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AEW Dynamite live results: Two title matches, Saraya speaks

Jon Moxley also faces Juice Robinson in a World title eliminator match.

Two title matches, plus Saraya's first AEW promo are set for tonight's Dynamite. 

Toni Storm will defend the interim AEW Women's World Championship against Serena Deeb on tonight's show. 

Chris Jericho will defend his newly-won ROH World Championship against the debuting Bandido, a former ROH Champion in his own right. Ian Riccaboni will be on commentary for the matchup.

One week after making her surprise debut in the company, Saraya will speak in her first on-camera comments in AEW. 

Top contender to the AEW World title MJF will also speak on the show. 

AEW World Champion Jon Moxley will face NJPW's Juice Robinson in a title eliminator match, with Robinson earning a future title shot if he wins. 

Tony Khan has also promised that "informative video packages" on Robinson and Bandido will air on the program.

Tonight's show airs from Philadelphia. 

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


AEW Dynamite opened with Excalibur welcoming us to the new era of AEW following Grand Slam, as he’s joined at commentary by Tony Schiavone & Taz. Judas hits and it’s time for the Jericho Ocho Celebration.

The Jericho Appreciation Society, minus Jake Hager, came to the ring in matching purple outfits, as the ring is set up with flowers, balloons, gifts and Luigi Primo, who is tossing pizza behind them all. Angelo Parker called Philadelphia losers, but tonight, they will give them something to celebrate, The Ocho. Daddy Magic said he put the call in for Luigi Primo, who got a big reaction, until he said his pizza was for New York. Anna Jay said the fans don’t get pizza, but they get the greatest ROH Champion of all time in Chris Jericho.

Jericho calls himself the most honorable man and the most watched champion in ROH history. He calls this era the Ring of Jericho and said tonight, Bandido will get the rematch for the ROH title he was never granted. Jericho put over Daniel Garcia and gave him a purple bucket hat. Garcia threw the hat down, dropped Luigi Primo and told Jericho he has had enough. Jericho stopped him before he could leave the J.A.S. by telling him if he makes the wrong decision, they’ll have no choice but to take him out. Jericho asks if Garcia is a sports entertainer or pro wrestler?

Before Garcia could answer, Bryan Danielson came out with Lord William Regal. Danielson said he respects Garcia’s decision to either stay with J.A.S. or Blackpool Combat Club. Jericho said Garcia belongs to him, which led to Garcia getting in his face. Garcia asked would throwing pizza on the ground be sports entertaining? Would tossing Luigi Primo around like pizza be entertaining? Would teaming with Bryan Danielson be entertaining? Garcia asked if teaming with Danielson against Sammy Guevara & Jericho be entertaining?

Matt Menard got in the face of Danielson & Garcia and said he should drop them right now. Danielson said good news, he is allowed to wrestle right now, so challenges Daddy Magic. This was a really fun opening 15 minute segment and continuation of this storyline.

Bryan Danielson defeated Matt Menard w/Angelo Parker

Lord William Regal on commentary called Excalibur a rice krispie treat and could snap, crackle and pop him any time. The ongoing trend of Regal making Taz uncomfortable with lines to the Man with the Mask is hilarious. Danielson controlled the action early, until Menard took over on the outside. Menard controlled Danielson the entire commercial break as a short arm clothesline got him a two count.

Danielson did a moonsault out of the corner and hit multiple charging knees in the corner. Kicks to the chest until Parker pulled his partner outside to save him from the home run kick. This led to Parker distraction Danielson enough on the floor and Menard crotched Danielson on the post and Parker hit a DDT. Back inside, Danielson kicked out at two and Claudio Castagnoli hit the ring to take out Parker, carrying him over his head to the back. Danielson ducked a lariat, hit the busaiku knee and got the LaBell Lock for the submission.

-We got a brief video package from the Control Center highlighting Jon Moxley vs. Juice Robinson tonight. Robinson is one of the very few who have beaten Moxley this year and if he does again tonight, will earn an AEW World Title shot next week in the process.


A recap video of MJF & Wheeler Yuta was shown from last week. We were supposed to hear from MJF, but Wheeler Yuta stormed the ring. Yuta didn’t have a problem with what he & his lackey did last week, but throwing down Tony Schiavone crosses the line. Yuta said MJF hides behind factions and the microphone, but can’t hang with Yuta. Yuta said all the insults about himself before MJF could until finally MJF made his entrance wearing a Mets jersey.

MJF said Yuta is from Philly, the place you live if you can’t afford to live in New York. MJF asked how Schiavone was doing and called him a fat old prick. MJF put over Yuta briefly, until he said he had to spank Yuta on the microphone last week. MJF used a Phillies insult that Yuta already made himself. Yuta cut him off and said if MJF doesn’t want to fight in the ring, he’ll leave him in a pool of blood on Broad Street.

