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AEW Dynamite live results: Title Tuesday

Four titles will be on the line on a special Tuesday edition of Dynamite.

Four titles will be on the line on a special Tuesday edition of AEW Dynamite. 

In his hometown of Cincinnati, Jon Moxley will defend the AEW World Championship against Hangman Page. Page won a Golden Ticket Battle Royale on Rampage Grand Slam last month to earn the title shot. 

Interim AEW Women's World Champion Toni Storm will defend her title against Hikaru Shida. The two teamed on last week's show against Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter in a victorious effort. 

The Ring of Honor World Championship will be on the line, as Chris Jericho defends against former title holder Dalton Castle. 

The AEW World Trios Championship will be up for grabs, with PAC, Penta El Zero Miedo, and Rey Fenix of Death Triangle defending against Orange Cassidy, Trent Beretta, and Chuck Taylor of Best Friends. 

A Renee Paquette sit-down interview with Bryan Danielson and Wheeler Yuta, a Tony Schiavone interview with William Regal, and a promo by MJF have also been advertised for the show. 

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time. 


AEW Tuesday Night Dynamite opened with Excalibur welcoming us to Title Tuesday, as he ran down the card briefly before getting right to our opening contest with Tony Schiavone & Taz on commentary.

Death Triangle (Penta El Zero Miedo, Rey Fenix & PAC) w/Alex Abrahantes defeated Best Friends (Chuck Taylor, Trent Beretta & AEW All-Atlantic Champion Orange Cassidy) to retain the AEW World Trios Championship

PAC immediately kicked Cassidy off the apron at the bell for revenge from last week, as he & Trent had a fast opening sequence to pick up where they left off at Battle of the Belts. Action was fast and furious out the gate with Taylor & Trent hitting their assisted Razor’s Edge into a powerbomb, but Death Triangle quickly regained control with dives to the floor. Cassidy found himself isolated in the corner until it led to a huge Tower of Doom moment where everyone was down.

PAC trash talked Cassidy and hit a series of kicks until Cassidy popped off a Stundog Millionaire. This led to a series of high impact moves from each man culminating in a Trent Tornado DDT onto Fenix. Cassidy tried a double hurricanrana on Fenix & Penta, who held on and PAC hit a low dropkick. Cazadora, lungblower, double stomp combo on Cassidy got a two as Taylor made the save. Taylor & Trent saved their partner from PAC’s Black Arrow and hit a Sole Food release German suplex combo.

Taylor & Trent connected with multiple piledrivers, as Cassidy did the assisted splash on PAC for two. Penta & Fenix saved their partner, as PAC went for the hammer yet again, but this time, Fenix stopped him from using it, since it blew up in his face last week and he lost his All-Atlantic Title. Cassidy fired off an Orange Punch on PAC, but as Penta went for a step up destroyer, Trent blocked and Strong Zero hit for two. Fenix made the save and would put Trent away with a sit out driver to retain the titles.

Post match, Fenix & PAC got into a brief scuffle about PAC wanting to use the hammer again, but it was quickly squashed as Death Triangle held their titles high after a crazy action packed opening contest.

-Video package of Jon Moxley & Hangman Page is shown, with footage from last year of Page knocking Moxley off the ladder in the Casino Ladder Match as Page said Mox broke first, not him, as mentioned last week in Page’s fantastic promo.


-Tony Schiavone is backstage with interested parties in the AEW Interim Women’s Title match tonight, that being Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter with Rebel. They said one of them will be the Women’s World champion, as Toni Time is over.

Toni Storm defeated Hikaru Shida to retain the AEW Interim Women’s Championship

Excalibur said this singles match is 10 years in the making, as these two wrestled in a tag match in 2013 in Japan, but I think this is their first singles contest. Taz informed us this is Shida’s first title opportunity in close to 16 months. Fast paced back and forth start led to Shida connecting with a dropkick, but played to the crowd too long on the apron and Storm sent her crashing to the floor.

