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AEW Dynamite live results: Young Bucks vs. FTR

The ROH and AAA Tag Team titles are on the line as FTR defend against The Young Bucks in a highly-anticipated rematch.

FTR will defend the ROH and AAA Tag Team titles against The Young Bucks in the main event of tonight's AEW Dynamite. 

The two teams will square off for just the second time, and the first time since the Full Gear pay-per-view in November 2020, a match where the Bucks defeated FTR to win the AEW Tag titles for the first time. 

Samoa Joe will make his AEW debut tonight, facing Max Caster in a qualifying match for the Owen Hart Foundation Men's Tournament. 

The Owen Hart Foundation Women's Tournament qualifiers will continue tonight, with Hikaru Shida taking on Julia Hart. Toni Storm and Jamie Hayter have already qualified for the tournament. 

Adam Cole will face Christian Cage in a first-time matchup on the show. 

The Hardys will team against The Butcher and The Blade in a tables match. 

Eddie Kingston, Santana, and Ortiz will also make an appearance on tonight's show in Boston.

Our live coverage begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Show Report --

Adam Cole defeated Christian Cage

Early on, Cole spat in Christian's face, but Christian didn't fall for the bait and instead attacked with a lariat and chops. Back in the ring, Cole cut Christian off by kicking his legs out on the second rope and landing thrust kicks. Cole whipped Christian over the steel steps ahead of the commercial.

Back from break, Christian sent Cole to the floor and somewhat landed a dive off the top turnbuckle. He didn't really land it and Cole tried to take advantage, but Christian regained control and landed ten punches in the corner. The sunset flip followed for two, then a swinging DDT got two more.

Cole countered another sunset flip attempt into a backstabber for two. Christian cradled Cole for a near fall and then hit the reverse DDT. Cole rolled out of the way of a diving headbutt and landed thrust kicks before lowering the Boom for two. (He didn't lower the knee pad.)

Christian hit his over-the-rope right hand, but Cole countered a dive with a superkick for two. Christian reversed the Panama Sunrise and hit a top-rope Frankensteiner for two. Cole superkicked Christian's knee, but Christian stopped the Panama Sunrise. Cole countered the pump kick and dropped the knee pad, but Christian countered the Boom into a spear for a near fall. 

Cole poked Christian's eye and lowered the Boom for the win.

– After the match, Hangman Page came out and said he'd defend his championship next week against Cole in a Texas Deathmatch on Rampage. He recommended that Cole get his affairs in order.


A video package recapped Jay Lethal's attack on Jonathan Gresham at Supercard of Honor. 


Owen Hart Foundation Tournament qualifier: Samoa Joe defeated Max Caster

At the bell, Caster got in Joe's face, and Joe responded by effortlessly beating him down. Joe just laid into this dude with a variety of strikes before landing a suicide dive. He was distracted by Bowens at ringside, allowing Caster to take advantage. Back in the ring, however, Caster landed a backhand which only served to infuriate Joe, who took Caster down with a shoulder block. The Muscle Buster followed for the win.

– After the match, Jay Lethal and Sonjay Dutt interrupted from backstage. Lethal said they changed their outlook last week. Lethal said he tried to call Joe for months, but Joe wouldn't answer. Apparently, Joe only answers for billionaires. Lethal said that next week, they'd get Joe a massive present.


The Blackpool Combat Club was backstage. Bryan Danielson will face Trent Beretta and Jon Moxley will face Wheeler YUTA on Rampage. Moxley said it would sound like bones cracking like thunder and raining blood.


There were still lots of Wardlow posters around the ring, warning about his presence.

MJF joined commentary.

Shawn Dean defeated Shawn Spears

Spears dispatched Dean right away. Dean eventually came back with chops, but Spears hit a pumphandle neckbreaker, which would've gotten the win had Spears not pulled Dean up. Spears set Dean up for the C4, but then the cameras cut backstage and showed security staff laid out. 

