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AEW Rampage live results: Sammy Guevara vs. Andrade TNT title match

Friday's show will also feature a Face of the Revolution qualifying match.

TNT Champion Sammy Guevara will look to keep his latest hot streak going as he defends against Andrade El Idolo on Friday's AEW Rampage.

Andrade laid out Guevara following his recent Dynamite title defense over Darby Allin that saw Andrade knock out the challenger with an iPad that led to the fall. The two men will be on opposite sides of a tornado trios match at Revolution.

In a Face of the Revolution ladder match qualifying bout, Orange Cassidy will take on Anthony Bowens of The Acclaimed. The winner joins Ricky Starks, Powerhouse Hobbs, Wardlow and Keith Lee who already qualified.

The aforementioned Wardlow will take on Nick Comoroto of The Factory as he looks to keep momentum going toward Revolution.

Ahead of their Revolution title match, Women's Champion Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa will sign their contract.

Serena Deeb will also hold another five-minute rookie challenge against Kayla Sparks.

All matches were taped after Wednesday's Dynamite in Bridgeport, Connecticut.


We are in Bridgebort, CT, with Excalibur, Taz and Chris Jericho on the call. 

Sammy Guevara defeated Andrade El Idolo (w/Jose, Isiah Kassidy and Matt Hardy) to retain the TNT Championship (12:23)

No entrances for either guy so the match could start right away. The commentators point out this is El Idolo's first title shot in AEW. Guevara went for a GTH early, but El Idolo escaped. Guevara went for a dive, but El Idolo cut him off. Guevara hit a Spanish Fly for a near fall. Guevara went for his double jump moonsault, but El Idolo countered by shoving Guevara off the ropes and he crashed and burned to the floor.

During the picture in picture break, El Idolo hit the rolling vertical suplexes, but Guevara countered the last one into a small package for a quick near fall. Guevara dodged a charging knee strike in the corner and El Idolo flew to the floor. Guevara followed him out with a tornio. Back in the ring, Guevara went for a 450, but El Idolo avoided it, and followed up with a boot in the ropes. With Guevara tangled in the ropes, El Idolo hit a slingshot DDT over the ropes, driving Guevara headfirst into the apron.

El Idolo went to the top, but Guevara met him there and took him to the mat with a Spanish Fly for a near fall. Both guys exchanged right hands but neither got the advantage. El Idolo tried to take the top turnbuckle pad off one of the buckles. While the ref tried to stop him, Hardy removed the turnbuckle pad from another corner. Guevara avioded a charge from Andrade and went for the GTH, but El Idolo slipped out and cradled Guevara for a near fall. El Idolo had his feet in the ropes, and when Hardy interfered there was confusion whether Hardy was trying to help El Idolo keep his feet on the ropes or push them off.

Guevara went to the top, but El Idolo caught him and went for the hammerlock DDT from the top. Guevara slipped out and kicked El Idolo’s leg out from under his leg, and El Idolo went facefirst into the exposed turnbuckle. Guevara then hit a double jump cutter off the top and got the pin. Great TV match.

Post match, Hardy tried to attack Guevavara but was saved by Sting and Darby Allin. Kassidy wound up suffering the Coffin Drop from Allin as a result. 

Sting and Allin making the save basically confirms the Sting/Allin/Guevara v.  AHFO trios match for the ppv. 

– QT Marshall came out to cut a promo and yell at Taz because of his disrespectful son. Jericho called Hook’s fans “Hookamaniacs” and if there’s not a “Hook-A-Mania” t-shrit on the shop by the end of the night they’re leaving money on the table. It doesn’t take long for Hook to come out and answer Marshall’s disrespect, Marshall had some of his students show up to run interference, and things go as badly for them as you’d expect. One of Marshall's cronies was choked out by Hook. You can probably pencil Hook/Marshall in for the ppv, or maybe the live Rampage that Friday. 

– Dan Lambert and the Men of the Year had a backstage promo. Lambert met with Tony Khan to try and get Scorpio Sky a TNT Title ladder. At first, all Khan would offer him was a spot in the ladder match. Lambert eventually talked Khan into giving Sky a title shot, and Sky will get a TNT title shot before the winner of the Revolution Ladder match. 

Wardlow (w/ Shawn Spears) defeated Nick Comoroto (w/ Aaron Solo)

Most of this match happened during a picture-in-picture break. Neither guy got an entrace because they've got a lot of show crammed into this hour. 

