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AEW Dynamite live results: Second anniversary show


AEW Dynamite celebrates its second anniversary tonight in Philadelphia. 

Bryan Danielson, Christian Cage, Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus will face AEW World Champion Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks and Adam Cole in an eight-man tag team contest. Cole beat Jungle Boy on last week's Dynamite, while Danielson defeated Nick Jackson on last week's Rampage. 

A casino ladder match for a future AEW World title shot will take place. Jon Moxley, PAC, Andrade El Idolo, Orange Cassidy, Matt Hardy and a mystery participant will compete for the future title opportunity. 

New TNT Champion Sammy Guevara will look to make his first defense of the title. He takes on NXT and ROH veteran Bobby Fish, who will make his AEW debut. Guevara defeated Miro for the TNT title on last week's Dynamite.

In the women's division, Hikaru Shida will face Serena Deeb. Shida will be going for her 50th career AEW win. 

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


The Super Elite (Kenny Omega, Adam Cole, Matt Jackson, & Nick Jackson) defeated Bryan Danielson, Christian Cage, & Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus)

This was an absolutely stellar wrestling match. Pretty much as good as TV spotfests can get.

Jungle Boy and Nick had a pretty thrilling exchange to start things off. Cole tagged in but was chopped in the corner by Jungle Boy. Christian made a quick tag in and out to Jungle Boy before re-entering with his drop-down right hand. He went for an early Killswitch but instead opted to hit the reverse DDT, following it up with a flapjack on Matt. An attack from Nick on the apron allowed the Elite to isolate Jungle Boy, leading to Omega's first action of the match.

The Young Bucks went for a double team on Jungle Boy, but he fought them both off with his backflip arm drag. Danielson tagged in for the first time and laid in the Yes kicks on Matt. He tagged in Luchasaurus, who flattened Matt with a frying pan chop. Matt was isolated in the ring and attacked by all four babyfaces, and a double team from Jurassic Express got two. With the official distracted, Michael Nakazawa and Brandon Cutler attacked Christian on the outside. The Young Bucks used the interference to hit an Indytaker on the ramp.

Officials checked on Christian on the ramp as the match moved forward as a four-on-three handicap match. The Super Elite beat down Jungle Boy with repeated tags. Jungle Boy fought back with a brainbuster and the comeback lariat. It looked like he was about to reach a hot tag, but Nakazawa got involved again. Jungle Boy finally fought off both Bucks with a double DDT, reaching Danielson for the hot tag. 

Danielson and Omega tagged in. They squared off in the center of the ring, trading forearm shots. Danielson took control with a running clothesline and the corner dropkick. He laid in Yes kicks and propped Omega on the top rope, hitting a top-rope hurricanrana. Danielson landed the diving headbutt, but the Bucks broke up the pin.

Luchasaurus took out both Bucks. We got a parade of big moves concluded by Danielson hitting a tiger suplex bridge for a near fall. He locked on Cattle Mutilation, but Nick broke it up with a senton bomb. Luchasaurus manhandled the Super Elite, fighting them all off until he ate a superkick from Cole. Luchasaurus countered the Panama Sunrise and chokeslammed Cole onto Omega. He then hit the Tail Whip on Nick, a roundhouse on Matt, and a moonsault on Cole and Omega on the floor. Jungle Boy landed a hurricanrana that sent Nick to the floor, but then Omega cut off a Danielson dive and hit the Terminator tope. 

Cole feinted on a dive and called for "Adam Cole, baby!" He turned around into a chokeslam and moonsault from Luchasaurus for two. Jurassic Express wanted their finisher, but a distraction allowed the Super Elite to land a low blow on Luchasaurus. They botched some kind of powerbomb attempt, then Jungle Boy got involved and was killed by a snap dragon suplex and the Panama Sunrise. Danielson broke up the pin.

Danielson fought off everyone and was the lone man standing. He laid in Yes kicks, but Omega caught the buzzsaw and Danielson ate three superkicks. The Super Elite hit a four-way BTE Trigger on Jungle Boy to win. 


Jon Moxley was backstage. He said he's lost patience for anything that takes patience. There is no man in AEW who can pin or submit him, so now we have to try a ladder match. "I have a three-month-old at home, and she's insane!" AEW is his company, and that's his belt.


CM Punk promo

Deafening "CM Punk!" chants to start as always. Punk started by thanking the fans. He actually lived in Philadelphia for three years. While here, he ate, breathed, and slept pro wrestling. Philly gave him so much: because of the money he made, he bought an iPod and a computer. But he wasn't rich because of the money; he was spiritually rich, immersing himself in this community.

He gave the crowd a choice: should he wrestle for them tonight, or buy everyone cheesesteaks? They of course wanted to see him wrestle. Punk called out Daniel Garcia for this week's Rampage.


Arn Anderson talked about splitting up from Cody Rhodes. He started a fire in Cody's backyard, dumping a suit in it, and Cody came down to confront him. Arn demanded that Cody give him his tie. Cody didn't want him to throw it away, so Arn slapped him. Cody threw the tie in the fire himself.


