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Tony Khan: AEW DoN main event wouldn’t start until after NBA game seven

Should the series go to a game seven, CM Punk vs. Hangman Page won't begin until after its conclusion.

Tony Khan has a plan for the Double or Nothing main event if the Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat series goes to a game seven on Sunday night. 

Khan appeared on the AEW Unrestricted podcast released on Thursday and spoke about what he will do if the pay-per-view runs head-to-head with that game. 

"If it were to go to a game seven, we have a contingency plan because first of all, we'll get started with the live pay-per-view broadcast probably just before that game would tip off but I don't care if it goes long, even if it went to overtime, I'm planning ahead," Khan said on the show. 

He also noted that he attended the Manny Pacquiao vs. Timothy Bradley title fight in 2012 which started late so as not to occur at the same time as the NBA Eastern Conference finals that year. Coincidentally, that series was also between the Celtics and the Heat. 

“I promise Hangman Page vs. CM Punk for the world championship, they're not going to go to the ring until after game seven, if there is a game seven. So it leaves it open even for those diehard fans of those teams if there is a Heat-Celtics game seven, same as 10 years ago."  

The Celtics currently lead the series 3-2 with game six taking place on Friday night. Should the Heat win that game, it would lead to a game seven taking place on Sunday evening. 

"I promise just like Bob Arum did, another promoter here in Vegas, said that Pacquiao vs. Bradley is not going to go to the ring, I promise we’ll hold it back because we’ve planned ahead in case there was a game seven not knowing who it would be. It's kind of crazy but it might not even happen, but if it does, we’re prepared.”

Khan also revealed that they are prepared for the pay-per-view to run longer than normal if there is a delay. 

"We don't have that same out on pay-per-view that we normally do, that same hard out at the same time. So, it's interesting because if, for any reason, we do think it makes sense to add more action, we have that ability."