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Tony Khan describes ‘professional’ relationship with MJF: ‘He’s a really important part of AEW’

The AEW President spoke with Variety recently.

Tony Khan believes MJF is the "total package" of what it takes to be a successful pro-wrestler. 

In an article released by Variety on Wednesday, the AEW President was asked about his relationship with the 26-year-old wrestler. 

“It’s very professional,” Khan responded. “He’s been part of AEW from day one, and he’s one of the most important stars on our TV show. … Whether you love MJF or love to hate MJF, I think he’s one of the wrestlers who’s connected with the audience in recent years and made himself a star. He’s also had the company behind him to help build him and support him. I think that he is the total package of everything it takes to be a successful pro wrestler. I think he has it all. He’s a really important part of AEW.”

Khan would also praise the new AEW Tag Team Champions, The Acclaimed. With "National Scissoring Day" being celebrated on Wednesday's Dynamite, Khan is hoping that "scissoring" will be a popular way for wrestling fans to greet each other in the coming days. 

“[The Acclaimed] found ways to connect with the audience, but also to have great matches, and you have to be able to do both to be a truly top wrestler,” Khan continued. “Scissoring is something that really connects to the fans. So I think all this week and especially around Wednesday, and maybe the continuing into Thursday at school the next day, there’s going to be people scissoring at school, at work, and in the audience at AEW, and there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s a great way to greet somebody.”