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Shawn Spears challenges Cody for AEW All Out


Shawn Spears has challenged Cody Rhodes to a match at All Out.

The first episode of The Road to All Out, which can be seen below, featured a discussion between Jim Ross and Shawn Spears. Ross asked Spears why he attacked Cody Rhodes at Fyter Fest last month with a steel chair. He explained to Ross that there are certain terms that you don’t say in the wrestling industry, and one of those terms is “a good hand”.

He went on to call Rhodes a leech, calling back to their days as a tag team in Ohio Valley Wrestling. He said that Rhodes then moved on to partners like Hardcore Holly, Ted DiBiase Jr. and Damien Sandow and then asked where they were now. He ended up challenging Cody to a match at All Out. 

The discussion ended when Tully Blanchard walked in and whispered something into Spears’ ear. He then told Jim Ross that the discussion was over.