Storm kept Shida grounded in the ring during the entire picture in picture break, until Shida made her comeback soon after with a hurricanrana and jumping knee. Ten corner punches from Shida led to a slugfest until Shida hit an enzugiri for the double down. Storm cut off Shida from going to the top, teased an Avalanche Storm Zero that she used to defeat Serena Deeb a few weeks ago, but Shida knocked her down and hit a Meteora for two.

Storm floated over a Falcon Arrow, avoided a step up kick and hit a release German suplex and Sweet Cheek Music in the corner. Shida blocked a Tornado DDT with sort of a Falcon Arrow for a close near fall. Storm blocked the Kitana, but Shida nearly got the win off a close roll up. Shida escaped rolling Germans, but couldn’t avoid the snap Tornado DDT and Storm Zero to allow the champion to retain in a match I wish went longer, it just felt like it was getting going.

Post match, Jamie Hayter & Rebel, with a crutch, hit the ring for the post match beat down, as Britt Baker made her entrance rocking a Steelers jersey. Saraya’s entrance music hit and she tackled Baker on the floor and brawled into the crowd. As Hayter & Rebel continued to beat up Storm, Riho made her return and took both ladies out with a dive off the top rope. Riho got a huge reaction from the fans, as Storm has found backup in her battle with Baker, Hayter & Rebel and perhaps found a new challenger for her title at the same time.

-Video package highlighting The Kingdom (Matt Taven, Mike Bennett & Maria Kanellis) debuting on Rampage last week, while we heard words from Wardlow & Samoa Joe about making the wrong decision, so expect that match to happen soon.

-Renee Paquette is backstage with FTR, ran down their resume from this past year and asks if there’s more hardware they want to add to their collection? Harwood listed their challengers for the titles they hold, but ultimately want the AEW Tag Titles. They are interrupted by Swerve in Our Glory saying FTR put their priorities ahead of AEW for too long. Next week FTR vs. Swerve in Our Glory with the winners getting the next AEW Tag Team Title shot was made.


-Alex Marvez is backstage with Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt & Darby Allin, as Lethal wanted a rematch and Allin said he would beat him again and again. Dutt said they were in contact with someone who knows Allin’s weakness and they know what it is. Lethal & Dutt beat up Allin, trapping him under a steel door, as Lethal put the Figure Four on him at the same time. Security broke things up as Lethal & Dutt took off.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring with Lord William Regal, who got out two words until MJF interrupted and came to the ring as Regal took out his brass knuckles, but MJF told him to put them away, as he owes MJF time to tell his story.

When MJF was 19 training, he was informed by his trainers he got WWE extra work at the Barclays Center. The extras were introduced to Regal and had tryout matches in front of him, while guys like Arn Anderson, Dean Malenko, Adam Pearce & William Regal looked on. He said Regal pulled him aside to a separate room and told him he had 3 minutes to sell himself to Regal, whose jaw hit the floor after what he heard. MJF said Regal promised him a job, but it never happened when Regal found out he was 19, telling him he was too young.

The crowd made a You F’d Up chant discovering this, as MJF said Regal told him names of guys he got hired in WWE like Claudio Castagnoli, Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley. Regal told him to keep sending him matches to review his progress the first two months, but after month three, Regal sent him a promo MJF has never forgotten saying Regal wasn’t impressed with his acting skills. MJF said Regal said he wasn’t one of the high class talents WWE wanted to look at. Regal squandered his dreams, as MJF is on the verge of tears saying that e-mail made him want to kill himself.

MJF said if he did that, all the naysayers would win, but now, in 2022, the tables have turned and Regal is an old man who got fired, while attaching to talent to get a job in AEW, while MJF is a generational talent. This amazing promo got the crowd to cheer loudly for MJF and booing Regal when he picked up the microphone.

Regal said he got into the industry when he was 16; he saw something in MJF and wanted to light a fire under him. Regal screamed at MJF saying if he held onto that e-mail for all those years, he’s had it easy. Every day you need to practice to become the best, before he was born, Regal was interviewed by Tony Schiavone, he never put his hands on someone like him. MJF let Regal down because he took shortcuts, hiring people to do his dirty work, using the diamond ring.

