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Tony Khan offers ‘no comment’ on Malakai Black’s AEW status

Black "took a bow" in front of the live fans following his match at All Out.

The AEW President isn't commenting on what Malakai Black's current status with the company is. 

Following the six-man tag match between the House of Black and Sting, Darby Allin, and Miro at All Out, Black took a bow and blew a kiss to the crowd. This did not air on the pay-per-view broadcast. Tony Khan was asked about Black's actions during the post-event media scrum. 

"I'm not sure, I can't comment on that, though. That was for the live fans and it definitely got some people talking, so it is a thing that happened but no I can't comment on that," he said. 

Our own Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer addressed the situation during Sunday's edition of Wrestling Observer Radio

"I think he's done," Meltzer said about Black. 

"I don't know if he's done because Tony was asked about it and Tony didn't answer, he said he couldn't talk about it," Alvarez added. "And if he's not leaving why didn't he just say, 'No, he's here.'" 

"What's interesting about it is that like two weeks ago, a week and a half ago, when it was brought up, 'Oh, Triple H is back and he's going to want all these guys back,' and the two names [Khan] mentioned were Adam Cole and Malakai Black and he said they are under contract for five more years, four more years basically," Meltzer said. 

"Here we are two weeks later and Malakai Black's waving goodbye or seemingly waving goodbye. If it was him just blowing a kiss and it means nothing, Tony wouldn't have said, 'I can't talk about it,'" Meltzer continued. 

"We are under the presumption he's gone, it is not official that he's gone. I've heard his name mentioned as far as rumors about wanting to be gone so a lot of stuff seems to add up. But we can not confirm that he's gone but he certainly gave the impression that he was and Tony didn't say anything that would make you think differently."