When we finally get back from break, Comoroto had Wardlow up for a one-handed press slam, but Wardlow escaped and chokeslammed Comoroto. Cue the powerbomb symphony. Comoroto tried to escape, but Warldow powerbombed him anyway. Four powerbombs and it was over.

I don’t like Comoroto being used as enhancement talent. That dude has monster potential.

Post match, Solo almost got the powerbomb symphony, but Spears hit Solo in the back (while Wardlow had him up mid powerbomb) to cut that off. Spears took the mic and explained to Wardlow that the powerbomb symphony wasn’t over. “That means popular.” Spears tried to convince Wardlow “no more powerbombs” and hugged him. Spears was pretty hilarious. He's also a dead man walking once Wardlow turns. 

Five Minute Challenge: Serena Deeb defeated Kayla Sparks (2:29)

Deeb choked out Sparks with her robe. “If it’s a garment, it doesn’t count” Jericho claimed on commentary. Deeb dominated. She tied up Sparks in the turnbuckle and wrenched on her neck. Deeb played with her food a bit more before locking in the Serenity Lock for the submission. 

AEW World Women’s Title Contract Signing

Tony Schiavone moderated. Thunder Rosa called Britt a cheater and promised to give the people a better champion. Britt Baker responded with an amazing promo. The people only care about Rosa when she’s paired with Britt. Rosa may have won the street fight, but Baker got the t-shirt, the action figure and the title, so who really won? “You will never be the pillar that I am.”  Baker continued,  “You will never be the face of All Elite Wrestling!” Baker absolutely tore it up on the mic and Rosa just kind of stood there and took it. Baker than signed the contract, and as soon as she finished signing Rosa lept over the table and attacked. Jamie Hayter and Rebel were there to make the save, but Mercedes Martinez ran in to help Rosa. Martinez sent Hayter through the table with a spinebuster, and Rosa held up the World Women’s Title. Great segment. 

Rundown of Upcoming Shows: 

For Dynamite Wendesday: Adam Page, John Silver & Alex Reynolds v. Adam Cole and reDRagon. Also a major annoucement from Tony Khan. No other new matches were announced.  

For Revolution: Nothing new was really announced, although Jade Cargill v. Tay Conti for the TBS Title and the Texas Tornado Six Man tag were "officially" added to the card. 

Face of the Revolution Ladder Match Qualifying Match: Orange Cassidy (w/ Wheeler Yuta) defeated Anthony Bowens (w/ Max Caster) (10:15)

The Acclaimed's rap to the ring was pretty subdued. (Turns out there was a line about Putin that was edited out. Probably a good idea.) Caster offered Cassidy the mic, and he nailed Caster with some of his high impact offense. Caster took a swing at Cassidy, but Wheeler took him out of the ring. All four wound up fighting on the floor, and Bowens sent Cassidy into the ring apron headfirst from the electric chair position. Ouch. The show went to its last picture-in-picture break.

Back from the break, Cassidy hit a crossbody from the top. Caster distracted Cassidy and Bowens hit a superkick. He went for a suplex but Cassidy countered into the Slumdog Millionaire. Bowens hit a spinning slam and a running knee strike for a near fall. Cassidy hit the Michinoku Driver for a near fall. Cassidy backdropped Bowens to the floor, then hit a middle rope springboard dive on both members of the Acclaimed.

Back in the ring, Cassidy hit a pair of diving DDTs for a near fall. Castor tried to slip the boom box to Bowens, but the ref prevented it. Bowens hit his inverted uranage for a near fall. Cassidy feel to the floor, and Caster tried to take out Cassidy with the chain, but a hooded, masked man distracted him.  Caster took off his hood and mask, revealing Danhausen! Danhausen cursed Caster! Now cursed, Caster was an easily taken out by Cassidy's Orange Punch. Back in the ring, Cassidy finished Bowens with the Orange Punch to get the pinfall. 

This win added Orange Cassidy to the Face of the Revolution Ladder Match at Revolution. Considering the entrants for the match have been getting progressively smaller in size, I'd bet the last guy in is Fuego del Sol. 

Final Thoughts: 

The Britt Baker promo was the highlight of the night. The Guevara/El Idolo match was also very good and continued to lay the groundwork for Matt Hardy eventually leaving the AHFO. 

A packed, fun show.