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AEW Dynamite live results: Third anniversary show

Dynamite celebrates their third anniversary on National Scissoring Day in Washington D.C.

AEW Dynamite celebrates its third anniversary tonight in Washington D.C. on National Scissoring Day. 

A celebration of National Scissoring Day featuring World Tag Team Champions The Acclaimed and "Daddy Ass" Billy Gunn has been announced for the show. 

Ring of Honor World Champion Chris Jericho will team with Sammy Guevara against Ring of Honor Pure Champion Daniel Garcia and Bryan Danielson on Dynamite tonight. 

TNT Champion Wardlow will defend his title against "The Machine" Brian Cage. 

MJF will take on Wheeler Yuta in singles competition. 

Hangman Page is set to take on Rush, stemming from an angle on last week's Rampage.

Darby Allin will face Jay Lethal in another singles bout. 

A trios match with Toni Storm, Willow Nightingale, and Athena taking on Penelope Ford, Jamie Hayter, and Serena Deeb is the lone women's division match announced. 

Luchasaurus will also be in singles action on tonight's show. 

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time. 


AEW Dynamite opened with Excalibur welcoming us to the third anniversary of AEW alongside Tony Schiavone, Taz & Lord William Regal as the music for MJF hits and we’re ready for our opening contest.

MJF defeated Wheeler Yuta

Excalibur informed us it has been 129 days since MJF’s last match in AEW. Regal said over the course of his career, despite being a villain, he never put his hands on someone who was not a competitor like Tony Schiavone. Dueling chants started things off, with Yuta using his speed early on to frustrate MJF, who used the tights to drive Yuta to the corner and take over wearing Yuta down. A backbreaker into a gut wrench slam from MJF got a near fall.

During the commercial break, MJF ran down the crowd and picked apart Yuta until Yuta hit a hard corner buckle to regain control. Yuta skinned the cat into four rolling German suplexes, but for the second time, MJF rolled away before Yuta could leap off the top. MJF went after the left arm, blocked a whip and hit a nasty powerbomb into a backbreaker for two.

The slaps of MJF woke Yuta up, who hit an enzugiri. Both men trading rolling pin attempts, then as MJF went for Tombstone, Yuta rolled him up into another series of near falls. Both collided with a double clothesline to get the crowd on their feet as they teased a double countout for a nine count. Yuta went to the top a third time and was crotched by MJF, who looked for an Avalanche Tombstone, but Yuta escaped with a super hurricanrana.

MJF rolled outside and was wiped out by a Yuta tope. Back inside, MJF rolled away from Yuta on the top, flipped him off, but Yuta leapt clear across the ring for a splash to get two. Anvil elbows from Yuta, who looked for the seat belt, but MJF countered into Salt of the Earth. Before Yuta could get the ropes, MJF re-positioned, cranked the arm and got the submission. This was an excellent opener, crowd was really into it.

Post match, Yuta offered a handshake and told MJF to be a man, but Lee Moriarty attacked Yuta from behind. MJF was furious, as Stokely Hathaway appeared, gave MJF the Dynamite Diamond ring to KO Yuta, but Regal stepped out from commentary showing a pair of brass knucks. After a staredown, MJF retreated with Regal shooting daggers at him.

-Video package highlighting tonight’s showdown between Bryan Danielson & Daniel Garcia vs. Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara. We then went backstage to the Jericho Appreciation Society saying Garcia is their family, but he’s lost his way. Jericho called him a rebellious child, but tonight, lessons will be taught and lessons will be learned. The one line Sammy Guevara said, he got monstrous boos.


Darby Allin defeated Jay Lethal

Nice back and forth series of counters to begin until Allin hit a nice springing arm drag into a stalemate. Allin wanted a handshake, but Lethal got a cheap shot, not a good start for guys offering their hands to their opponents. A monkey flip landed Allin on his feet, but he tweaked the left leg and Lethal zoned in to the point where Allin crumbled off an Irish whip. Allin suckered Lethal into a guillotine and Scorpion Death Drop for two.