Regal turned his back and said if MJF wanted to be the Devil, do it right now. MJF put on the diamond ring, but couldn’t find it in himself to use it, as Regal said he still had more to prove and left. This was one of the best AEW in ring talking segments in company history in my honest opinion. Go out of your way to watch this entire segment. This was a tremendous payoff to the seeds they planted the week prior.

-A video package showcasing the Ring of Honor title match up next is shown and it's a good quick introduction to Dalton Castle for those unfamiliar with him.

-Renee Paquette is backstage with The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn, who welcome Renee to AEW and say this Friday on Rampage its Title vs. Trademark with The Acclaimed vs. Tony Nese & Josh Woods, the Varsity Athletes. If The Acclaimed win, they get to use their scissoring antics again. I don't understand how Woods & Nese just get a title shot while teams like FTR & Swerve in Our Glory have to earn their title matches.


Earlier today we go to Renee Paquette interviewing Bryan Danielson & Wheeler Yuta, as Danielson said last week’s loss to Jericho wasn’t ideal. Danielson he still has high hopes for Daniel Garcia and said with the right guidance could be the best wrestler ever. Yuta was annoyed at this saying Garcia used him, this was something Claudio, Mox & himself saw coming from a mile away, everyone but Danielson. Yuta walked off disappointed in his wrestling hero.

Chris Jericho (w/Jake Hager) defeated Dalton Castle (w/The Boys) to retain the Ring of Honor World Championship

Ian Riccaboni joined commentary as Jericho wanted the Code of Honor, but Castle reached into his trunks and flipped him off instead. Jericho sent Castle to the floor, where he shook out the nerves, got fanned by The Boys and ran around the ring. It was mind games, as Castle rolled into the ring with multiple takedowns on Jericho. Excalibur informed us ROH Final Battle will be Saturday, December 10th, with tickets on sale November 4th. Castle took both of The Boys and hurled them onto Jake Hager before grounding Jericho into the commercial break.

Jericho took control during picture in picture, but Castle fought back, only to miss a charging knee to the floor. The Boys fanned Castle enough for him to cut off Jericho’s springboard dropkick and knocked him to the floor instead. Castle hit a low tope and head scissors, as Hager charged at Castle, but The Boys swarmed him with some very weak punches. One of The Boys took Hager’s hat, which caused Hager to hulk up and wipe them all out.

This distracted Castle momentarily, as Jericho ultimately got the Walls of Jericho on the previously broken back of Castle, who got the rope break. Riccaboni said it’s been a 4 year journey for Castle to overcome that injury, as Jericho got in the face of referee Aubrey to keep that long running bad blood going. Jericho tried a Lionsault, but Castle countered into a German suplex for two. Castle blocked a Code Breaker into the Bang-A-Rang for a close near fall. The crowd is behind the challenger, as he won a strike exchange, missed a spinning elbow and Jericho responded with a brutal Judas Effect to retain the title clean, something Ian Riccaboni put over on commentary.

Post match, the Jericho Appreciation Society came out to celebrate, as Jericho said he’s destroyed Ring of Honor champions, ring announcers and now commentators. Angelo Parker & Matt Menard went after Ian Riccaboni, dragged him to the stage, but former ROH Champion and backstage agent Jerry Lynn made the save. After a brief stare down, Jericho attacked and laid Lynn out with a Tombstone on the stage. I have no idea if Jerry Lynn will step in the ring again, but I really would love to see that match.

-In a quick video package, after putting away “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry last week, Christian Cage put champions on notice, if you have gold, Luchasaurus is coming after you.