Wardlow appeared backstage and manhandled more security. He continued to take out security on his way to the ring. Wardlow was eventually overpowered, but the distraction was enough for Dean to roll up Spears for the win.


The Best Friends were backstage. Chuck Taylor talked about everything he did for YUTA and said they could do it together, but Trent said he thinks YUTA's a scumbag traitor. He'd show everyone on Rampage.


They showed video from earlier tonight of Eddie Kingston, Santana, and Ortiz beating down the Jericho Appreciation Society backstage. Kingston tossed the backstage monitor at them but they were able to flee in a car.

Back to real time, Kingston and company came out to the ring with mics. Kingston said it was "on sight" on Jericho's crew from now on. Santana said JAS better bring the fight and Ortiz challenged them to a six-man tag next week. Kingston said they'd beat them Butch Reed/Junkyard Dog-style.


A video package recapped HOOK shrugging off Danhausen's curse.


Jade Cargill and Mark Sterling came out. Jade introduced her new "Baddie Section" out in the audience. Sterling said Marina Shafir wasn't allowed in the Baddie Section, and Jade said she was tired of all these MMA people entering wrestling. Shafir may be a problem, but Jade is a "problem solver."


MJF and Shawn Spears were backstage. MJF said there would be twice as many guards next week before challenging Shawn Dean to a match. He said he'd injure Dean worse than he ever could in combat.


The Hardys (Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy) defeated The Butcher & The Blade in a Tables match

Unfortunately they completely failed to establish the rules of this tables match which confused the crowd (and this reviewer). There were so many people put through tables that didn't count as eliminations and one that didn't break a table that *did* count as an elimination. They finally established that it was elimination rules part way through. AEW usually knocks it out of the park with plunder matches, but this reminded me of why they went out of style. The final spot was really cool though.

There were lots of tables in the ring already. The two teams attacked each other on the outside as the bell rang. Blade beat down Jeff in the ring. Jeff avoided a shoulder tackle and Blade was sent crashing through a table, but I guess that doesn't count as the finish because it wasn't an offensive maneuver. 

The Hardys hit a double DDT on Butcher in the ring. They set Butcher up on a table and Jeff set up to dive through it, but Blade popped up and pushed Jeff down. They kind of put Jeff through a table, but not really? It cracked a bit but the impact was mostly the legs collapsing. And if they had, would the match have been over? They looked a bit lost ahead of the commercial break. 

Once back, Matt drove Butcher through a table with an elbow drop, eliminating him. Butcher didn't care, though, and continued to work together with Blade to put him through it. Butcher and Blade tried to superplex Matt through the table at ringside, but Jeff pulled it out of the way. Jeff and Matt then both hit Blade with a Twist of Fate. 

Jeff pulled out a ladder from under the ring, climbed it, and put Blade through two tables with a Swanton Bomb. Even though he had already been eliminated. This match made no sense.

– After the match, A.H.F.O. walked out to the ring, but they were interrupted by Sting and Darby Allin. Andrade used Bunny as a shield to stop Sting from attacking.


Christian Cage was backstage with Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus. Christian was frustrated, chucked his water bottle, and stormed off. Jungle Boy re-focused and said reDRagon hadn't earned a championship match, but since they keep getting involved in their business, they'll challenge them to a match.


A video package hyped the Thunder Rosa vs. Nyla Rose feud. They will fight for the championship at Battle of the Belts.


Jamie Hayter and Toni Storm were backstage as the first two entrants in the Owen Hart tournament. Hayter said she hopes they face each other.


Owen Hart Foundation Tournament qualifier: Hikaru Shida defeated Julia Hart (w/ Varsity Blonds)

Hart attacked Shida before the bell and choked her with her varsity jacket. The Blonds tried to talk her down, but Hart wasn't having it and sent them to the back. Shida countered a cartwheel kick and hit a rising knee and boot. Out on the floor, Shida hit her signature dropkick leaping off the chair. Hart cut her off upon re-entry to the ring and hit a DDT before the break.