As we went to commercial, Lethal regained control by chop blocking the leg out from Allin, who was going for a springboard. Allin went up top, but Lethal hit a super dragon screw out of the corner and slapped on the figure four. Allin got the ropes, as Lethal went for a Lethal Injection, but Allin ducked and Lethal landed right on his head. Allin responded with a Code Red for two and went to the top, but spotted Sonjay Dutt & Satnam Singh. Lethal told them to go the back, as Allin nearly got a roll up for two. Allin followed up with The Last Supper for the victory. This was a good match, but it was much slower than you’d expect, with Lethal going for the leg most of the match. Post match, Allin again offered his hand, telling Lethal he didn’t need Dutt & Singh and Lethal took a bit to decide, but ultimately shook the hand and stormed to the back.

-The Embassy video package is shown with Prince Nana re-introducing us to the Gates of Agony and Brian Cage, who said tonight, he becomes TNT Champion.


Wardlow defeated Brian Cage w/Prince Nana to retain the TNT Championship

Cage tried a quick start, but Wardlow delivered shoulders to the midsection in the corner. Both men collided in the center of the ring, which led to a slug fest. Wardlow brought the crowd to their feet with a snap hurricanrana, as Cage responded with a head scissors, but Wardlow blocked the 619 into a slam.

Wardlow went for the powerbomb, but Nana briefly distracted him, which allowed Cage to hit a sit out Alabama Slam for two. Cage did reps with Wardlow before tossing him over his head with a fall away slam. Wardlow tried to get going, but Cage would continue to cut him off. Wardlow scaled the ropes and hit a twisting senton, multiple release German suplexes and throws to regain control.

Cage cut off Wardlow in the ropes and hit a massive suplex from the apron into the ring for two. Cage signaled for the Drill Claw, but Wardlow floated over and spiked Cage for two of his own. Cage countered a wind up lariat into the Deep Sea Diverticulitis for two, went for a powerbomb, but Wardlow escaped with a nasty headbutt. Wind up lariat from Wardlow led to the Powerbomb Symphony to retain the title in a very good battle of the big men.

Post match, Toa Liona & Kaun, the Gates of Agony hit the ring to attack Wardlow until Samoa Joe made the save. War-Joe was outnumbered four on two until FTR’s music hit, the crowd went nuts and they sent The Embassy retreating. FTR had a faceoff with The Gates of Agony especially, so that could be a future ROH Tag Title match.


-Dr. Britt Baker was backstage from earlier today telling fans that Saraya won’t be wrestling in AEW; the doctors won’t clear her to compete. She said they need to ship Saraya off and this is her house now and followed it up with her tagline.

Interim AEW Women’s Champion Toni Storm, Athena & Willow Nightingale w/Saraya defeated Jamie Hayter, Serena Deeb & Penelope Ford w/Kip Sabian, Dr. Britt Baker & Rebel

I thought someone was going to attack Athena during her entrance, but it turned out to be a stage hand helping her with her ring attire wings. Athena & Ford had a quick series to start, with Athena flipping out of a head scissors on her feet. Ford tried a cross body off the second, but Athena caught her into a slam for two. Athena was in the wrong corner, got picked apart briefly, until she hit a cross body on Deeb and tagged in Storm.

Storm & Deeb continued their bad blood from last week, as Storm hit Sweet Cheek Music, but was distracted long enough for Deeb to chop block the leg and take control heading into break. While Storm was trapped in a leg lock, Hayter & Deeb were able to hit double suplexes on Athena & Willow, who were trying to make the save. An enzugiri finally allowed Storm to make the hot tag to Willow, who ran wild.

Deeb cut off Willow, choked her in the ropes and Rebel pulled a crutch out from under the ring to hit Willow, but Saraya stopped it from happening. A pounce launched Deeb across the ring, but Ford jumped in and cracked Willow, as everyone took turns taking each other out. Ford did a Matrix into a cutter for a close two. Ford tried for a handspring, but Willow dropkicked her mid move, hit a Doctor Bomb and got the huge win for her team. Post match, Baker had a square off with Saraya, which led to a brief slug fest. Baker retreated, leaving Rebel to be wiped out by Saraya, who stood tall.

-Backstage, Tony Schiavone is with Rush, Jose the Assistant and Private Party. Jose had video evidence of Private Party not being there for them. Jose & Rush said they will either be there tonight or they’ll take them to court, as they know Matt Hardy has been contract tampering.