A video package introduced Bobby Fish to AEW. He was shown training in an MMA cage and said Sammy Guevara would be the shortest-reigning TNT Champion in history.

Guevara was shown giving a new truck to Fuego Del Sol. Sol wished him luck, and Guevara said he'd beat Fish right now.

TNT Championship: Sammy Guevara (c) defeated Bobby Fish

This was a strong if somewhat brief title match. Fish's offense looked really good.

They traded big strikes right away. Fish went for a high roundhouse kick, which looks to be his finish, but Guevara grabbed the ropes to counter. Guevara hit a dropkick and a gamenguiri, but Fish kicked out his legs on a springboard attempt, sending Guevara crashing to the mat. They established Fish's combat sports background with hard strikes ahead of a commercial.

Once back, Fish went for a slingshot senton, but Guevara countered by getting his knees up. He took Fish down with a back elbow and a clothesline. Fish countered another springboard but was met with a jumping knee. Fish hit a high kick and a backdrop driver for two. A standing Spanish Fly bought Guevara a moment of reprieve.

Guevara climbed the ropes and looked for the 630, but Fish popped up and kicked Guevara down. Fish landed an avalanche falcon arrow for a near fall. He then hit a corner exploder for another near fall. Guevara avoided a buzzsaw kick and hit the GTH out of nowhere for the win.

– Immediately once the bell rang, the Men of the Year and America's Top Team swarmed the ring. They surrounded Guevara. Paige Van Zant distracted Guevara, allowing Scorpio Sky to land a cheap shot. Junior Dos Santos laid in ground and pound. Fuego Del Sol ran out but was immediately taken down and beaten.

Chris Jericho's music played and he ran out with Jake Hager. Jericho sent Dos Santos packing as they were left standing in the ring. The fans sung the rest of "Judas" as Dan Lambert implored them to stop. Lambert said Jorge Masvidal was the king of Miami, which is where AEW is headed next week. He wanted a match: Inner Circle vs. Men of the Year and Junior Dos Santos. 

Jericho said they would beat the living sh*t out of Lambert and his dipsh*t team.


The Acclaimed were backstage. Max Caster rapped badly about the Lucha Bros. They have a tag title match this Friday on Rampage.


TBS Championship announcement

Schiavone was in the ring with Aubrey Edwards. They revealed the TBS Championship, a TNT Championship equivalent for the AEW women's division. The winner will be crowned via tournament. Aubrey unveiled the belt. Looks nice! 


Darby Allin sat down with Jim Ross. JR was uncomfortable with what happened last week between Allin and MJF. Allin wanted to elaborate on why he paints his face. MJF talked about his experience with his uncle that was referenced last week. He paints half his face because 50% of him feels dead inside. His respect and trust for people is low. Allin faced death that day, but he's still here. MJF can say whatever he wants, but Allin's going to win this war. He's never met somebody like Darby Allin.

Darby Allin (w/ Sting) defeated Nick Comoroto (w/ Aaron Solo)

Allin landed a dive on Comoroto and Solo right away. In the ring, he hit a short Coffin Drop and went for the up-and-over stunner. Comoroto turned it into a powerslam ahead of a break. Once back, Allin flipped out of a suplex and hit the stunner. He landed a Coffin Drop to Comoroto's back for the win.

– After the match, QT Marshall hit a Diamond Cutter on Sting. Sting immediately popped up, kicked QT low, and hit the Scorpion Death Drop.


The Dark Order were backstage. Evil Uno admitted he had made some mistakes, and he said it was up to everyone else to make decisions. Alex Reynolds suggested they all vote on things. They started bickering about stuff again, so Anna Jay got them all on the same page.


Dante Martin was in the ring with Schiavone. He said that for the last couple months, he's been a problem for AEW. He issued a challenge for the AEW locker room, saying he'd fight anyone. The lights went out and Malakai Black appeared in the ring. He shot black mist in Dante's face, hit the spinning heel kick, and the lights went out again. When they came back on, Black was alone in the ring. Black grabbed a mic and said "The House of Black accepts."


Ricky Starks was in the ring with his FTW Championship. He said this was the same FTW title that was built in South Philadelphia. He's champion because he has the same mindset that Taz had. Starks was going to challenge Cage to a Philly Street Fight, but it wasn't going to happen.

Cage's music played and he ran out and attacked Starks. Powerhouse Hobbs and HOOK ran out to pull Starks out of the ring for the save.


Various roster members including Thunder Rosa, Skye Blue, Ruby Soho, and Jade Cargill talked about the TBS Championship. Cargill said she'd win the tournament.


If Shida wins, it would be her 50th victory in AEW. They have a little trophy and everything.

Serena Deeb defeated Hikaru Shida

They performed chain wrestling to start. They wrestled to a stalemate. Shida wanted a handshake, but Deeb slapped her. Shida attacked in the corner before hitting the running knee lift over the ring apron. Shida wanted her chair attack, but Deeb just popped up and folded the chair back up. Deeb caught Shida upon re-entry to the ring and hit a neckbreaker over the ropes before the show suddenly cut to commercial.

