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AEW Rampage live results: Lucha Brothers vs. Butcher & Blade


This week's AEW Rampage from Newark, New Jersey, will see both the Tag Team and TNT titles on the line.

The Lucha Brothers will defend their titles for the first time since winning them at All Out when they face former stablemates The Butcher & The Blade. The latter are undefeated in tag team competition this year and are 2-0 since Butcher returned from injury earlier this month.

Miro will defend the TNT title against Fuego Del Sol once again with Del Sol putting his new car on the line. Miro defeated him on the very first Rampage as Del Sol was looking for an AEW contract with a win. Del Sol was given the contract later anyway.

Rivals Anna Jay and The Bunny will face off in singles action. Jay recently returned from injury and has been at Tay Conti's side as she has been having issues with Bunny and new friend Penelope Ford.


Excalibur, Chris Jericho, Taz and Ricky Starks are your hosts. 

Tag Team Champions The Lucha Brothers (w/ Alex Abrahantes) defeated The Butcher & The Blade (w/ Matt Hardy & Jack Evans) to retain (9:38) 

Excalibur let us know that the Butcher and the Black are undefeated in tag matches this year, which is why they are the number one contenders. 

Blade and Fenix started out for their teams, and Blade quickly took a powder and got the Butcher in there. It didn't take too long for all four guys to get involved, with the Lucha Bros hitting double kicks on both guys and getting a near fall on Butcher with a double team splash. Fenix tried a charging attack on Butcher, but he caught him in a fireman’s carry and dropped him headfirst on the Blade’s knee. 

Fenix got the tag to Penta, who hit sling blades on both his opponents. The Butcher and Blade dropped to the floor, and Penta and Fenix hit stereo dives on their opponents, Fenix from the top rope and Penta with a tope con hilo over the top rope. Back in the ring, Blade caught Penta with his high impact cross body and the show cut to a picture in picture break. 

Back from the break, Penta caught Butcher with an enziguri and then monkey-flipped Blade into Butcher. Penta got the tag to Fenix, who caught Butcher and Blade with german suplex and getting a near fall on Blade. Penta and Fenix hit the double stomp package piledriver on Blade for a near fall broken up by Butcher. Butcher got a cover on Penta off a back suplex. Blade tried to follow up, but ended up on the wrong end of Penta’s leg kicks. Blade came back with a spinning powerslam for a two count. 

Fenix got the tag, but his offense was cut off by the Butcher. Meanwhile, Blade tied Penta by his mask to the middle rope, and Penta was stuck in the corner. This allowed Butcher and Blade to double team Fenix. Butcher and Blade went for their neckbreaker/powerbomb finisher, but Penta freed himself by taking off his mask!  Penta superkicked Butcher and Blade (while covering his face), and Fenix rolled up Blade with a rana for the pin. Great finish! 

After the match, members of the Hardy Family Office ran in to attack the Lucha Brothers, but Santana and Ortiz ran in to make the save, chasing away the heels.

-- A short video package with comments from Kenny Omega and Bryan Danielson aired. Omega called Danielson the underdog and pointed out that he was unranked, and doesn't think Bryan's underdog story will have a happy ending this time. Bryan Danielson is ready to show everyone the “real” Bryan Danielson, which will be fun for fans and “scary as hell” for the wrestlers.  Just a quick minute package to hype Wednesday's main event. 

Anna Jay (w/ Tay Conti) defeated The Bunny (w/ Penelope Ford, Matt Hardy and Jack Evans) (4:08 aired) 

This match started on the floor, and Jay suplexed Bunny on the floor. 

Back in the ring, Jay dominated the match and Bunny dropped to the floor to consult with Hardy. Jay followed and caught Bunny with a superkick, Bunny got the advantage by sending Jay shoulder-first into the ringpost. Bunny whipped Jay into the barricade and the show went to another break. 