It’s time for National Scissoring Day, as Tony Schiavone asked Taz to scissor with him and Taz simply responded “no”, which I got a kick out of. The Acclaimed & Daddy Ass made their entrance with Platinum Max doing a Washington inspired rap. Bowens stepped to the podium first, ran through The Acclaimed credentials and said AEW now stands for Acclaimed Every Wednesday. Bowens called himself The Sultan of Scissor and says scissoring is a handshake and sign of friendship. The Acclaimed are a team and not just thrown together like Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland.

Daddy Ass said this isn’t Swerve’s House its Daddy Ass’s House. He presented Bowens & Caster with a pair of golden scissors he got from City Hall. Caster said it’s now part of the service to turn to your left & right and offer a scissor of peace. Caster talked about his father being on the Washington football Super Bowl team years ago, achieved greatness, just like The Acclaimed did when they won the titles. The nation is divided, but there’s no red or blue, it’s all about wearing pink and they did a bi-partisan scissor.

Right as it was about to happen, Swerve Strickland interrupted and ran down The Acclaimed. He said the titles should be on Billy Gunn’s shoulders, since he’s the reason Swerve in our Glory lost the titles. Swerve challenged Gunn for Dynamite next week. Swerve had a rock in his hand and said rock beats scissors. Mark Sterling interrupted with papers and told Swerve that paper covers rock, which was a great line. He said The Acclaimed needed him in their fight against Swerve Strickland. He asked them all to scissor him, but got beat up and crotched for his troubles. Gunn accepted Swerve’s challenge, then scissored with The Acclaimed to a huge reaction.

-There’s a Dark Order video talking about how Friday is the anniversary of Brodie Lee’s last match. They talk about their Trios Tag Title match with Death Triangle this Friday, as it’ll be Silver, Reynolds & 10, since the match with Andrade has been moved to next week.


-Backstage Tony Schiavone is with Madison Rayne & Skye Blue. Rayne barely got a sentence out before being cut off by Anna Jay & Tay Melo, who cut a quick, but pretty bad promo setting up a tag match on Rampage.

Hangman Page defeated Rush w/Jose the Assistant

Page teased an early Buckshot, Rush did a tranquilo pose; with Jose grabbing the leg of Page, as Rush sent him into the guard rail. Rush choked Page with a cable wire and chucked him into the railing again. Rush picked Page apart during break and played to the crowd most of the time. Page fought back with a fall away slam and slingshot cross body to the floor as we saw MJF backstage watching with his poker chip.

Rush tried a leap frog, but Page countered into a Death Valley Driver for two. Rush no sold multiple forearms, tried a monkey flip in the corner, but Page countered into a slam and jackknife pin for two. They repeated the Buckshot attempt spot from the start of the match, this time Page kicking away Jose, but flipped into a Rush headbutt and straightjacket piledriver for a close near fall. Rush tried Bulls Horns, but ran into a lariat and a Buckshot Lariat out of nowhere for the Page victory.

Private Party came to the ring, but Jon Moxley showed up from the crowd and just shook his head no, he wants a fresh Hangman Page before their AEW World title match in 13 days. Moxley said he’s been waiting for this for 3 years, between he & Page, they’ve beaten just about everyone in AEW, except each other. Moxley said there will be one last man standing in AEW, he’s going to show up to his hometown arena, choke Page out until he turns blue. Moxley respects Page, but when the bell rings, he respects no one. Moxley went to leave, but Page called him back to fight. Moxley said he’s a sweet kid, but like a lot of kids around here, his mouth gets him in trouble, so Moxley lets him off the hook just this once. This was a really good little build towards the main event in two weeks.

-Tony Schiavone is backstage congratulating Willow Nightingale, who said she’s on a role and challenges Jade Cargill for the TBS Title. Jade, Kiera Hogan & Leila Gray interrupt and said she’s beaten Willow twice already, but Willow asks what if she’s the 1 in 38-1?

Luchasaurus w/Christian Cage defeated Fuego Del Sol

Luchasaurus hit a chokeslam and Burning Hammer for the lightning quick win.

Before Luchasaurus could inflict any more damage, Jungle Boy hit the ring with a chair and hit Luchasaurus to the floor. Christian held back Luchasaurus, as Jungle Boy said he was his best friend, broke his heart, but now, he’s going to break his fingers, hands, arms, piece by piece until he breaks Luchasaurus. Jungle Boy said to pick the time and place, he’ll be ready. Christian faked the crowd out it’ll be tonight, but accepted for next week in Canada, Christian’s hometown.

