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AEW Rampage live results: Eddie Kingston vs. Daniel Garcia


The Black Friday edition of AEW Rampage will feature three matches, one of which has a future title shot on the line.

Eddie Kingston will face Daniel Garcia in a battle of New York State natives. This came together when Kingston was doing a backstage promo and Garcia and 2point0 interrupted to run Kingston down. It continued last Wednesday as Garcia and 2point0 again harassed Kingston with Garcia throwing hot coffee in Kingston's face during a pull-apart brawl.

AEW Women's Champion Britt Baker will face former champion Riho in a Black Friday Deal match where Riho can earn a future title shot with a win. This came together because it was revealed Wednesday that Riho wasn't eliminated in the recent Casino Women's Battle Royal and thus deserved the opportunity.

The show's third match will see Adam Cole and Bobby Fish team up once again as they take on Orange Cassidy and Wheeler Yuta of Best Friends.

This week's matches were taped after Wednesday's Dynamite in Chicago, Illinois.


Happy Black Friday Rampage! 

Your hosts are Excalibur, Taz, Ricky Starks and Chris Jericho. 

Adam Cole & Bobby Fish defeated  Orange Cassidy & Wheeler Yuta (12:52) 

Chuck Taylor and Kris Statlander walked out with Cassidy and Yuta, but returned to the back. 

Cole stopped Cassidy from putting his hands in his pockets so he could do his “Adam Cole bay-bay!” taunt with the crowd. The story of the opening moments continued to be Cassidy teasing getting his hands in his pockets, and Cole preventing him. Yuta was also far more energetic than Cassidy. Yuta got caught on the middle rope and Cole pulled him to the mat. This gave Cole and Fish the advantage. Fish hit a neckbreaker and the show went to a picture-in-picture break. 

Back from break, Yuta dumped Cole to the floor and hit Fish with an enziguri. Yuta almost got the tag to Cassidy, but Cole pulled Cassidy to the floor. Yuta caught both his opponents with elbows and a middle rope dropkick, then tagged in Cassidy, who got his hands in his pockets! Cassidy hit both his opponents with a dropkick, then sent both Cole and Fish down to the floor with one rana. Cassidy came though the ropes with a tope suicida and Yuta came off the top with a crossbody to the floor. 

Back in the ring, Yuta hit a frog splash on Cole for a near fall. Cassidy hit a slumdog millionaire, Yuta followed up with a German suplex and Cassidy finished the sequence with a jackknife cover for a near fall. Fish came back with an exploder. Cole followed in with a knee strike and Fish locked in a kneebar on Cassidy. Yuta broke that up and Cassidy hit Beach Break on Cole. Fish came back with an exploder on Cassidy, but Yuta got the tag. 

Yuta hit an Angle slam on Fish for a near fall. Yuta went to the top, but Cole crotched him. Cole whipped Cassidy into the ring steps, and Fish hit a top rope falcon arrow on Yuta to get the pinfall. 

- Tony Schiavone interviewed Tony Nese (too many Tonys around here! Call one of them Budge.). Nese challenged Sammy Guevara for the TNT title. Guevara showed up to accept the challenge. After a brief confrontation, Nese punched Guevara's bad ribs, sending him to the ground. 

- In a backstage segment, FTR challenged Lucha Bros to a 2 out of 3 falls match. 

Riho defeated Dr. Britt Baker, DMD (w/ Rebel & Jamie Hayter) in a Black Friday Deal Match (7:26 aired)

By virtue of winning this non-title match,  Riho will get a shot at the AEW Women’s World Championship. 

Hayter accompanied Baker, but did not look happy to be there, still angry about losing on Dynamite. Baker went for the Lockjaw early on, but she escaped to the ropes, where Baker stomped her. While Baker distracted the ref, Hayer and Rebel choked Riho against the ropes. Riho came back with a pair of dropkicks that sent Baker to the floor, and Riho hit a top rope crossbody on Baker and Rebel on the floor. 

Back in the ring, Baker caught Riho charging and sent her headfirst into the middle turnbuckle, and the show went to break. 

Baker hit a slingblade for a near fall. On commentary,  Excalibur made a point  to say Britt has never beaten Riho. Riho hit  a head scissors and a charging knee into the corner.  Baker responded with a suplex into the corner and went for the  Air Raid Crash, but Riho slipped out and planted Baker with a dragon suplex for a near fall. Baker hit the Air Raid Crash on the second try for a near fall. Riho came back with a northern lights suplex for a near fall, and followed up with a double foot stomp from the top for another near fall. Baker went for a fisherman’s neckbreaker, but Riho slipped out of it and cradled Baker for the pinfall. 

Next Wednesday on Dynamite: 

  • Cody Rhodes vs. Andrade El Idolo in an Atlanta Street fight.
  • TBS Title Quarterfinal: Ruby Soho v. Kris Statlander
  • Bryan Danielson vs. Alan Angels
  • Billy & Colton Gunn  vs. Sting & Darby Allin 

Next Friday for Rampage: 

  • TNT Title: Sammy Guevara v. Tony Nese 
  • AEW World Tag Titles, 2 out of 3 falls: The Lucha Bros vs. FTR

That is a loaded up Rampage for next week.  

Mark Henry moderates the face-to-face segment. The 2point0 guys ran their mouths. Kingston said talk is cheap. “It’s time for the main event!”

Eddie Kingston defeated Daniel Garcia (w/ 2point0) (14:58)

This match told a very good story of Garcia trying to outwork Kingston on the mat, but Kingston coming back with strikes or powerful throws to counter Garcia’s wrestling. 

Lots of good matwork from both guys to start. Garcia tried to turn the match into a slugfest and that went very badly for him. The 2point0 guys pulled Garcia to the floor, and Kingston took them both out. When Kingston went back in the ring, Garcia caught him with a kick and took control. Garcia tried to whip Kingston out of the corner, but Kingston overpowered him with chops, then poked him in the eye.

Kingston hit a knee off the middle rope, then started selling his knee. Garcia came back with a doublechop to the throat and started to go after Kingston’s leg. Kingston came back by biting Garcia and throwing him down face first out of a suplex. The show went to a picture-in-picture break. 

Back from the break, Garcia stomped away at Kingston while controlling his arm. Garcia tried to whip Kingston into the turnbuckle, but Kingston’s knee gave out. Garcia then walked into an exploder suplex. Garcia went for a kneebar, but Kington made the ropes. Garcia kept work in the leg and got a jackknife cover, but Kingston rolled out of it and powerbombed Garcia. 

Kingston went for a half and half suplex, but Garcia countered into another heel hook. Garcia battered Kingston away with hammer punches. Kingston caught Garcia with a half and half suplex. Garcia kept instinctively going to the ropes whenever he was in trouble. Both guys exchanged crazy strikes back and forth, and Kingston hit an enziguri. Garcia came back with a lariat and both guys were down. 

Garcia dropped a knee on Kingston, and Kingston came back with a slap.  Garcia went for a piledriver, Kingston hit a Saito suplex. He went for the spinning backfist, Garcia ducked but Kingston hit it on the second try. Kingston got the pinfall. 

Very good match. 

2point0 jumped Kingston after the match. Chris Jericho left the commentary desk and made the save. Jericho had already been annoyed with 2point0 on commentary so that made sense. Kingston didn’t exactly look thrilled with Jericho. Then again, Kingston rarely looks thrilled with anybody. 

Final Thoughts: 

Nothing wrong with this week's show, although Rampage definitely felt like a "b-show" this week. But with the announced lineup so far, it will be hard to say that about next week's show.