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Toni Storm says original idea for WWE pie angle was for her shirt to be ripped off

The 26-year-old left the company the following month.

Toni Storm says the original plan for her pie-throwing angle with Charlotte Flair was for her shirt to have been ripped off. 

Flair hit the 26-year-old with a pie during the November 26, 2021 edition of SmackDown. Storm appeared on the AEW Unrestricted podcast released on Thursday and spoke about what was first planned for the segment.  

"I was actually quite happy with that segment that day because it was a lot better than the original idea. The original idea was, I was called up and asked if I was comfortable with having my shirt ripped off or something."

"They wanted to do this whole angle where it was like they were going to rip my shirt and I'd be like embarrassed in my underwear, I guess. When you're asked if you are comfortable if you're to do that and it's like literally people are being fired every single week, it's like, 'Well yeah, I guess I'm comfortable with that. I guess I'm going to be doing that.'" 

"Then a lot of people thought to not have that happen because that would have been terrible, a terrible idea. So to be honest, the pie was actually like a really, it was quite a sweet treat in comparison to what it could’ve been. In hindsight, I don’t really mind. You know what? I’m not even mad. People think I’m so mad about that, I think it’s hilarious."

Storm also commented on her time in Stardom, where she is a former World of Stardom Champion. 

"I didn't realize how much of my heart was still in Stardom," she said. "I guess I always did realize it but I never got over it. I spent so much time there, more than I realized because life moves so quickly, that I love it out there, I really do and I love the girls. I look back on it and I have some really fond memories. It made me who I am, it elevated me to who I am, and it gave me a big confidence boost, I think, as well."