AEW Rampage 10/7/22

Death Triangle defends their Trios Tag Titles against John Silver, Alex Reynolds & 10

Josh Woods & Tony Nese w/Mark Sterling vs. The Varsity Blonds

Madison Rayne & Skye Blue vs. Tay Melo & Anna Jay

Jon Moxley, Wheeler Yuta & Claudio Castagnoli vs. Rush & Private Party w/Jose the Assistant

AEW Battle of the Belts 10/7/22

Jade Cargill defends the TBS Title against Willow Nightingale

FTR put the ROH Tag Titles on the line against The Gates of Agony w/Prince Nana

PAC defends his All-Atlantic Title against Trent Beretta, as PAC will be pulling double duty on Friday

AEW Dynamite 10/12/22

Jungle Boy vs. Luchasaurus w/Christian Cage

Billy Gunn vs. Swerve Strickland

Chris Jericho defends the ROH World Championship against Bryan Danielson


Ian Riccaboni joined commentary and Tony Schiavone asked if he’s scissored anyone today and Ian said it’s his anniversary tomorrow and wishes his wife a Happy Anniversary, which was pretty hysterical.

ROH World Champion Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara defeated Bryan Danielson & ROH Pure Champion Daniel Garcia

Garcia & Jericho had a handshake to begin, as the crowd is already chanting a not so nice chant at heat magnet Sammy Guevara. Garcia took Jericho down a few times, but didn’t use any strikes until we got a chop exchange. Guevara tripped Garcia and tagged in to loud boos. Garcia dropkicked the leg out from Guevara, which allowed Danielson to make the tag and light up Guevara with strikes and wipe out Jericho with a dive. Dropkick off the top by Danielson led to Guevara eating a series of kicks.

Danielson had the LeBell Lock briefly, but Jericho booted him in the face. Jericho blocked Cattle Mutilation into the Walls of Jericho. Garcia teased breaking it up, but Jericho let the hold go and eventually knocked Garcia off the apron with a punch, which I probably wouldn’t have had happen in picture in picture, as that’s a pretty big moment. Guevara went for a dive off the top, but Danielson hit a half and half suplex into running corner kicks. Jericho cut off Danielson in the ropes and Guevara hit a Spanish Fly for two. Danielson & Guevara collided for the double down, as Garcia & Jericho tagged in at the same time.

During the face off, Guevara tried a flying cheap shot, but got punched in the face to the delight of the crowd. Garcia lit up Jericho with punches and kicks and back suplex for two. Jericho blocked a kick, but Garcia blocked a Walls of Jericho into the Dragon Tamer. Guevara took out Garcia and did the same on a dive on Danielson outside to the chants of You Still Suck.

Garcia no sold some chops and got the knees up off a Lionsault attempt. Guevara made the tag, but dove right into a crossface. Danielson locked Jericho in a crossface as well before delivering stereo anvil elbows to Guevara & Jericho. Garcia & Danielson went for a double back suplex, but Guevara landed on his feet, took out Danielson with a standing Spanish Fly and hit a kick to the spine of Garcia for two.

Garcia countered GTH into a short piledriver, but Jericho broke up the count. Danielson blindsided Jericho with a busaiku knee, but Jericho responded by suplexing Danielson through the ring attendant table. Guevara hit the GTH flush on Garcia, but did a Shooting Star Press onto the knees of Garcia, who locked on the Dragon Tamer. As referee Aubrey was checking Guevara, Jericho hit Garcia with the ROH title belt and Guevara stole the pin. The J.A.S. celebrated, as Excalibur mentioned how Jericho never misses an opportunity to sully the ROH name.

Final Thoughts

This was a good anniversary episode of Dynamite with a solid build to next week in Canada and also the following week for the Moxley & Page showdown. A very strong opener with MJF & Yuta, a huge win for Willow ahead of her TBS title rematch and a pretty action packed main event. I was hoping Page & Rush would’ve got more time and not suffered through the picture in picture for a lot of the match. Also in regards to the main event, after everything that happened backstage prior to the show, I probably wouldn’t have ended your show with Guevara being held up on the shoulders of the J.A.S. but that’s just me. Jericho vs. Danielson next week should be a strong rematch.