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Stu Grayson's AEW contract expires, unable to come to terms on new deal

The Dark Order member debuted for the promotion at Double or Nothing 2019.

Update - It has been confirmed that Stu Grayson has departed AEW after his contract expired.

"Regarding Stu Grayson and AEW, his contract [has] expired and both sides could not agree to a money figure on a new deal," Dave Meltzer Tweeted.

"Grayson wasn't being pushed but inside the ring he was one of those unheralded guys who was great at timing, technical work and a highly underrated flyer."

Original --

The Dark Order's Stu Grayson has been removed from the AEW roster page and it is believed his contract has expired. 

The 33-year-old's contractual status with the company was addressed by our own Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio

"He was removed from the roster page and the story that I'm getting is that his contract expired, which is the same as Marko Stunt, Joey Janela, and Jack Evans, whose names were removed from the roster page because their contracts expired," Meltzer said. 

"The only word going around was that they failed to come to terms to a new agreement. I don't know if that means that they're still talking or it was one of the decisions made not to renew him."

Along with Evil Uno, Grayson debuted at Double or Nothing in 2019. Before signing with AEW, the duo were known as the Super Smash Bros and won championships in PWG, Chikara, and other promotions. 

"He wasn't a guy who got over great but as a technical wrestler I thought he was really, really good," Meltzer continued.