AEW Rampage 10/21/22

The Acclaimed vs. The Varsity Athletes – AEW Tag Team Title vs. Trademark

Willow Nightingale vs. Penelope Ford

Rush vs. “Dark Order’s 10” Preston Vance

HOOK defends the FTW Title against Ari Daivari

AEW Dynamite 10/26/22

FTR vs. Swerve in Our Glory for the number one contendership for the AEW World Tag Titles

Riho vs. Jamie Hayter

Chris Jericho & Daniel Garcia vs. Claudio Castagnoli & Wheeler Yuta

Bryan Danielson vs. Sammy Guevara


-Backstage Jade Cargill demanded Kiera Hogan & Leila Gray tell her where her TBS title is? They said Nyla Rose isn’t here, but she’ll be at Rampage. Jade looked into the camera and told Tony Khan she’ll hijack his show for 60 minutes if Nyla doesn’t give her the TBS title back.

Jon Moxley defeated Hangman Page for the AEW World Championship due to doctor stoppage

Lord William Regal joined commentary for the main event following his explosive segment with MJF, who is shown clutching his poker chip somewhere in the crowd. Hangman Page made good on his promise after last week, saying he’d take the fight to Moxley, as he cut him off during his entrance and took him out with a massive moonsault from the crowd.

These two continued their brawl in the fans during commercial and to the surprise of no one, Jon Moxley is bleeding. The match official began, as back to the ringside area, Moxley connected with a dive through the ropes, but Page reversed a whip into the steps. Taz asked Regal for comments about what happened with MJF earlier, but Regal declined. Moxley continues to dare Page to hit him and the champ obliged, busting Moxley open up even more. Page stepped back briefly, which allowed Moxley to quickly apply a Figure Four, playing on last week’s promo on how Page’s hesitation has cost him huge in the past.

Page got a rope break, as both men traded strikes until Moxley took a hard corner buckle. Page kipped up, posed for the crowd and immediately ate a Cutter from Moxley, who poured on the offense with a superplex for two. Moxley stomped down onto the face and tried the cross arm breaker, but Page got the rope break. Camera cut up to where MJF was sitting, but he’s no longer there, as Page fought back with a Dead Eye on the apron to take over into commercial.

Page briefly had a single leg crab applied, but Moxley countered into a cross face to regain control. Moxley posted himself off a corner charge, but both men had a slugfest while up in the corner and Page hit an Avalanche Fall Away Slam for two. A series of big move counters by both led to Page hitting a lariat, but Moxley popped up and turned the challenger inside out with one of his own, but Hangman Page is clearly hurt, perhaps knocked out. The doctor jumped in the ring at the request of Paul Turner, checked Page and stopped the match quickly. The crowd was stunned and concerned, as Moxley reluctantly had his hand raised.

The camera is staying off of Hangman Page, as Regal comes to ringside to talk with Moxley, while Excalibur again runs down the Rampage & next week Dynamite cards. Commentary is left shaken, as Taz said you never want to see a competitor get injured. Jon Moxley took the microphone and said he hopes and prays Hangman Page can walk, talk and play with his child again. Moxley said you need to have guts to play this game every time out, since the Yankees game didn’t go long, they have time left, so he’s calling MJF out.

MJF storms out with referee Bryce, teased a cash in, but handed Regal the poker chip, grabbed a microphone and said he’ll cash in when Moxley is 110%, no excuses, so he’s cashing in at Full Gear. He screamed to Regal for the first time in his career, he’s going to earn it. Moxley said a bunch of curses that got censored, but said MJF will earn his boot down his throat, his head will pop like a Pez dispenser and at Full Gear, they’ll find out what MJF is made of and it’s dangerous whenever you step in the ring with Jon Moxley.

Final Thoughts

This was shaping up to be one of the best Dynamite’s in a very long time until the injury to Hangman Page cut the main event short. Which, if this is storyline and a way to not have Page take another title loss, then it was masterful acting by all involved, but if not, I really hope Hangman Page is able to recover, as he was motionless when the referee & doctor checked on him. Prior to that, the story Moxley & Page told during the main event was excellent, especially after the incredible promo by Page last week about how his hesitancy had cost him in the past and there were moments like that tonight. The Regal & MJF interaction tonight was next level fantastic, Jericho’s continuation of tearing apart ROH was great with the attack on Jerry Lynn, Shida & Storm I wish went longer but was very solid and the opening tag match was action packed.