bell, tossing Allin all over the place on the floor. The official wouldn't start the match after the beatdown. Scorpio Sky and Ethan Page were shown looking on. 

The official eventually started the match, and Miro landed the Machka Kick right away for a close near fall. Allin fired back with a shotgun dropkick on the floor. He went for the flipping stunner, Miro countered it, but Allin sent Miro into the post. Allin then landed a fantastic missle tope with a great collision. Allin tried to follow it up with a Coffin Drop, but Miro caught him with a German suplex on the floor.

During the commercial, Sky and Page attacked Sting at ringside. Once back, Miro continued to dismantle Allin's midsection with a gutwrench hold. Allin fought back with a sleeper hold, having to re-adjust the grip due to the attack. Miro started to fade but eventually reached the ropes.

Miro rolled the floor, where Allin re-applied the sleeper. He tried to use the championship to fight out, but hte official took it away, after which Miro just thrust himself and Allin into a wall to break the hold. Miro brought Allin back into the ring and continued to attack Allin's right arm before just dumping Allin into the ropes. 

Allin was pained, but Sting cheered him on, giving him a fist bump. Allin starched Miro with a slap and hit the stunner, cradling him for a close near fall. He hit a second stunner and climbed the ropes, but Miro caught the Coffin Drop. Allin flipped out of a German suplex and rolled Miro up for a fantastic near fall.

He then hit the Code Red for yet another close near fall. Miro popped up and locked on Game Over for the stoppage, winning the title.

– Page and Sky attacked Sting after the match as Miro taunted Allin. Lance Archer came out and pointed at Miro and the TNT title as the show went off the air.