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Tony Khan AEW media call notes: Moxley-WK15, trios titles, Miro


On a small session press conference this afternoon, AEW president and booker Tony Khan pushed tomorrow night's Dynamite show as the biggest in the show's history and hopefully one of the best wrestling shows ever on TNT, 

As reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, he confirmed that AEW World Champion and New Japan U.S. Champion Jon Moxley would not be wrestling at the Wrestle Kingdom shows on January 4th and 5th. Somehow, people had tied the idea of Moxley losing Wednesday so he could quarantine and to go to Japan. Whether he wins or loses was always immaterial to whether he would do the Tokyo Dome show as he is not on the schedule for that show.

Here's some additional notes:

  • He is seriously thinking of implementing trios championships, given all the talent in the company. It is under consideration for 2021.
  • He pushed that his previous statement about "the balance of power changing" on the show where PAC returned would play out more tomorrow and in the weeks to come. He said that for a pure startup company to do as well in both the wrestling and television business was a great accomplishment. He intimated the idea that tomorrow would be the start of a number of big things.
  • He said that with television as their biggest revenue stream and that while you have to give people special stuff for four $50 PPV shows per year, the plan is to put many of the company's biggest matches on television. 
  • He positioned Moxley vs. Kenny Omega as the company's biggest match of 2020 and they would have 60 minutes if needed. It will go on last but be given a lot of time, if not the full 60 minutes. He hinted at an overrun if needed.
  • He intimated that "Winter is Coming" would be a regularly themed annual television event and is looking for more ideas like that, noting he has major shows planned around Christmas, New Year's and Beach Break in January. He noted that WarnerMedia owns the rights to the name (Game of Thrones) and while he doesn't watch the show, he was aware of it because his mother loves the show. He explained that the benefit of WarnerMedia being their broadcast partner is he could ask for the ability to use the IP for his show and they gave him permission.
  • He said there will be a real crowd of more than 1000 fans tomorrow night, the same as for Full Gear, and brought up ECW One Night Stand being a great PPV with a similar number of fans in the audience.
  • He said the show would have more wrestling than a usual Dynamite and will be constructed closer to a two-hour PPV show than a usual episode of Dynamite.
  • When asked about Miro, he said that are developing his character and hopes he can become a crossover star in both the wrestling and gaming industry next year. He said the idea is to start him working with Best Friends, who he called some of their best guys, and to build his record to where next year he can be a title contender or main event player. He said this while noting he did give Brian Cage a title shot right away from winning a battle royale with a title shot going to the winner and that Eddie Kingston got an title match quickly because Moxley offered it to him after he had beaten all the top contenders. He said they were the exceptions and the rule is that guys work their way up from consistent winning of matches to get world title shots.
  • The only talk of last week's rating was that he was happy with it and that AEW was the No. 1 show on cable in males 18-49.
  • He also said that when you add so much new talent under contract, normal business practices are that you would get rid of people. But, we're in a pandemic and it's difficult to get new work in wrestling and did not want to let people go at this point in time. He conceded doing that in all sports sucks and at some point, you have to, but he felt this isn't the right time.