Upon return, Shida used a front facelock grip to achieve an airplane spin. She followed it up with a missile dropkick for two. Deeb countered into an octopus hold and went for the Deeb-tox, but Shida fought out. Deeb locked on a Gedo Clutch for a good near fall, but Shida came back with a big knee strike to the face.

Deeb chopped out Shida's knee and hit a dragon screw over the ropes. She followed it with a swinging neckbreaker for two. Shida came back with another knee strike, avoided a chop block, and hit an inverted powerslam for two. A running elbow was next followed by the Falcon Arrow for a good near fall.

Shida laid in repeated knees. Deeb caught one and raked Shida's eyes, following it with an inverted dragon screw. Deeb then hit the Deeb-tox for a near fall. She locked on the Serenity Lock and forced Shida to tap out.

– After the match, Deeb grabbed the 50 victories trophy and broke it over Shida's head.


Darby Allin was informed that MJF challenged him to a match next week. Allin accepted. The Pinnacle limousine rolled up and Allin prepared for a fight, but he was blindsided by a chair shot from Shawn Spears. The Pinnacle were all dressed in dark gear. They lawn-darted Allin into a couple railings before Wardlow dropped Allin over them with an F10 in a just brutal bump. MJF choked Allin with his skateboard. 


AEW Rampage (10/8) lineup:

  • CM Punk vs. Daniel Garcia
  • AEW Tag Team Championships: Lucha Bros (c) vs. Acclaimed
  • FTW Championship: Ricky Starks (c) vs. Brian Cage in a Philly Street Fight
  • Jade Cargill vs. Skye Blue


Lio Rush addressed Dante Martin. He said he's a huge fan, but Lio's the man of the hour, and L.B.O. Lio. He sees Dante as an undervalued commodity, and he wants to take him to new heights. Lio offered his guidance ahead of Dante's match with Malakai Black.


Britt Baker, Rebel, and Jamie Hayter were interviewed by Schiavone about the TBS Championship. Baker was excited because now everyone can stop obsessing over her position at the top. She'll be watching the tournament.


The winner of this match becomes the #1 contender to the AEW World Championship. Two entrants start, and entrants join the match every two minutes. The poker chip can be grabbed at any time.

Hangman Page won the Casino Ladder Match to become the #1 Contender to the AEW World Championship

This was probably the second-best ladder match in AEW history after the Escalera de la Muerte match.

The participants were Jon Moxley, Lance Archer, PAC, Andrade El Idolo, Orange Cassidy, Matt Hardy, and a returning Hangman Page.

Orange Cassidy and PAC were the first two. PAC immediately overpowered Orange with amateur wrestling. He wouldn't play along with Orange's hijinks. Orange rolled to the floor and tried to bait PAC back into the ring, but PAC crushed him with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. PAC then brought a ladder into the ring. He blocked a tornado DDT from Orange and flattened him with a brainbuster.

Andrade El Idolo was third. He immediately tried to bring in a ladder, but PAC dropkicked the ladder into Andrade's face. PAC set up a ladder and climbed, but Andrade springboarded onto it and met PAC at the top. Andrade then hit a sunset flip powerbomb over the ladder onto the canvas. Orange re-entered the fray and hit his hands-in-pocket kicks. Andrade starched him with a right hand for his trouble. 

Matt Hardy was fourth. Orange went for the Orange Punch, but Hardy then hit the Side Effect ahead of a commercial. During the break, Lance Archer made his entrance and just killed everyone. I really wish that had been on the full broadcast, it was pretty great. 

Once back, Archer set up a ladder. As he did so, Jon Moxley entered the match. Archer met him halfway in the crowd. Moxley tossed a chair at Archer and brought the fight back to the ring. Archer returned fire with a chair toss of his own. Orange hit two Orange Punches on Archer in the ring, but Moxley stopped him from climbing the ladder. Moxley dropkicked the ladder into Archer.

Hangman Page returned from a three-month absence as the Joker in the match. He and Moxley traded forearms as a massive "cowboy sh*t" chant broke out. Page caught a dive from Cassidy and slammed him into a ladder. He landed a plancha on Hardy on the floor. PAC finally stopped Page's rampage and set up another ladder and then a table.

PAC rolled Page onto the table and climbed the ladder. Andrade got involved and he and PAC fought. PAC headbutted Andrade off the ladder onto a ladder bridge. Page popped up and met PAC on top of the ladder, hitting just an insanely ridiculous Deadeye from the top of the ladder through a table. 

Moxley surprised Page with a Paradigm Shift. He and Orange climbed the ladder, but Hardy came in to push them both down. Hardy rolled Orange onto a ladder and hit a leg drop through Orange to the floor. Archer took out Moxley and re-adjusted the ladder but was immediately leveled by a Buckshot Lariat from Page. Moxley stopped Page's ascent with a chair shot. He reached for the top, but Page laid in right hands and Moxley collapsed to the mat. 

Page climbed the last few rungs and pulled down the poker chip to win the match and the #1 contendership.