Back form commercial, Shida came back with hammer fists and a vertical suplex. She followed it up with an outside-in suplex for two. Hart gouged at Shida's eyes and hit a bulldog for two. Shida avoided a top-rope dive and came back with an elbow smash and the Tamashii. The Falcon Arrow finished it for Shida.

– After the match, Serena Deeb's music played, and she tried to attack from behind with a chair, but Shida had it scouted with a kendo stick. Deeb opted to retreat rather than face the fair fight.


Swerve Strickland was backstage. Photos were shown of him at the Grammys. He said he didn't forget about his issues with Ricky Starks, but for now, he's got stuff to do. Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs followed him and attacked, but Keith Lee showed up to intervene. Lee pounced Hobbs through a wall.


AEW Rampage (4/8) lineup:

  • Jon Moxley vs. Wheeler YUTA
  • Bryan Danielson vs. Trent Beretta
  • Owen Hart qualifier: Red Velvet vs. Willow Nightingale
  • Swerve Strickland vs. QT Marshall

AEW Dynamite (4/13) lineup:

  • AEW World Tag Team Championships: Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus (c) vs. reDRagon
  • Eddie Kingston, Santana, & Ortiz vs. Jericho Appreciation Society

AEW Rampage (4/15) lineup:

  • AEW World Championship: Hangman Page (c) vs. Adam Cole in a Texas Deathmatch

AEW Battle of the Belts (4/16) lineup:

  • AEW Women's World Championship: Thunder Rosa (c) vs. Nyla Rose


Longtime ROH ring announcer Bobby Cruise performed the introductions.

ROH Tag Team Championships / AAA Tag Team Championships: FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) (c) defeated The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) (w/ Brandon Cutler)

As expected, this was one of the best AEW matches of the year. Just awesome, and only a small notch below their pandemic-era classic at Full Gear 2020.

Cash and Matt started off and wrestled around. Cash landed a big shoulder block, forcing the Bucks to regroup out on the floor. Dax and Nick tagged in. Nick was frustrated and threw his headband at Dax, which Dax put in his trunks and tossed at Matt. The four competitors all faced off in the ring. After a brief exchange, we got a couple hockey fights, but then the Bucks isolated Dax and then Cash in the ring with their hip toss dropkick combination. Cash fired up with a double clothesline. 

FTR both put the Young Bucks in simultaneous Sharpshooters. The Bucks fought out and isolated Cash, landing simultaneous enziguris. They continued to beat Cash down through a commercial. Once back, Cash tripped up Nick and sent Matt packing, but when he leapt to tag in Dax, Nick floored Dax with a superkick.

Some miscommunication from the Young Bucks led to Matt running face first into a barricade, allowing Cash to tag in Dax. Dax ran wild on both Bucks, suplexing one onto the other. He cradled Matt for two, they they exchanged more cradles. Dax hit the stuff piledriver for a near fall. 

Cash suplexed Nick on the apron as Dax swept out Matt's legs on the top turnbuckle. Dax hit the power-plex, but Nick stopped Cash's follow-up with a springboard top-rope frankensteiner. All four men were down until the Bucks hit their bulldog dropkick combination. Nick went on his signature run of offense, but Dax turned the moonsault into a brainbuster on the floor. Cash hit a Gory bomb in the ring for a near fall.

With the official distracted, the Bucks hit Cash with a low blow and followed it up with the Big Rig for a good near fall. The Bucks hit a 450 moonsault combination for another near fall. Nick picked up one of the ROH title belts, but Dax tried to pull it from him. Cash cradled Matt for a near fall, but then Cash took a belt shot and Matt rolled him up for the tights, forcing Dax to break up a great near fall. The Bucks then dispatched Dax with double superkicks.

The Bucks set up for the BTE Trigger and nailed it on Cash, but Cash's foot fell onto the rope as the official counted three. The bell rang, but the official re-started the match. The Bucks set up for the Meltzer Driver, but Dax interrupted it and FTR hit a slingshot powerbomb tombstone combination. FTR then hit a BTE Trigger, gave Matt a kiss, and nailed the Big Rig for the win.