Yuta went after MJF, but Austin & Colten Gunn came out, wearing dress shoes and no socks, bold choice. MJF said Yuta can wrestle him next week in the dump of Washington. MJF said the fans didn’t deserve to hear his catchphrase, so had Austin Gunn say it. Yuta held his own on the mic and had the crowd behind him; they built this match next week pretty well.


-A quick video promoting Darby Allin vs. Jay Lethal next week on Dymanite was shown.

AEW World Champion Jon Moxley defeated Juice Robinson

Lord Regal is back on commentary for this contest as Robinson attacked Moxley outside prior to the bell. Robinson took too long posing and Moxley clotheslined him to the floor to officially start the match. MJF is shown in the luxury suite with his poker chip watching, as Moxley sent Robinson over the ring attendant table. Forearm battle in the ring led to a few Robinson jabs, Moxley quickly cut him off, but Robinson bit the face.

Robinson took too long again, this time trying a corner cannonball, but Moxley wiped him out. They spilled outside, where Robinson finally hit the cannonball against the railing. Robinson sent Moxley over the same ring table, only this time, Moxley came up bleeding. Robinson controlled Moxley the whole break, as Moxley struggled even getting in the ring. Moxley was set up on a chair, but Robinson missed a cannonball off the apron through the chair.

Moxley hit a tope before heading back in the ring. Both men collided with lariats until Moxley dropped Robinson with a cutter for two. An ankle lock into a STF led to a Robinson rope break until Juice got a thumb in the eye in the corner and hit a powerbomb for two. Moxley nearly got Death Rider, but Robinson countered into Pulp Friction for another near fall. Robinson tried a reverse airplane spin, but Moxley wiggled out, hit a running knee and cross arm breaker for the submission. This was a strong showing from Robinson in defeat, as he controlled a lot of this match.

Post match, Hangman Page power walked to the ring and had a stare down with Moxley before their AEW World title match in a few weeks. MJF interrupted from the suite and said they’re fighting to lose, as whoever is champ will lose to the generational talent. Wheeler Yuta appeared behind MJF in the suite and beat him up as they spilled into the crowd with security separating them.

-Excalibur threw it to a Bandido video package, which briefly highlighted his time as champion in ROH. I wish more would’ve been in this package, as this is the first time some fans could be seeing what Bandido is capable of.


Video of Saraya’s surprise debut was shown from last week as she made her way to the ring to a loud ovation. She said she’s damaged, not broken, will create change in the women’s division as she is the revolution. Saraya said AEW is officially her house and wants all the ladies to come out, as Toni Storm, Athena, Madison Rayne, Skye Blue & Willow Nightingale came to the ring.

Saraya said Toni Storm is finally being utilized to her full potential and the best AEW Women’s champ they’ve had. That sort of got a mixed reaction, as Britt Baker interrupted with Rebel, Jamie Hayter & Penelope Ford. Baker called Saraya nothing but a catchphrase and then promptly did her D.M.D. catchphrase. Baker said she’s put her neck on the line for AEW and unlike Saraya’s, hers is strong enough to handle it.

Baker made fun of Saraya’s name, but Saraya said Baker’s name rhymes with a word bleeped out, which popped Taz, who hilariously wasn’t expecting that one. While Baker was cutting her promo, the crowd chanted for Jamie Hayter, who Baker said will get her shot at Toni Storm after Serena Deeb. Deeb made her entrance, Baker told everyone to clear the ring, but Saraya cut her off and said she talked to Tony Khan backstage and this will now be a Lumberjack Match. Not sure how Saraya has the authority for that, but she went to join commentary.

Toni Storm defeated Serena Deeb to defend the AEW Interim Women’s Title

An early shoulder tackle from Storm sent Deeb to the Storm lumberjacks, but quickly was sent back inside. Both ladies traded chops in the corner until Deeb spun out of a back superplex attempt for a two count. Storm was sent out to her side of the lumberjacks as they put the boots to Storm. Deeb kept Storm controlled most of the commercial break.

Storm was able to catch a few pin attempts until Deeb rolled to the floor to catch a breather, but Athena wouldn’t let her. Back inside, Storm missed Sweet Cheek Music, as Deeb got a roll up for two. Storm blocked a dragon screw into a roll up, but Deeb countered into a sit down neck crank. Storm countered into a roll up of her own, as Jamie Hayter tripped up Storm and pulled her outside. Skye Blue was knocked down by Hayter, who was chased off by Willow.

