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AEW Rampage live results: Royal Rampage battle royal

The Young Bucks will take on Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI with a future title shot on the line.

The first challenger for AEW interim World Champion Jon Moxley will be determined in a 20-man Royal Rampage battle royal on Friday's AEW Rampage.

Taped following Wednesday's Dynamite, it will take place in the two rings that were set up for Blood & Guts. The graphic featured the debuting Rush, Frankie Kazarian, John Silver, Orange Cassidy, former AEW Champion Hangman Page, Konosuke Takeshita, Penta Oscuro, Powerhouse Hobbs, Ricky Starks, Keith Lee, Swerve Strickland, Darby Allin, Dustin Rhodes, The Butcher, The Blade, Max Caster, Tony Nese, Matt Hardy, Dante Martin, and Brody King.

In a tie-in to last Sunday's Forbidden Door, AEW Tag Team Champions The Young Bucks will take on NJPW's Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI in non-title action. If Goto & HASHI win, they will earn a future title shot.

After being unsuccessful in unseating AEW Women's Champion Thunder Rosa on Sunday, Toni Storm will look to get back on the winning track against former champion Nyla Rose.


Taped in Detroit, Michigan. Excalibur, Tony Schiavone and Jim Ross were on commentary. 

Brody King (winner in the Red Ring) won the 20 Man Royal Rampage for the first shot at the AEW Interim Title, last eliminating Darby Allin (winner in the Blue Ring) in 22:41. 

This is a two-ring battle royal with wrestlers entering at 1 minute intervals (or thereabouts). The winners of each ring will face off once both rings are cleared.  

The first four entrants were Powerhouse Hobbs and Adam Page in Ring 1 (or the Red Ring), and Darby Allin and Tony Nese in Ring 2 (the Blue Ring). 

Ricky Starks was #3 in the Red Ring and helped Hobbs double team Page. Allin eliminted Nese with a backbody drop, then followed him out to the floor with his high speed tope. The Butcher (w/ The Bunny) was #3 in the Blue ring and swung Allin into the ring barricades on the floor. 

#4 for the Red Ring was John Silver, and he helped out Page. Page and Silver double suplexed Hobbs, then they hugged. Page and Silver then teased eliminating each other. #4 for the Blue Ring was Max Caster (w/Anthony Bowens & Billy Gunn). The entire time of the rap took us to the #5 entrant for the Red Ring, Rush (w/ Andrade El Idolo & Jose). The Blade was #5 for the Blue Ring and he immediately helped out the Butcher. This is the halway point for competitors and only one elimination. 

Penta Oscuro (w/ Alex Abrahantes) was #6 for the Red Ring, adn Rush dropped to the floor to go after him. Penta got him with a slingblade on the ramp. Penta came in off the top and Rush dropkicked him in mid-air. John Silver was eliminated, and Swerve Strickland was #6 for the Blue Ring. Strickland eliminated Max Caster. 

Keith Lee was #7 for the Red Ring. Lee got double-teamed by Hobbs and Starks, with his partner Strickland in the other ring, unable to help. 

Matt Hardy entered the Blue Ring during the break at #7. Dustin Rhodes was #8 in the Red Ring. Penta and Rush fought on the apron and both eliminated each other after Rush kicked Penta low. Frankie Kazarian entered at #8 in the Blue Ring while Andrade threw a chair at Penta's head on the floor. Butcher and Blade eliminated Matt Hardy. Butcher and Blade were actually doing a nice little storyline in the match, working together throughout the whole thing. 

#9 for the Red Ring was Dante Martin and he went after Strarks, but got double-teamed by Starks and Hobbs. Konosuke Takeshita was #9 in the Blue Ring and flattened Allin with a Blue Thunder Bomb, then German suplexed Allin and Strickland at the same time. Butcher and Blade eliminated Kazarian. #10 for the Red Ring was Brody King from the House of Black. He went after Dustin Rhodes. Finally, the last man in the Blue Ring was Orange Cassidy. 

King eliminated Martin with a chop, and Page and Rhodes double-teamed King. Cassidy hit both Butcher and Blade at the same time with a hurricanrana. Takeshita countered a spinning DDT from Cassidy with a brainbuster while Rhodes was eliminated. Butcher and Blade eliminated Takeshita. 

