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Toni Storm on WWE exit: 'They just crushed my love for wrestling'

Storm left WWE in December and made her AEW debut last month.
Toni Storm

Toni Storm has opened up about her departure from WWE. 

The 26-year-old appeared on The Sessions with Renee Paquette and spoke about what led to her departure from the company. 

"I had some good times in WWE, it was cool at one point and then it wasn't. It changed and I didn't want anything to do with it," Storm said during the show. 

She continued to say that everything changed for her when she was moved from NXT to the main roster. 

"My main goal in wrestling was to be on Raw or SmackDown main roster WWE TV and then I got there and figured it out pretty soon, I realized that this is just not going to work out. But also, I'm 26 and I want to have a really good time in this job. I want to have a really good career and I want to enjoy part of it and I just wasn't enjoying it for so long. I abruptly quit. I woke up that morning having no idea that I was going to quit."

She also said that the frequent talent releases in WWE contributed to her unhappiness in the company. 

"Let's face it, they just fire people left, right, and center out of the blue. I could be fired next week and then it's like 'what's the point?' It just felt very pointless to be honest and it's been hard to convey that, especially to fans, especially to people that just aren't in this business and will never understand." 

Storm would continue to say that she doesn't have any hard feelings to WWE, however.

"I'm not mad, I'm not angry at WWE. I don't have anything against them. It just wasn't the fit. I'm sure they've got bigger fish to fry than me. Why did they care? People get let go from that place constantly, people move around constantly, it doesn't matter if I'm there but what matters is I'm not having a very good time."

Storm then commented on what she was thinking on the day she quit WWE.  

"It was a complicated ordeal," Storm continued. "I had built up frustrations with the place for a very long time, like a lot of people do."

"They don't give a s--t, so why should I? This isn't going to work, I know what's going to happen here, I'm just going to be sent back to catering again. I'm not going to succeed here, I can just see it. I know they see me as I'm such a kid and I'm such a newbie and this that and the other, but I like to think that I've been around wrestling long enough to know -- I just know what's right and what's wrong for me and what I like and what I don't like and I just didn't like it in the end." 

"I didn't feel that appreciated. And I just felt like they, at times, didn't have very much respect for me. I feel like over time they just crushed my love for wrestling, it just wasn't even wrestling anymore. You're not even allowed to say wrestling."

"I thought my whole purpose in life was to go to WWE but then over time I realized it's just pro wrestling that I love, it's not a company that I love."