Deeb sank in the Serenity Lock, but Storm got a rope break. The challenger went for Deebtox, but Storm got a back drop. Deeb rolled through a top rope cross body and got a single leg crab. Deeb was sent to the corner, where Storm hit Sweet Cheek Music and Storm Zero for the close two. Deeb got a dragon screw out of the corner, went to the top, but Storm cut her off with a crazy super piledriver off the second rope for the victory.

-Backstage, Tony Schiavone interviewed The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn, who said next week on Dynamite is National Scissoring Day. Bowens said on Rampage this week they have an Open Challenge for their titles. Keith Lee interrupted and said Billy Gunn was the reason they won the titles. Gunn told Lee to tell Swerve he had two words for him, Scissor Me.


-Butcher & Blade were having an argument backstage with Private Party with Andrade & Jose trying to calm them down. Jose said Andrade is in charge, if they don’t like it, shape up or ship out. Matt Hardy interrupted Private Party and said he’d be there for them if they wanted to join forces once again.

Ricky Starks defeated Eli Isom

Isom got a quick splash in the corner, but Starks responded with a misdirect Spear and Roshambo for the lightning quick win.

-Excalibur ran down the cards for next week.

AEW Rampage 9/30/22

John Silver vs. Rush

The Acclaimed defend the AEW Tag Team Titles against Butcher & The Blade and Private Party

Willow Nightingale vs. Jamie Hayter

HOOK will appear

Lee Moriarty vs. Fuego Del Sol

AEW Dynamite Anniversary Show 10/5/22

MJF vs. Wheeler Yuta

National Scissoring Day with The Acclaimed & Billy Gunn

Luchasaurus in action

Darby Allin vs. Jay Lethal

Bryan Danielson & ROH Pure Champion Daniel Garcia vs. ROH World Champion Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara

Chris Jericho defeated Bandido to retain the ROH World Title

Bobby Cruise does ring introductions, as Ian Riccaboni joined commentary. Jericho opted to flip off Bandido instead of the Code of Honor. After some early strikes, Bandido used his speed to take Jericho outside with a tope and over the top twisting cross body. Back inside, Bandido hit a huge spinning reverse cross body off the top, as Jericho frustratingly regrouped.

Jericho gained control off a brawl on the floor, but Bandido answered with a gorilla press over his head for two, which is something I wish would’ve been seen instead of during picture in picture. British Royal Navy members are shown in the crowd and welcomed by Excalibur. Bandido did a stalling vertical suplex nearly a full minute that got the crowd on their feet. Bandido did an Eddie Guerrero shimmy and hit a huge Frog Splash for two.

Jericho hit a flapjack to regain control, followed by multiple corner clotheslines. Bandido got a front suplex on Jericho out of the corner, but dove right into a Code Breaker for two. Both men went to the apron, had a brief strike exchange until Bandido hit a hurricanrana off the apron to the floor. A long strike battle from their knees to their feet finally led to Bandido crumbling momentarily, until he countered Jericho’s springboard corner dropkick into a springing sunset flip for two.

Bandido missed a dropkick, as Jericho hit a Lionsault for a near fall. Bandido floated over a lariat attempt into a snap crucifix bomb for a close two of his own. Jericho countered X-Knee into the Walls of Jericho. Bandido got the ropes, rolled to the apron, but Jericho suplexed him back inside. Bandido cut off Jericho on the top rope and hit the Revolution Fly for an incredibly close two. Bandido hit X-Knee flush and hit the 21-Plex for an even closer two count.

Jericho got an eye poke, pulled Bandido’s mask over his face, but Bandido countered the Walls of Jericho with a small package for two. Jericho pulled out the legs and got the Walls of Jericho the second attempt and finally got the submission in an excellent main event.

Bobby Cruise was brought in the ring and Jericho said the Ring of Jericho has begun. Jericho said he desecrate the legacy of ROH, challenges Bryan Danielson for the October 12 show in Toronto and will beat every former ROH champion, commentator, referee and ring announcer. Jericho punched Bobby Cruise and gave him the Judas Effect to end the show.

Final Thoughts

This was a fun follow up episode of Dynamite coming off of Grand Slam. Bookmarked by strong performances both on the mic and in the ring from Chris Jericho, who is hell bent on bringing down the legacy of ROH. It was an excellent main event and I look forward to seeing what Jericho continues to do as ROH champion. Storm vs. Deeb was a strong women’s title match, but I didn’t think the lumberjack stipulation added much of anything to the match itself. For people questioning whether Juice Robinson or Bandido belonged on tonight’s show against Moxley & Jericho, I think they more than proved they did. Bandido especially, hopefully they sign him to a deal soon.