Someone gave the go home signal cause eliminations started happening quickly. Strickland eliminated Cassidy. Lee eliminated Hobbs, and Starks eliminated Lee. Butcher and Blade eliminated Strickland. Page eliminated Starks, and the King eliminated Page to win in the Red Ring. In the Blue Ring, Darby Allin eliminated both the Butcher and The Blade. 

This left Brody King v. Darby Allin. King gave Allin a doctor bomb, then hit him with a cannon ball in the corner. Allin got King on the apron. But King grabbed a rear naked choke on Allin, pulled him over the ropes, literally hung him off the apron while choking him out, and then dropped an unconsious Allin to the floor to win. 

This was every battle royal ever (but in two rings). At least no one hid under the ring until the very end. And the ending with Allin going limp, hanging off the ring while in the choke was pretty cool. 

Brody King v. Jon Moxley was made official for Dynamite Wednesday. 

– Alex Marvez tried to interview Hook. Hook got in Marvez's face and told him "anything essential is invisible to eyes." Okay then. 

AEW World Tag Team Championships The Young Bucks vs. Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI (9:31 aired)

Goto and HASHI hit the War Drums on both Bucks early. Matt caught HASHI with the locomotion Northern Lights suplex. Goto ran in and Matt suplexed both Goto and HASHI. Nick hit both Goto and HASHI with a dive on the floor as the show went to break.

Back from break, Goto got the hot tag and hit Matt with a leg lariat in the corner and a running bulldog for a near fall. Matt got an assisted sliced bread on Goto, and Nick followed up with a sliding knee strike for a near fall. Goto got a near fall after a head hunter/legsweek combo. Lariats and superkicks followed and all four men were left laying. 

Goto caught Nick with the ushigoroshi, and YOSHI-HASHI caught Nick with a superkick out of a second ushigoroshi for another near fall. Matt and Nick sent Goto to a superkick party that knocked him into the other ring. Nick then hit a double springboard from the first ring into the second on Goto, then the Bucks hit a Meltzer Driver on HASHI with Nick jumping from ring two to ring one.  That was quite the finish. 

– ROH Champion Jonathan Gresham cut a promo, laying a claim as the best technical wrestler in the world. Gresham will prove this next week on Rampage in a tag match against Tully Blanchard's team The Gates of Agony (Kaun and Toa Liona). 

Main Event Promo Time: Nyla Rose cut a great promo with Marina Shafir looking over her shoulder. Storm's response wasn't quite up to the level of Rose. 

Toni Storm defeated Nyla Rose (w/ Marina Shafir) (9:42)

Rose is the #1 contender and Storm is #3. 

Fans can be seen leaving during the match. Not a lot, but it's noticeable. Storm got a suplex on Rose, but Shafir pulled the ropes down on Storm, sending her crashing to the floor. 

After a break, Storm dodged a cannonball in the corner, then caught Rose with her hip attack in the corner. Shafir interefered again, but Storm was able to send Rose to the floor, then take both Rose and Shafir down with a double DDT. 

Rose shrugged off a spinning DDT attempt and went for the Beasst Bomb, but Storm flipped through into a sunset flip attempt. Rose hit a thrust kick for a near fall. Rose went for a diving knee drop, but Storm ducked it and ht a German suplex for a near fall. Shafir tried to interfere again, but Storm kicked off of Shafir and hit a spinning DDT on Rose. Storm then hit another DDT on Rose to get the pinfall. Okay match that got better as it went on, since both women worked hard. 

After the match, Shafir and Rose double-teamed Storm, but Thunder Rosa ran in to make the save. "We could have a Thunder Storm on our hands!" quipped Excalibur. 

For Dynamite Wednesday (announced during the main event): 

  • Street Fight for the TNT Title: Scorpio Sky v. Wardlow
  • The Butcher & The Blade v. Keith Lee & Swerve Strickland
  • Christian Cage & Luchasaurus appear
  • Jon Moxley v. Brody King for the AEW Interim Title. 

Final Thoughts: 

This was okay show that set up what should be a good main event of King v. Moxley for Dynamite Wednesday. The two-ring rumble is an idea probaby worth going back to again.