Back in the ring, Bunny is working over Jay’s arm and shoulder. Jay hit a neckbreaker on Bunny for a near fall. But Jay’s still selling her injured arm. Jay went for the queenslayer sleeper, but Bunny countered. Penelope Ford tried to interfere, and Tay Conti attacked her. This distracted Bunny, and Jay rolled her up for the pin. 

After the match, Penelope Ford and Bunny attacked Anna Jay and Tay Conti with brass knuckles, knocking them out. 

-- Clips of Powerhouse Hobbs attacking CM Punk on Wednesday aired. Hobbs and Team Tazz made comments after the attack, and Hobbs thinks Punk should stay retired for seven more years. 

-- Tony Schivone interviewed Matt Hardy, who is 0-2 on the night so far. There was an Orange Cassidy look alike at ringside.  Jack Evans and Hardy attacked the fan and drug him into the ring. Hardy gave him the Twist of Fate, and Evans began to shave the lookalike's head. The attack brought out Orange Cassidy, who chased off Hardy and Evans. 

Ruby Soho & Britt Baker face-to-face

Tony Schionve brought Soho and Baker to the ring for a face to face confrontation. “Welcome to some TV time, Ruby.” Baker predictably ran down Soho and made fun of her name change and tattoos. No one knows who Ruby is, but everyone knows, “Dr Britt Baker, D.M.D.” At that point I lost my signal for a minute, but when I get back to it Soho said Baker looks like every other girls she’s ever faced that is, “banging some dude in the back.” And that got a pop from the crowd.

Baker’s retort? Ruby didn't run away from anything; she got fired. That’s the best thing ever happened to Soho, but Baker can’t see that because Britt’s head is so far up Tony’ Khan’s… well you know. Soho promises to take Baker belt’s next Wednesday. Baker took a swing at Soho with the belt, but Soho ducked and took Baker down. Soho stood tall with Baker’s championship belt. 

This was an excellent promo segment. 

Mark Henry face-to-face promo between Miro and Fuego Del Sol that was not nearly as good as the Soho/Baker segment. 

Made official was Jon Moxley & Eddie Kingston v. Minoru Suzuki & Lance Archer for Friday in a Lights Out match. Lucha Brothers, Santana & Ortiz v. Private Party, the Butcher and The Blade and a match between Penelope Ford and Anna Jay was made official for Friday. 

TNT Champion Miro defeated Fuego Del Sol to retain and win Del Sol's car (8:58)

Del Sol evaded Miro early on and this clearly frustrated Miro. Miro dropped to the floor, and when Del Sol went for the pescado, Miro caught him. Del Sol slid away from Miro and sent him into the ringpost, then caught him with a rana on the floor. Miro tried to throw Del Sol into the crowd, but the crowd actually caught him and Del Sol came off the barricade with a crossbody. Miro got the advantage as the show went to a picture-in-picture break. 

Miro dominated during the picture-in-picture segment. Back from the break, Miro had Del Sol in a bearhug. Del Sol eventually broke away with headbutts. Del Sol eventually caught Miro on the mat with an enziguri. Del Sol went for a blind springboard, but Miro caught him on the rebound with a Polish Hammer. Miro went for a DDT, but Del Sol slipped out and hit Miro with a double stomp and a curb stomp. Del Sol with a short DDT, but Miro blocked a spinning DDT and hit a superkick. Miro clobbered Del Sol with forearms in the corner. A pair of superkicks got Miro the pin. And a sensibly priced mid-size used car.

After the match, Miro got the keys to the car from the referee (which were on a lanyard because Del Sol is kind of a geek). Miro stuffed the keys in Del Sol’s mouth and put Del Sol in the Game Over camel clutch. Sammy Guevara ran in to save Del Sol and chase Miro… who left the TNT Championship belt behind. Guevara held up the belt, signaling he wants a shot at Miro and the TNT title. 

Final Thoughts:

Dynamite and Rampage are going to be awesome. The Baker/Soho promo is the highlight of the show, and I’m ready to pay $50 for the show I’m going to get to watch for free. Somehow this show felt like it was packed with two hours of stuff.